One Piece isn’t the only live-action manga adaption you need to watch

Drops of God
Pictured: Drops of God on Apple TV Plus (Left) and the original manga (Right).
// You’ll want a drink for this one
Alex Choros
Oct 11, 2023
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Published on October 10, 2023

For all intents and purposes, Netflix scored a home run with its live-action take on One Piece. That’s a pretty rare feat when it comes to manga and anime adaptions. You only need to look at the streaming giant’s attempt at Cowboy Bebop as an example of what can go wrong.

You probably haven’t heard of this year’s other killer manga adaptation: Drops of God.

Streaming on Apple TV Plus, the series is an utterly insane take on the world of fine wine. After a leading wine taster passes away, his daughter must face off against his protégé to win a billion-dollar wine collection. There’s just one problem - his daughter can’t drink alcohol and the contest is naturally a blind wine tasting.

Drops of God is as ridiculous as it sounds. Characters go into their mind palaces when tasting wines to identify flavours. There’s an overly intense montage on how to open a bottle of wine the proper way. You even get some soapy family drama. Oh, and it’s set in three different languages - English, French, and Japanese.

While there’s an element of camp, Drops of God takes itself and its subject matter entirely seriously. This makes for a very fun watch - especially with a glass of wine in hand.

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  • Cowboy Bebop: Stream it on Netflix
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