Link Interactive vs. Protect America Review

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    4.5 out of 5 overall
  • Best Landline Option
    3.75 out of 5 overall
Recent Updates: More than a year
As of April 2020, you can no longer partner with Protect America to protect America. The brand is ending its home security services for the foreseeable future.

The convenience of DIY home security systems keeps increasing. So does the market. There’s SimpliSafe, Frontpoint, Ring, Abode . . . and there’s Link Interactive and Protect America. But which one is better for you?

Link Interactive and Protect America comparison
CompanyLink InteractiveProtect America
Monitoring price range$30.99–$44.99/mo.$19.99–$54.99/mo.
Installation typeDIYDIY
Installation feeNoneNone
Contract length12–36 mos. 36 mos.
Contract cancellation fee75% of remaining contractVaries
Smart home supportYesYes
Mobile app control YesYes
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Data effective 12/29/2020. Offers subject to change.

What we like about Link Interactive

Link Interactive equipment

Link Interactive is a fully customizable home security system. It lets you tailor your equipment selection to your needs without forcing you to buy stuff you don’t want. Plus its equipment selection covers it all—home security, safety, and automation. It’s got an app too. The company partners with to get you access through your smartphone.

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Automation with Link Interactive
Link Interactive equipment is compatible with Z-Wave technology. You can build an entire smart home with Z-Wave, from security cameras to smart locks to smartbulbs.

Most reviewers can’t say enough good things about Link Interactive. They gush about the amazing customer service and the easy installation. There’s even on-the-phone installation support from Link Interactive’s customer service line.

We also super love that Link Interactive offers more than one contract length.

What we like about Protect America

Protect America, alongside ADT, is one of the few companies that still offers landline monitoring. While cellular monitoring’s on the upswing, some users might need or prefer a landline system. (Broadband and cellular monitoring are also available from Protect America.)


Once you’ve selected your monitoring style, you can decide whether to add fire and smoke monitoring or video monitoring. Each plan comes with a base quantity of sensors, and you can add equipment à la carte if you choose.

Like Link, nearly all of Protect America’s devices are wireless, so you won’t have to worry about drilling holes to run wires. The company provides an installation support page that includes manuals and videos for installing its most popular products.

Unlike Link Interactive, Protect America has a lifetime warranty. When your control panel or sensors break, they’ll be replaced.

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What Link Interactive and Protect America have in common
Both Link Interactive and Protect America provide extensive DIY installation support on their websites and by phone, and neither company charges activation fees. Both companies also offer Crash and Smash Protection on all plans, so if an intruder attempts to destroy your security equipment, it will still notify the authorities.
Link Interactive vs. Protect America pros
Link Interactive pros:Protect America pros:
Fully customizable equipment selectionLandline option
Multiple contract lengthsLow equipment costs
Well-reviewed customer serviceLifetime equipment warranty
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What we don’t like about Link Interactive

Link Interactive’s equipment comes from well-known manufacturers like 2GIG, Qolsys, and These devices are backed by a three-year warranty by Link Interactive. That’s great if you want a 36-month contract with Link Interactive. But if you want to renew your service or switch to another monitoring company, the cost of equipment replacement falls to you.

What we don’t like about Protect America

It’s not easy to cancel Protect America, no sir. According to customer reviews, getting a rep on the phone to end service is a nightmare. You also have to sign a form to complete the cancellation process.

Beyond that, Protect America’s cancellation fees are notoriously slippery. It has a policy for canceling within the first 15 days, but it, seemingly, does not have one for canceling later in the contract. The company says instead that its approach to handling your mid-contract cancellation will probably depend on your circumstances. That’s maddeningly vague.

Link Interactive vs. Protect America cons
Link Interactive pros:Protect America pros:
Limited equipment warrantyDifficult to cancel
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Which one should you choose?

Pricewise, Link Interactive stands out. Its monthly fees are lower than Protect America’s in most cases. Link Interactive also has better-rated customer service than Protect America.

But Protect America is a good option if you just need a simple, straightforward, traditional landline system. If you don’t want or need smartphone connectivity, the lowest-tier landline plan with no add-ons could save you a lot.

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Professional installation vs. DIY installation
If you’re looking for professional installation, these DIY options aren’t for you. Instead, you should try ADT or Vivint.

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