Kayo Basic vs Premium: What’s the difference?

There are only two differences between Kayo’s two subscription plans: the number of devices you can stream on and the monthly cost.

Kayo Sports
Kayo Sports
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Brodie Fogg
Editorial Lead
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Published on August 13, 2019
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The first of its kind in Australia, Kayo Sports is FOX’s attempt at giving sports coverage the Netflix treatment Down Under. There are over 50 sports to stream in high-definition, neat features like multi-screen viewing, and a long list of compatible devices that allow you to stream on the go or from the comfort of your couch.

Like most streaming providers, Kayo Sports offers multiple plan options to suit different users. However, unlike most providers, the difference between Kayo’s two plans is painfully simple; Basic allows you to stream on two devices simultaneously, while Premium allows you to stream on three devices at once

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Kayo Basic vs Premium

What difference does $10 make?

As we mentioned up top, the only difference between the two plans is the number of devices you can connect at once. And, of course, there’s the price. The Basic Plan will cost you $25 per month and the Premium Plan will cost you $35 per month. So that’s an extra $10 per month to stream on three devices, rather than two. There’s no other catch. You get access to the same sports and everything is streamed in HD on both plans.

The only thing to consider is how many devices you really need. How many people in your household stream sports regularly? And out of those people, how often would the people in your household want to stream sports on their own?

There’s also data consumption.  Kayo is a data-hungry streaming service, using about 2.5GB per hour for Standard Definition and 3.5GB per hour for High Definition, per device. So the only other consideration is whether or not your data cap can handle that kind of streaming.

Let’s say all three users stream at least an hour of sport per day in HD, that can burn through over 70GB over a week of usage. That’s not necessarily a reason to ditch the Premium Plan. If your internet connection isn’t up to snuff, you could always consider jumping on an unlimited NBN plan, or a high-data home wireless broadband plan.

To recap, here are the Basic Plan and the Premium Plan compared side-by-side:

Kayo Basic
Kayo Premium
Price (p/month) $25 $35
Devices 2 3
Max. Video Quality


Contract No contract No contract

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Brodie Fogg
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