Every TV show coming to Disney Plus Star in Australia

There are 155 new TV shows landing on Disney Plus in February courtesy of Star.
Disney Plus Star TV shows

On Tuesday, the 23rd of February, Star will become available to Australian Disney Plus subscribers. The Disney Plus Star add-on will bring with it a price increase ($8.99 to $11.99 per month) and a bunch of new TV shows and movies skewed to a more mature audience. There are 155 TV shows arriving on Disney Plus Star (plus four Star Originals) so while the price jump might come as a shock, subscribers will get instant access to a huge list of TV shows when the add-on drops.

The sudden influx of content will make Disney Plus less of a niche streaming service, and more of a serious competitor for streaming giants like Netflix and Prime Video.

Some highlights in the mix include eleven seasons of The X-Files, short-lived sci-fi Firefly, animated comedy Bob’s Burgers and the award-winning sitcom, Black-ish. Some, let’s say unexpected, additions include at least four different shows about Hitler, and another four about Nazis in general.

Here’s the complete list of TV shows and originals arriving on Disney Plus Star from the 23rd of February.

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The full list of TV shows on Disney Plus Star in Australia at launch
Big SkyOriginal
Love, VictorOriginal
Solar OppositesOriginal
24 (S1-8)TV Show
10 Things I Hate About You (S1 and 2)TV Show
2000s, The Decade We Saw it All (S1)TV Show
24: Legacy (S1)TV Show
24: Live Another Day (S9)TV Show
8 Simple Rules (S1 and 2)TV Show
80s Greatest, The (S1)TV Show
90s Greatest, The (S1)TV Show
90s, The:The Last Great Decade? (S1)TV Show
37135 (S1 to 3)TV Show
According to Jim (S1 to 8)TV Show
Alias (S1 to 5)TV Show
Alone Together (S1 and 2)TV Show
American Dad S1-S15 (S1-15)TV Show
American Housewife (S1 to 4)TV Show
Angel (S1 to 5)TV Show
Animal Fight Night (S1 to 6)TV Show
Apocalypse World War I (S1)TV Show
Apocalypse:The Second World War (S1)TV Show
Area 51:The Cia's Secret (TV Special)TV Show
Army Wives (S1 to 7)TV Show
Astronaut Wives Club, The (S1)TV Show
Baby Daddy (S1 to 6)TV Show
Benched (S1)TV Show
Betrayal (S1)TV Show
Beyond (S1 and 2)TV Show
Black-ish (S1 to 5)TV Show
BlessThe Harts (S1)TV Show
Bless This Mess (S1 and 2)TV Show
Blood & Oil (S1)TV Show
Blossom (S1 to 5)TV Show
Bob's Burgers (S1 to 9)TV Show
Body of Proof (S1 to 3)TV Show
Bones (S1 to 9)TV Show
Bordertown (S1)TV Show
Brickleberry (S1 to 3)TV Show
Brothers & Sisters (S1 to 5)TV Show
Bunheads (S1)TV Show
Buried Secrets of Wwii (S1)TV Show
Burn Notice (S1 to 7)TV Show
Castle (S1 to 8)TV Show
Catch, The (S1 and 2)TV Show
Cleveland Show, The (S1 to 4)TV Show
Commander in Chief (S1)TV Show
Cougar Town (S1 to 6)TV Show
Dawn of The Nazis (aka: Apocalypse: Hitler's Rise to Power) (S1)TV Show
Desperate Housewives (S1 to 8)TV Show
Devious Maids (S1 to 4)TV Show
Dirt (S1 to 2)TV Show
Dirt (S2)TV Show
Dirty Sexy Money (S1 to 2)TV Show
Dollface S1 (S1)TV Show
Don't TrustThe B— in Apartment 23 (S1 to 2)TV Show
Drugs, Inc. (S2, 3, 4 and 7)TV Show
Eli Stone (S1 and 2)TV Show
Ellen (S1 to 5)TV Show
Emergence (S1)TV Show
Empire (S1 to 6)TV Show
Family Guy S18 (S18)TV Show
Felicity (S1 to 4)TV Show
Finder, The (S1)TV Show
Firefly (S1)TV Show
Fix, The (S1)TV Show
Flashforward (S1)TV Show
ForThe People (S1 and 2)TV Show
Fresh OffThe Boat (S1 to 6)TV Show
Galavant (S1 and 2)TV Show
Gcb (S1)TV Show
Genius (S1 and 2)TV Show
Genius (S1 and 2)TV Show
Gifted, The (S1 and 2)TV Show
Glades, The (S1 to 4)TV Show
Glee (S1 to 6)TV Show
Grand Hotel (S1)TV Show
Grandfathered (S1)TV Show
Greek (S1 to 6)TV Show
Grey's Anatomy (S15, 16 and 17)TV Show
Grown-ish (S1 to 3)TV Show
Heroes ofThe Long Road Home with Martha Raddatz (TV Special)TV Show
Hill Street Blues (S1 to 7)TV Show
Hitler Youth (S1)TV Show
Hitler's Death Squad (S1)TV Show
Hitler's Last Year (S1)TV Show
Homeland (S1 to 8)TV Show
Hot Zone, The (S1)TV Show
Hot Zone, The (S1)TV Show
How I Met Your Mother (S1 to 9)TV Show
Inside North Korea's Dynasty (S1)TV Show
InsideThe Ss (S1)TV Show
Jane by Design (S1)TV Show
Kevin (probably) SavesThe World (S1)TV Show
Kids Are Alright, The (S1)TV Show
Killing, The (S1 to 4)TV Show
Kyle Xy (S1 to 4)TV Show
La 92 (TV Special)TV Show
Lance (TV Series)TV Show
Last Man on Earth, The (S1 to 4)TV Show
Last Man Standing (S1 to 8)TV Show
Lie to Me (S1 to 3)TV Show
Life in Pieces (S1 to 4)TV Show
Locked up Abroad (aka: Banged up Abroad) (S5, 6 and 10)TV Show
M*A*S*H* Goodbye, Farewell & Amen (TV Special)TV Show
Make it or Break it (S1 to 4)TV Show
Mars (Year 1 2016/17 Eps 1-7) (S1 and 2)TV Show
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger (S1 and 2)TV Show
Mayor, The (S1)TV Show
Melissa & Joey (S1 to 5)TV Show
Mick, The (S1 and 2)TV Show
Mistresses (S1 to 4)TV Show
Mixed-ish S1 (S1)TV Show
Motherland: Fort Salem S1 (S1)TV Show
My Name Is Earl (S1 to 4)TV Show
My So-called Life (S1)TV Show
My Wife and Kids (s to 5)TV Show
Napoleon Dynamite (S1)TV Show
Nazi Megastructures (S1 to 6)TV Show
Nazi Megastructures: America's War (s5)TV Show
Nazi Megastructures: Russia's War (S1)TV Show
New Girl (S1 to 7)TV Show
North Korea fromThe Inside With Michael Palin (S1)TV Show
O.J: Made in America (TV Special)TV Show
Orville, The (S1 and 2)TV Show
Outmatched (S1)TV Show
Perception (S1 to 3)TV Show
Prison Break (S1 to 4)TV Show
Prison Break Event Series (s5)TV Show
Private Practice (S1 to 6)TV Show
Quantico (S1 to 3)TV Show
Raising Hope (S1 to 4)TV Show
RaisingThe Bar (S1 and 2)TV Show
Real O'neals (S1 to 2)TV Show
Red Band Society (S1)TV Show
Resident, The (S1 to 3)TV Show
Resurrection (S1 and 2)TV Show
River, The (S1)TV Show
Rosewood (S1 to 2)TV Show
Salem (S1 to 3)TV Show
Samantha Who? (S1 and 2)TV Show
Scandal (S1 to 7)TV Show
Secrets & Lies (S1 and 2)TV Show
Single Parents (S1)TV Show
Sleepy Hollow (S1 to 4)TV Show
Son of Zorn (S1)TV Show
Star (lee Daniel's) (S1 to 3)TV Show
Station 19 S1-S3 (S1 to 3)TV Show
Stitchers (S1 to 3)TV Show
Stumptown (S1)TV Show
Trophy Wife (S1)TV Show
Ugly Betty (S1 to 4)TV Show
Ultimate Survival Wwii (S1)TV Show
What About Brian (S1 and 2)TV Show
When We Rise ((8 Eps))TV Show
Whispers, The (S1)TV Show
White Collar (S1 to 6)TV Show
Wicked City (S1)TV Show
Witness to Disaster (fka: Eyewitness) (S1)TV Show
X-Files, The (S1 to 11)TV Show
Young & Hungry (S1 to 5)TV Show