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Vodafone launches new ‘Infinite’ mobile data speed tier plans

Wave goodbye to that annoying 1.5Mbps speed cap.

Angela Mason
Sep 25, 2020
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While Australia has no truly ‘unlimited’ data plans, Vodafone kicked off a new era in 2018 when they introduced ‘endless data’, allowing customers to use a certain amount of data at full speed, after which they’d be throttled to 1.5Mbps. Sure, it’s a bit slow, but it signalled a move away from excess data charges in Australia, and Telstra was quick to follow.

Two years on and Vodafone are finally lifting that speed cap with the launch of their new tiered Vodafone Infinite plans. The basic premise is the same - you’ll get some max speed data included in your plan, but if you go over, you’ll be able to use unlimited data at speeds of 2, 10 or 25Mbps, depending on which tier you choose.

There are five plans to choose from: the $40, 10GB Lite Plan and the $45, 30GB Lite+ plan, both of which limit excess data to 2Mbps; the $55, 60GB Super Plan and the $65, 100GB Super+ Plan, which limit overage to 10Mbps; and the $120 Ultra Plan, which boasts 150GB data and a generous 25Mbps excess data cap.

Realistically, 2Mbps isn’t ideal for a Netflix binge, but it will allow you to comfortably browse the web, check social media and stream music. 10Mbps, on the other hand, is perfectly adequate for watching high-def videos and FaceTiming with your mates, but uploading large files might not be the quickest experience. Then there’s the Ultra Plan’s 25Mbps cap, which actually comes in faster than some NBN plans. You can safely stream to your heart’s content, and the only thing you’ll struggle with is uploading excessively large files.

If you’re a data junkie but don’t want to cough up the big bucks for infinite data, check out some of the most budget-friendly, data-heavy plans from other providers.

Angela Mason
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