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I couldn’t find any reviews for this Hisense washing machine so I wrote one.

When life gives you a crisis, it’s time to make it into content.

Hisense Front Load PureJet Washer
Hisense Front Load PureJet Washer
3.5 out of 5 stars
From $799
Motor type
Fergus Halliday
Mar 11, 2024
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Quick verdict: Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer

For better and worse, the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer is more of a premium economy washer than a premium one.

pro Thrifty price
pro Nice build quality and design
pro Quiet (until it isn’t)
con Very jumpy
con Limited load capacity

Most of the time, no news is good news when it comes to your washing machine. Like many people, the first (and only) time I ever gave this corner of my home appliance setup any real attention was the moment when it all fell apart. What it meant to me would eventually be a memory of a working washing machine.

The year was 2023. It was the last week of December and my laundry was flooded. The culprit? The aging Samsung washing machine that I and my partner inherited from the individual who owned the apartment we bought before us. At the time, it seemed like a no-brainer upgrade from our previous machine (which we found and adopted off the streets of inner west Sydney). Just nine months later, it had done us dirty. 

Given the timing and the age of the model, we opted to replace it rather than try to repair it. Of course, it’s only once you’ve committed to the idea of buying a new washing machine that you can fully reckon with just how many different options – and opinions – there are when it comes to the category. There are the Samsung stalwarts, the LG loyalists, the Fisher and Paykel fanatics and those who have been seemingly brainwashed by Bosch.

At the end of the day, I decided to roll the dice and order the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer for two reasons. The first was that I was pretty satisfied with the Hisense heat pump dryer we had bought earlier in the year. The second was that despite some pretty solid searching, I could not find anything close to a genuine and in-depth review of this particular washing machine. 

For some, that might be a red flag. For me, it was a challenge. What can I say? Maybe I’m just built different.

How much does the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer cost in Australia?

Starts at $799

In Australia, the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer retails for around $799. That’s more expensive than the bottom of the barrel when it comes to front-load washers but far cheaper than a premium model from a brand like LG might cost you. That said, you can save a few hundred bucks if you buy at the right time of year or through the right retailer. 

Check out the table below for a round-up of deals for the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer.

More info

Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer: Setup and design

Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer

Thankfully, the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer was easier to set up than it was to lug up the two flights of stairs between the loading bay of my apartment and the laundry within it. 

There were no big surprises when it came to set up, with clear reminders attached to a set of easy-to-understand instructions that walk you through removing the blocking rods and getting the machine connected to your water supply. One sample cycle later and you’re good to go. 

These instructions get pretty granular, but the button layout here is fairly streamlined. As far as home appliances go, the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer skews minimalist even if lacks the conviction (or budget) to truly sell it. 

The central drum is where you’d expect to be, with the trio of zones located above it located in an intuitive left-to-right arrangement. There’s the slide-out dispenser tray for your washing detergent and/or powders. There’s a big stainless steel dial used to toggle between the unit’s fourteen different washing settings and then a control panel that offers additional options. The full list of washing programs is as follows:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton Eco
  • Allergy Steam
  • Delicates
  • Wool
  • Baby Care Steam
  • Dark Garment
  • Quick 15’
  • Sportswear
  • Down wear
  • Bedding 
  • Drum Clean
  • Rinse + Spin
  • Spin

It’s easy enough to spin the wheel to the corresponding preset and hit go. All the same, it’s nice to know that I have the option of exercising additional control when and where I might need it. 

In terms of overall size, the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer is pretty big but not so bulky as to dominate a modestly-sized space. Your mileage will vary, but I did very quickly find myself wishing I had sprung for the slightly larger 8.5kg model. 

In part, this is because the cyclical drum inside the machine often felt only just big enough to match the laundry needs of me and my partner. Usually, we’re looking at around two-ish loads of laundry over a week. Despite that cadence, it felt like I was close to packing the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer to capacity more often than not.

The other reason that I wish the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer was a little bigger is that the amount of wiggle room it has within its corner of the laundry often proved to be an enabler of bad behaviour. A washing machine going walkabout is nothing new (or even something specific to Hisense-made ones), but it often proved to be a bit of a headache here. 

As far as quirks go, it’s not impossible to work around but it’s also hard to ignore. It’d never disconnect itself, but it would knock the odd thing over from time to time.

Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer: Features & Performance

Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer

If there’s any takeaway I have after a few months of using the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer, it’s that I probably didn’t need one with quite so many bells and whistles.

That dedicated allergy steam mode? I’ve yet to try it. The Quick 15’ setting that promises faster turnaround times for lighter loads? I never use it. It’s always nice to have options, but if I had a chance to do it over again I’d probably err in the other direction and prioritise a machine that does the handful of obvious things especially well over one that does a decent enough job in a dozen different scenarios. I’d ditch most of these extra options if it meant that I could wash a load of laundry even a little faster.

In general, I’m more fond of the built-in perks than the bells and whistles here. Flexibility is more valuable than versatility when it comes to washers it turns out. As obvious as it sounds, the ability to pause a wash and add more to it is as intuitive in practice as it is in your head and just as useful. There are also some basic scheduling functions and child lock. Even if I’ve yet to make proper use of either, both are nice-to-haves.

It might be that the most important inclusion here is the most mundane one. The inside of the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer features a brushless Durable Inverter motor that’s not only quieter in action than the alternatives, it’s also more energy efficient. 

Compared to a conventional washing machine, inverter-based models like the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer are more sophisticated while also relying on fewer moving parts. They tend to wear out much slower and offer short-term benefits when it comes to power consumption. If you don’t want to take on extra reading and just want peace of mind, Hisense has thrown in an 11-year warranty on parts for this motor on top of the standard three-year warranty attached to the rest of the unit.

In action, I was pleasantly surprised with how quiet the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer was when active. That said, it’s hard to say how much of this was because I had just upgraded from a model that was almost a decade old. That solace only lasts until the spin cycle starts, but it’s a delight until then. This part of the process can be pretty loud, even if it’s not all that long-lasting.

The Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer: Is it worth the money?

Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer

The Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer is a very likable washing machine. It doesn’t take up a huge amount of space and it does give you plenty of options. While there are aspects where the reality of living with this appliance falls short of the pitch it makes about the life it promises, the things it gets right mostly add up to a net positive. 

The Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer offers up just enough bang for the buck compared to the alternatives that I was happy with my purchase, but not so much that I could escape the sense that I probably could have spent a little bit more. If you can afford to spring for something truly premium, you’ll likely come away happier with the results than the hardware here can offer. 

Otherwise, the Hisense 7.5kg Front Load PureJet Washer is more of a premium economy washer than a premium one. It’s budget-friendly and it covers more than the basics, but it won’t wash away your expectations entirely.

Fergus Halliday
Written by
Fergus Halliday
Fergus Halliday is a journalist and editor for He’s written about technology, telecommunications, gaming and more for over a decade. He got his start writing in high school and began his full-time career as the Editor of PC World Australia. Fergus has made the MCV 30 Under 30 list, been a finalist for seven categories at the IT Journalism Awards and won Most Controversial Writer at the 2022 Consensus Awards. He has been published in Gizmodo, Kotaku, GamesHub, Press Start, Screen Rant, Superjump, Nestegg and more.

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