Are Telstra’s new mobile plans any good?

Telstra has increased prices on its Upfront mobile plans. 

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Alex Choros
Jul 05, 2022
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Telstra's plan refresh is now in effect, with prices going up for all of its customers on its Upfront mobile plans. Most plans do however benefit from more data, and Telstra's cheapest plan now includes 5G.

Here's the new range:

Telstra's most affordable plan was previously $55 per month and limited to 4G connectivity. It's now $58 per month, and gets 5G, but with speeds capped to 250Mbps. That’s still pretty damn fast, but about a quarter of the maximum speeds we've seen on Telstra's 5G network. It holds firm at a 40GB allowance,

Next up, the $65 per month plan with 80GB now costs $68 per month, but has 180GB. Similarly, Telstra's $85 per month plan with 120GB now costs $89 per month and comes with 300GB. This makes it one of the largest data allowance plans around.

Telstra's top-end $115 per month plan with 180GB has been discontinued. Customers on it will presumably be knocked down to the $89 per month plan. That works out to be a nice saving for extra data, but unless you really need the data, we'd recommend dropping down to the $68 per month plan. This is the sweet spot for most Telstra customers.

Telstra's Upfront plans are all contract-free, and you can change your plan month-to-month, even if you're paying off a new phone.

When it comes to the Big Three, Telstra is naturally still the most expensive option:

Looking at entry-level plans, Vodafone offers 40GB for $40 per month, while Optus does 20GB for $45 per month. In both cases, that's significantly cheaper than Telstra's $58 per month option.

The playing field evens out a little more around the $65 per month price point:

Optus and Vodafone still represent better value, but largely due to promos. Vodafone is currently offering its unlimited data plan for $65 per month, which is a $20 per month discount for the life of the plan.

Optus, on the other hand, is offering its 500GB plan for $65 per month for the first year. After the first year is up, you're looking at $115 per month. Optus' standard $65 per month plan includes 200GB, which is pretty similar to Telstra's plan 180GB plan.

And if you compare Big T to Telstra MVNOs, you have plenty of cheaper options:

Telstra's budget brand Belong is one of your best bets right now thanks to a double data deal. $35 per month will get you 80GB for your first year, after which you'll drop down to 40GB.

Going forward, Telstra has said it will increase its mobile plan pricing between $2 and $4 per month in July each year, in line with CPI.

Alex Choros
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Alex Choros
Alex Choros is the Group Reviews Editor for Clearlink Australia's local websites -, Safewise, and WhistleOut - and the Managing Editor for WhistleOut Australia. He's been writing about consumer technology for over eight years and is an expert on the Australian telco sector, to the point where he knows far too many phone and internet plans by heart. He also contributes to Gizmodo and Lifehacker, and makes regular appearances on 2GB. Outside of tech, Alex loves long hikes, red wine, and death metal.

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