Best AT&T TV, Internet, and Phone Bundles

Embrace the bundle lifestyle and make everything slightly cheaper.
Best AT&T Bundles
PlanPriceTV channel countInternet download speedCalling allowanceDetails
ATT Internet + International Phone$76.99N/AUp to 75 MbpsUnlimited international CallingView Plans
ATT Internet + Phone$69.99N/AUp to 75 MbpsUnlimited Nationwide CallingView Plans
PriceTV channel countInternet download speedCalling allowanceDetails
$76.99N/AUp to 75 MbpsUnlimited international CallingView Plans
$69.99N/AUp to 75 MbpsUnlimited Nationwide CallingView Plans
Recent Updates: 2 months ago
AT&T's bundling information has changed since we wrote this page, and we'll be coming through with an update soon. In the meantime, we recommend checking out AT&T's streaming service: DIRECTV STREAM.

Bundling has its advantages—whether you’re looking for an AT&T bundle or want to get something delicious in the drive-through.

I just went to Chick-Fil-A, so this is very fresh in my mind, but let’s say your sandwich is like your TV channels. We’ll call your fries the internet connection and make your drink a phone line. Is it a perfect analogy? Yes.

Just like when you combo your meal at a fast food joint, you get a better deal when you go with an AT&T bundle instead of getting everything separately.

Thank you fast food, for teaching us everything we need to know.

There are tons of AT&T cable and internet bundles to choose from

AT&T has over 20 different combinations of cable and internet. Every AT&T bundle also comes with a phone line.

If you want to mix and match services (if you aren’t interested in a home phone line for example), check out the best bundles for cable internet, or phone and internet bundles.

Best AT&T Bundles
PlanPriceTV channel countInternet download speedDetails

Find the best AT&T internet bundle near you.

Best overall: U-verse U300 All Included + Internet 300 + Phone International

Solid across-the-board internet bundle.

PlanPriceTV channel countInternet download speedDetails


  • Shareable internet speed
  • Great for sports fans
  • Unlimited phone calls


  • On the pricier side

Our favorite AT&T bundle is on the slightly more expensive end of the spectrum, but it delivers on everything. You get over 470 channels, 300 Mbps of internet speed, and unlimited calls in US territories.

All that internet data is a lot of firepower for one person, so this AT&T internet bundle will work well for families, roommates, and even in your brick-and-mortar store.

What we like

This AT&T bundle manages to be both robust in features and have a pretty affordable price. Remember, you’re getting everything with the bundle—AT&T internet, TV, and phone line.

470+ channel lineup

With this bundle, you get the AT&T U300 channel package, which comes with over 470 channels. So yeah, that’s a ton of channels. You get essentials like ABC, ESPN, NBC, and Discovery Channel, but you also get niche channels like the MLB Network, NBA TV, and the NFL Network.

If sports aren’t your thing, though, you can opt for a cheaper AT&T TV package and save yourself some money.

Fast internet speeds

Are you the type of person that gets a little frustrated when your Netflix doesn’t load immediately? (Better question—who isn’t that kind of person?) Slow internet is super frustrating, and we ain’t got time to watch that little loading circle carry on forever.

With 300 Mbps of internet speed, it should mean the end of annoyingly long loading times for you. You can easily share a Wi-Fi connection with streamers, gamers, and browsers under the same household living harmoniously.

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End of annoying load times
With 300 Mbps of internet speed, it should mean the end of annoyingly long loading times for you. You can easily share a Wi-Fi connection with streamers, gamers, and browsers under the same household living harmoniously.

Unlimited calls

You’ve got relatives in Canada? Relatives in Puerto Rico? Relatives in Mexico? You can call them as much as you want. There’s no excuse anymore. Hopefully, you’ve brushed up on your Spanish and Canadian, eh?

What we don’t like

Since you’re getting solid coverage across the board, the only real problem at this point is the price. You can certainly get a cheaper AT&T bundle, but you’ll forgo some of the cool features—namely the speedy internet and vast channel selection.

If you can live with a little less, you can opt for more affordable AT&T cable and internet.

Best premium package: U-verse U450 All Included + Internet 1000 + Phone International

Only the best for you.

Best AT&T Bundles
PlanPriceTV channel countInternet download speedDetails


  • Superfast internet
  • 500+ channels


  • Most expensive package

Some people walk into a restaurant and order the most expensive thing in the restaurant. Likewise, some people google “best AT&T packages” and want the most expensive option available. That’s not always us, but we salute you, big spender.

What we like

This is the best AT&T bundle money can buy, and we like basically everything about it. We like the amazing channel lineup and the superfast internet speeds. I’ll give you one guess about the part we don’t like.

Premium channels and more

Ever since Game of Thrones ended, most of us have been living in a TV rut. Thankfully, HBO, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX have been churning out more prestige television. With this AT&T TV bundle, you get all the prestige drama that you can handle. Have you seen Succession yet?

Megaphone icon
Sports channels
Oh, you also get some rad sports channels, like ESPN College Extra, ESPN Buzzer Beater, and ESPN Goal Line.

(Pretty much) the best internet speeds around

Never mind what you can do. The better question is, what can’t you do with 1,000 Mbps of internet data? Anything you can do on the internet, you’ll be able to do smoothly. For example, you should experience no lag when playing Fortnite or streaming your favorite show.

With 1,000 Mbps, there’s plenty of speed to go around. That amount of data would work for a home—or even an office—with multiple active internet users.

What we don’t like

All of these cool features come with a pretty hefty price tag. You’ll be paying over $200 a month for this AT&T bundle, which can certainly add up over the course of a year. So just make sure you want to budget for it before your eyes get too big.

Best middle-tier Package: U-verse U200 All Included + Internet 10-100 + Phone International

Covering all of your bases.

Best AT&T Bundles
PlanPriceTV channel countInternet download speedDetails


  • Consistent internet
  • Channel variety
  • Unlimited phone calls


  • Not optimal internet speeds

This AT&T bundle is in the middle in terms of price, internet speed, and channel count. For you fence-sitters out there, this will be a very comfortable place.

What we like

Enough internet speed for everything you need

You can do pretty much anything the modern internet currently offers us with 100 Mbps. You can comfortably stream with any major streaming service, you can game online with little to no lag, and you can even share the connection with a couple of different users.

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Don't need blazing speeds?
If you just plan on participating in basic internet activities, then you should do just fine with 100 Mbps.

All the main TV channels you care about

This AT&T bundle comes with the U200 channel package, which comes with most of the best channels. For the sports fan in your life, it comes with ESPN. For the lifestyle enthusiast, you got HGTV, and for the scholars, History Channel. The only problem: who gets dibs on the remote?

What we don’t like


You’ll likely run into latency problems if you try to share this connection with more than 3–4 people. If you have a big family or a crowded apartment, you’ll want to consider upping the internet speed to something a little stronger.

Best budget bundle: U-verse U-Family All Included + Internet Basic 5 + Phone International

All the basics for a basic price.

Best AT&T Bundles
PlanPriceTV channel countInternet download speedDetails


  • Much cheaper
  • Unlimited phone calls


  • Slower internet
  • No sports channels

This barebones AT&T bundle gets you inexpensive internet and TV coverage, but both are limited compared to more expensive packages. On the plus side, you do get unlimited phone calls. Who needs TV when you can just do a bunch of prank phone calls. (Just kidding—don’t do that.)

What we like

For a budget AT&T bundle, you get an impressive channel lineup, but it comes with slow internet speeds. You’ll still have enough internet to browse Instagram and do some online shopping, but not too much more than that.

Family-focused TV channels

This is the AT&T TV bundle for those of you who have little-to-no interest in sports. There’s a reason why this AT&T bundle is called U-Family—all the channels are pretty family-centric. The most popular channels are Disney Channel, Animal Planet, and Food Network.

So if you’re just looking for some family programming, this package could make a lot of sense for you.

Heads Up icon
Heads up
Just be aware that there’s no ESPN, TNT, or Fox Sports to speak of. If that’s a dealbreaker, then you’d be better off with a different package.

Unlimited calls

You may be skimping on TV and internet speed, but at least you can make as many phone calls as you want. And for some people, calling loved ones is more important than watching the latest Kardashian drama. That must be nice.

What we don’t like

Let’s not sugarcoat it: things will be slow for you with a 5 Mbps internet speed. Speaking from experience, I braved the 5 Mbps in my apartment for a couple of months. It was rough. The streaming quality was so low that I couldn’t tell the score in an NBA game for minutes at a time.

But if you’re not into streaming and just plan on googling, emailing, and online shopping, you can survive with 5 Mbps of internet.

Alternative AT&T bundles

If none of these AT&T bundles catch your fancy, here are some alternative picks that just barely didn’t make the cut:

Alternative AT&T Bundles
PlanPriceTV channel countInternet download speedDetails

How do AT&T bundles compare with the competition?

Generally speaking, here’s how AT&T packages compare with those of other internet providers:

  • AT&T bundles are a little more expensive than DIRECTV bundles, but they offer more channels.
  • Spectrum bundles offer cheaper internet speeds than AT&T, but they don’t offer as much channel variety.
  • There a bunch of affordable XFINITY bundles to choose from, but none come close to having 500+ channels.

Find the best AT&T internet bundle near you.


Of the many AT&T cable and internet bundles at your disposal, these are the cream of the crop. But the beauty of bundling with AT&T is that you can tweak your options a bit. You can basically mix and match any combination of channels and internet speeds and then add on your phone coverage.

Here are our top picks:

Which AT&T bundle has caught your eye? What has your experience been like? Let us know in the comments below!