Vivint vs. Link Interactive Review

Vivint and Link Interactive can do a lot of the same things, but Vivint does them in style.
Best Pro Installed
Most Flexible

If you want a security system that can protect you from prowlers and support a bunch of different smart home devices, then Vivint and Link Interactive could both work for you. They’re both professionally monitored security systems, they both offer full home automation, and they both have good reputations.

But while Link Interactive is practical, Vivint’s more high tech. And Vivint has some features we love that Link Interactive can’t quite compete with.

Vivint and Link Interactive comparison
CompanyVivintLink Interactive
Monitoring price range$29.99–$44.99/mo.$30.99–$44.99/mo.
Installation typeProfessionalDIY
Installation fee$99None
Contract lengthNone OR 42–60 mos.None OR 12–36 mos.
Contract cancellation fee100% of remaining contract75% of remaining contract
Smart home supportYes*Yes*
Starter kit price$599Variable
Mobile app controlYesYes**
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Data effective 12/11/2020. Offers subject to change.
* Smart home functions not supported by all monitoring plans.
** Mobile app control not available with all monitoring plans.

What we like about Vivint

Vivint takes everything you know about a traditional security system and gives it an upgrade. All things considered, it’s a lot like the security system your parents had when you were a kid: it’s professionally installed and professionally monitored. But the tech has gotten a significant upgrade.

The Vivint system has some impressive components, like an outdoor camera with “lurker detection” and an indoor camera that can call your phone with the push of a button. The next time your kids are home with a babysitter, you can rest easy knowing they can contact you whenever they want.

What we like about Link Interactive

Link Interactive touchscreen control panel

Link Interactive has basically any sensor you can imagine. Okay, maybe not any you can imagine but definitely any you could actually want. You can get an outdoor sensor for your pool cover or an indoor sensor for your stove top, along with all the classic stuff like door and window sensors and motion detectors.

You can also get all the smart home stuff we know and love these days, including smart lights, smart locks, and smart plugs. Plus, Link Interactive is known for having super-friendly customer service.

Vivint vs. Link Interactive pros comparison
Vivint pros:Link Interactive pros:
Professional installationDIY installation
Excellent camerasWide range of sensors
Flexible contractsGood customer service
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What we don’t like about Vivint

All those high-tech features come at a cost: your wallet will take a hit with Vivint. The monthly monitoring costs aren’t that bad, but Vivint’s equipment is significantly more expensive than a lot of other companies. You’ll pay several hundred dollars for just a few basic components.

You can finance your equipment over time if you can’t shell out the cash up front. Just keep in mind that, in that case, you’ll need to sign a contract. And Vivint’s contract cancellation fee is pretty unforgiving. (You’ll pay 100% of your remaining contract if you cancel early.)

What we don’t like about Link Interactive

Link Interactive might be super customizable, but it’s not always pretty. All those dozens of devices Link Interactive offers are more focused on function than fashion.

That’s not to say that all of Link’s stuff looks outdated—it doesn’t. (We especially like Link Interactive’s touchscreen control panel and premium indoor camera.) But if you want a system that looks just as good as it works, then Link Interactive might not be your first choice.

Vivint vs. Link Interactive cons comparison
Vivint cons:Link Interactive cons:
Expensive equipmentSome equipment looks clunky
Harsh contract cancellation feeLesser-known name
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Which one should you choose?

If you want an affordable security system you can set up yourself and aesthetics aren’t your top priority, then Link Interactive will serve you well. If you want a high end, professionally installed system that looks as expensive as it costs, then Vivint’s the one for you.

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