ALDI will sell you a 75-inch TV for $849

ALDI 75-inch 4K TV
Pictured: ALDI's 75-inch Bauhn 4K TV
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Brodie Fogg
Mar 21, 2024
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In a world where everyone is feeling the pinch of price inflation, it might be hard to imagine a future where you can lose yourself in 75 inches of glorious 4K fidelity. At a time where price-gouging from our two major supermarkets has hit an all-time low, ALDI has swooped in with one of its most magnificent Special Buys yet: $849 for a 75-inch 4K television.

There's not much else to say about that really. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of ALDI's in-house Bauhn brand or not, $849 for a 75-inch 4K smart TV is a hot deal no matter which way you slice it. For comparison, the cheapest 75-inch television you can buy from JB HI-FI is a TCL model at $1,195 (also a great price). But bigger brands like Sony and Samsung start at $1,695 and $1,595 (discounted,) respectively. 

Keep an eye on ALDI's Special Buys page for more information on regional availability when the TV sale begins on the 30th of March. 

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Take it from me, the TV will be just fine...
This isn't a review of Bauhn's televisions, nor is it an endorsement. Neither ALDI and Bauhn compensate me for spruiking their TVs. But take it from someone who owned a cheap Bauhn 4K TV throughout university and the most financially challenging years of their life, a Bauhn 75-inch 4K TV is still a 75-inch 4K TV.

There's a bit of class snobbery when it comes to Bauhn electronics. There are a lot of fair criticisms too. But if just want to play Mario Kart on a massive 4K television, it's rare it will cost you as low as $849.
Brodie Fogg
Brodie Fogg
Bauhn to be wild

What else is going on sale?

The 75-inch 4K TV is obviously the headline deal. But there are a few more tech bargains happening at ALDI around the same time. The second most attractive deal is the $299 JBL 5.0 Multibeam Soundbar, which usually retails at $599.95. It's a tidy discount on what looks like a decent Dolby Atmos soundbar. 

Elsewhere in the sale you'll find Philips' colourful Compact Party Speaker for $79.99 and a $49.99 6-way Surge Protector Powerboard with WiFi and Meter Reading

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Brodie Fogg
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Brodie Fogg
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