Comcast XFINITY vs. AT&T — TV and Internet Service

We’ve racked our brains over pricing, long-term contracts, download speeds, channel selection, and nearly everything else to find out which is better: Comcast XFINITY or AT&T U-verse?
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Comcast XFINITY vs. AT&T — TV and Internet Service

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Xfinity_SecGraph_Retailer_BlkBox_rgb Best for Most 3.75 / 5
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THE QUICK AND DIRTY: Comcast and AT&T service have been competing for years, but it seems like we’re always finding new things that make these two different. We’ve racked our brains over pricing, long-term contracts, download speeds, channel selection, and nearly everything else to find out which is better: Comcast XFINITY or AT&T’s line of products?

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Before You Keep Reading

AT&T is pushing its recently acquired DIRECTV satellite TV service to the forefront and ignoring its inferior U-verse TV. DIRECTV is really a much better product than U-verse TV in almost every way possible (price, selection, service, etc.), so AT&T’s actions make sense. It’s also why we decided to forget U-verse TV in our comparison.

We’ll cover the TV-only winner, the internet-only winner, and we’ll follow up with the big finale: which company has the best TV/internet service bundle.

Comcast vs. AT&T U-verse—overall comparison (TV + internet)

Comcast Xfinity$79.99–129.99/mo.25–100 Mbps140–220X1 (60 hrs)View Plans
AT&T U-verse (DIRECTV)$80.00–184.99/mo.50–75 Mbps150–325Genie (200 hrs)View Plans

Best for most

For the best combination of TV and internet service, we gave Comcast XFINITY the win. We like TV and we love internet, and XFINITY’s internet speeds are much faster than AT&T’s (read more about it below), so we can watch Netflix without the buffering, and if we’re still not sufficiently entertained, we can tune into XFINITY TV’s cable channels to watch the latest shows and movies.

Of course, XFINITY isn’t without its drawbacks—Comcast customer service continues to be terrible—but we’ll talk more about that later. So XFINITY wins for the best TV/internet combo, but TV-only service is a different story.

We talk more about TV-only service in the TV section, but let’s start with internet and how XFINITY blows AT&T out of the water.

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XFINITY vs. AT&T U-verse — Internet Comparison

If speed matters most, go with XFINITY over AT&T.

With Comcast XFINITY internet, you can expect oddly named internet-only plans with the option of contract or no-contract service (having the option to choose is a plus). XFINITY uses cable technology for internet service, so it has an advantage over AT&T’s digital subscriber line (DSL)—namely, faster download and upload speeds. Believe it or not, XFINITY’s download speeds clock in faster than the majority of other internet service providers (ISPs), including AT&T.

Comcast Xfinity internet

Performance 25$39.99/mo.25 Mbps1 TBView Plan
Performance Pro$49.99/mo.75 Mbps1 TBView Plan
Blast! Pro$59.99/mo.150 Mbps1 TBView Plan

AT&T U-verse has as many internet-only plans as Comcast XFINITY, but you’ll notice you get a little less speed for your dollar with AT&T. We’re not digging that. Also, the $40-a-month price for the first three plans is not a mistake; it’s possible to get faster speeds with AT&T for the same price if the right infrastructure is available in your area. Infrastructure is one reason we see location-based prices and speeds from ISPs in the first place, but we’re still not used to seeing it vary so much as it does here with AT&T’s U-verse internet.

AT&T U-verse internet

Internet Basic 5$40/mo. 5 Mbps1 TBView Plan
Internet 25$40/mo.25 Mbps1 TBView Plan
Internet 50$40/mo.50 Mbps1 TBView Plan
Internet 75$60/mo. 75 Mbps1 TBView Plan

Internet speed makes it no contest

For internet-only service, Comcast XFINITY handily beats AT&T U-verse. It simply comes down to a matter of value: if you have a budget of $60 a month to spend on internet, you could get 150 Mbps with XFINITY or 75 Mbps with AT&T. That’s twice the bang for your buck if you go with XFINITY.

In fact, whatever your internet budget is, you’re going to get more speed for your dollar with XFINITY than with AT&T. In our example above, we compared only advertised speeds, but when we checked actual speeds from the FCC, it turns out things look even worse for AT&T.

For internet-only service, Comcast XFINITY handily beats AT&T U-verse.

In the FCC’s annual Measuring Broadband report, XFINITY internet delivered close to 100% on its download speed compared to what it advertised. As for AT&T, well, it didn’t even come close.1 AT&T’s DSL internet scored the lowest percentage with a surprisingly low 35%.2 That means if you paid for a 10 Mbps internet plan with AT&T, there’s a good chance you’d get closer to 3.3 Mbps instead (ouch!). With XFINITY, you’d likely get what you paid for (10 Mbps). The numbers from the FCC are too much to ignore, so we have to hand the internet-only win to XFINITY.

If you’re curious about what other internet services are out there, you can check “The Fastest Internet Providers” or “The Best internet for Streaming.”

Comcast vs. AT&T U-verse (DIRECTV) — TV Comparison

AT&T’s DIRECTV barely beats out XFINITY TV.

Even though AT&T now owns it, DIRECTV is still one of the better TV services out there. To start, DIRECTV is available anywhere in the United States, it carries NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and it includes a pretty sweet DVR, the Genie. However, simple pricing has never been a strong suit of DIRECTV, and there are other things to watch out for, like the long-term contract.


SELECT$50.00/mo.150Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan
ENTERTAINMENT$55.00/mo.155Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan
CHOICE$60.00/mo.185Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan
XTRA$70.00/mo.230Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan
ULTIMATE$75.00/mo.245Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan
PREMIER$125.00/mo.325Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan

XFINITY TV has never knocked our socks off, but it’s still better than most subscription TV services. It has options for no-contract and contract pricing, and it offers a sizable selection of on-demand shows and movies (more than 160,000). The X1, Comcast’s flagship DVR, rocks some nifty bells and whistles like voice search, multi-screen sports viewing, etc., but recording hours pale in comparison to DIRECTV’s Genie DVR.

Comcast Xfinity TV

Digital Starter$50.00/mo.150Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan
Digital Preferred$55.00/mo.155Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan
Digital Premier$60.00/mo.185Genie (200 hrs.)View Plan
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Read more:

If you want an in-depth comparison between XFINITY’s X1 DVR and DIRECTV’s Genie DVR, check out the “Comcast XFINITY X1 Review.”

The thing about those XFINITY and DIRECTV contracts

XFINITY TV has an advantage over AT&T’s DIRECTV on pricing—but barely. XFINITY has a no-contract option, which may be its biggest price advantage. If you have to move in the next two years, don’t get DIRECTV—DIRECTV requires a two-year contract, and you’ll have to pay an early termination fee (ETF) to end it, which can run hundreds of dollars. To be fair, it does take some work to install a satellite dish, so we see why DIRECTV doesn’t want you quitting on it after a month of service. Still, if contracts are a deal-breaker, then XFINITY is the way to go.

To be clear, XFINITY does offer long-term contract options. You can get a lower price if you enter into a contract with XFINITY, and that’s fine. Sometimes we even prefer it so we can save a few bucks a month. But keep in mind XFINITY will raise prices as soon as the contract is up (DIRECTV will too).

But getting good TV isn’t just all about contracts, and DIRECTV redeems itself when you talk about anything other than its long-term contract.

DIRECTV makes its case for TV service

DirecTV logo

We’re of the opinion that more channels doesn’t always equal more value, but we have no problem if you disagree. If you happen to be a channel hoarder, most of AT&T’s DIRECTV packages offer more channels per dollar than XFINITY TV.  If you have a must-watch channel or show, we suggest you start by checking XFINITY’s channels or DIRECTV’s channels online. (You can always call and ask too.)

For example, we like a handful of shows on the FX channel, like The Americans and Legion, so we’d probably start by finding the lowest-priced package that offers both (SELECT package from DIRECTV and the Digital Starter from XFINITY).

If you care more about how you watch TV, it helps to know the difference between each service’s DVRs. XFINITY’s X1 lets you watch Netflix (DIRECTV’s Genie does not), and you can find four times the amount of on-demand shows and movies compared to DIRECTV. On the other hand, DIRECTV’s Genie has four times the storage size of the X1, so no need to worry about deleting those reruns of Golden Girls you’ve been saving for a rainy day. As for simultaneous recording, the X1 can handle six shows at once and the Genie can manage five at once, so either way you don’t need to sweat recording everything at primetime on Sunday.

It’s almost too close to call, but we have to go with AT&T’s DIRECTV for TV service. There’s more to watch, including NFL SUNDAY TICKET (NFL subscription), and we like having more storage for the movies and shows we might watch. Besides, we never get tired of The Shawshank Redemption, so don’t make us delete it to make room for other movies.

Comcast XFINITY vs. AT&T — Bundles Comparison

If we’re going to get TV and internet service together, we’re getting Comcast XFINITY.

AT&T bundles its U-verse internet with DIRECTV’s satellite TV, and the results are a little surprising. For instance, $80 a month for 50 Mbps internet and DIRECTV service is not too shabby, but when we reached out to representatives to discuss any price increases during the two-year contract, we couldn’t get a straight answer.

We say if it sounds too good to be true, it is. However, if you score a sweet deal on TV and internet, make sure to get an email confirmation with any and all details included so you’re covered if any issues arise.

AT&T TV + internet

TV + internet bundlePriceSpeedChannelsDetails
DIRECTV SELECT + Internet 50$80.00/mo50 Mbps150View Bundle
DIRECTV CHOICE + Internet 50$90.00/mo.50 Mbps185View Bundle

XFINITY’s TV and internet bundles appeal to us more than AT&T’s, but we know we’ll have to get all the details in writing to make sure we don’t run into surprise fees or price increases.

Comcast TV + internet

TV + internet bundlePriceSpeedChannelsDetails
X1 Saver$79.99/mo.25 Mbps140View Plan
X1 Starter$89.99/mo100 Mbps140View Plan
X1 Preferred$109.99/mo100 Mbps220View Plan
Premier$129.99/mo.100 Mbps220View Plan
Preferred XF$89.99/mo.100 Mbps220View Plan
Premier XF$109.99/mo100 Mbps260View Plan

So which is it, XFINITY or AT&T for TV & internet?

It can be difficult to compare AT&T and Comcast services when there are so many different promotions and plans, but we say this:

We put a little more value in internet service because you can use it to stream live TV (DIRECTV Now, Sling TV, etc.) and on-demand shows and movies (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.,) so that factored into our decision.

Comcast Xfinity vs. AT&T U-verse Summary

Between AT&T and Comcast, there isn’t one bundle that we’d call a “must have.” However, if you’re weighing your options, we recommend keeping this article open when you call. Pricing and plans may change depending on where you’re living, but if you call Comcast be sure to bring up what AT&T is offering and vice versa.

We’re big believers in making these companies work for your hard-earned money. If XFINITY’s X1 Saver Double Play bundle is looking mighty appealing, why not bring up AT&T’s DIRECTV SELECT + Internet 50 bundle when you’re talking with a representative? You might eke out a better deal by bringing up what the competition is offering, and the more specific you are with pricing and details, the better the chances are of you getting a good deal. It’s worked for us, and we’ll do it again.

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Need help deciding?

If you’re having trouble choosing between Comcast and AT&T, hit us up with any and all questions. We love hearing them, and it makes us feel good when we’re able to help out.


1.    Federal Communications Commission, “Measuring Broadband in America Report
2.    Federal Communications Commission, “Measuring Broadband in America Report

  • Margery Guest

    I have AT&T and am totally disgusted with their customer service. Is XFinity’s any better? And what is the name of the company–Comcast or XFinity?
    Margery Guest

    • Steve

      Comcast customer service is the worst you will find anywhere. You would not believe how bad they are. By far the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. It took us 14 months to get a correct bill, and that was after monthly calls for hours to person after person in some other country. Every time they would tell us “okay the bill should be correct now”….then the bill would come and it was still totally wrong! On top of that we had the contract with signed right in front of us and they did not want to honor the contract. Terrible does not even begin to describe comcast customer service. We switched from Wideopenwest to comcast about 4 yrs ago because comcast had a channel package we wanted, now out of the blue they dropped the main ch we went with them for, which is something they have done before. The ONLY good thing with comcast is the internet speed, other than that everything about them sucks. We are looking to drop comcast now, unless you want continual headaches I would avoid comcast like the plague.

  • Jeff Baker

    ATT UVERSE stinks. Bad picture quality and they even charge you for HD premier. I’ve had DTV for 15 years and is by far a better picture. Can’t get DTV where I live and I miss it. UVERSE needs to do something about their HD quality. Techs told me all their equipment is refurbished junk. You would think UVERSE could put a little more effort in to their equipment and services. Roku and streaming picture quality BLOWS AWAY UVERSE equipment. It’s sad that consumers get screwed by companies and SEO’s that make millions. It’s 2018 not the 90’s-Get your act together ATT

  • gloria

    Morning, you don’t talk about phone service with both companies. I have both. Comcast for TV, Att&t for internet/phone service. I need to change because the cost for both is too much. I can not decide which is better. My children use the internet and we use the TV. Out internet service is too slow. I don’t like DirectTV. I have been with both companies for over 35 years.

  • Michael Kowaleski

    I live in an area that gets ATT fiber (Zip 77433). They say 1000 mbps on their site. Does that change any of the recommendations above?

  • EllaFino

    What you are quoting are the base prices. You throw in the cost for the DVR, Modems, additional TV boxes, taxes, misc fees etc. and you are paying a heck of a lot more.

  • Clarkson Kent

    Here’s my story… First off, Comcast “straight up” lies to you. I cut the cord a long time ago. Didn’t know Comcast was breaching the contract, till my nephew moved in and comcast said I was using over 1TB of data each month. Turned out they changed my plan without my knowledge. Called to see what I could do and that’s when all the lying started. That’s another story, won’t get into that here. Started looking at options, saw this article and others – that are just flat out wrong.

    First off 50Mps, 150Mps – has nothing to do with speed (despite how the cable companies try and sell it). 50Mps, 150Mps has to do with the size of the internet pipe. So unless you’re running 25 HD TV’s you don’t need 150Mps. I did some real time tests. HD uses 5-6MPS, Netflix 4K HDR uses around 15MPS, Oculus GO VR uses around 12MPS, per stream. I ended up going with Uverse U300 and 50MPS, and ran that system right along side Comcast’s 144 Channel, 150Mps. Comcast promo price $113/mo w/1TB cap – plus $50 a month extra if you want unlimited (no recorder). Uverse 500+ channels,50Mps with Unlimited $85/mo (with recorder). As far as TV, side by side – they look identical. I do like ATT’s box a lot better, pulling up your favorite channels is really easy, and they do a few other things better. ATT’s box seems snappier too. On the internet side – ran real time tests on both systems – ATT is a consistent 50Mps, and let’s just say Comcast does “a lot” of throttling (very inconsistent). Uverse does take up some of that 50Mps for TV, but not much. I ran uverse HD TV upstairs, had Netflix HD running downstairs, along with a You Tube 720P video playing on one computer – all at the same time. Was seeing 35Mps (still open) on my wireless laptop. So if you’re hesitant on Uverse I wouldn’t be, I’m very happy with it. Unlimited internet, as long as I keep TV…sure the price is going to go up after the first year, but will be about the same as Comcast internet only with unlimited. BTW, saw faster upload speeds on ATT – if that’s important to you.

  • michelle

    Ok here is my dilemma I have comcast blast pro xfinity 250 Mbps on shared loop for the most part its pretty fast and lags sometimes I have about 7 devices average on the wifi. At&t internet 75 which is u verse and is offered at my house which is better????