Link Interactive Home Security Review

Link Interactive is wondrously transparent with its pricing and lets you customize your home security system to fit your needs.
Mindy Woodall
Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Free shipping and DIY installation
Contract length options
Limited equipment warranty
Recent Updates: 3 months ago
Link Interactive recently announced a small price increase for both its Gold and Elite plans. Along with the price increase, it increased the number of video clips included in its Elite plan to 3,000. We've updated our review to reflect these changes.


The first thing we noticed about Link Interactive is its transparency. Home security providers aren’t always forthcoming with exact equipment pricing, or sometimes even equipment models. Link Interactive gives you all the information you need right on its website and offers extensive options for contracts and equipment packages, so you can get exactly what you need.

Link Interactive is somewhat similar to Frontpoint, one of our other favorite providers, when it comes to equipment, monitoring, and pricing. Plus, both let you install equipment yourself.

When it comes to DIY we like Frontpoint a bit better for their excellent customer service. But we still found Link Interactive to be quite impressive.

ProviderMonitoring price*ContractDetails
$30.99–$44.99/mo.12–36 mos.View plans

*Does not include price of equipment

Link Interactive security system

We like that Link interactive lets you choose exactly what equipment you want without making you sign on for a preset package.

Any basic home security system includes a control panel, sensors (door, window, motion, etc.)—and, ideally, 24/7 professional monitoring. Most providers offer equipment packages or tie in certain components with the monthly monitoring price while making you purchase other devices separately.

Link Interactive simplifies the process. This provider lets you choose which sensors you want, what type of control panel you want, and how much security to install in your home. Considering that we normally have to dig to figure out which equipment comes with what package and how many components we really need, we find Link Interactive’s approach quite refreshing.

Link Interactive basic security

Link Interactive uses equipment from a few manufacturers, including 2GIG, Honeywell, and GE—all names you can trust in security equipment. Like Link Interactive, most security providers use a combination of manufacturers for their equipment, and it’s all mostly the same. One door sensor is much like another.

The difference is, Link Interactive gives you total control over which components you choose, and it’s very transparent about pricing. Many providers don’t list their equipment pricing at all until you’re already talking to a sales rep. With Link Interactive, it’s easy enough to find online.

Link Interactive sensor pricing

  • Door/window sensor – $22.00
  • Recessed door sensor – $34.00
  • Plunger-type wireless door sensor – $37.00
  • Bypass door/window contact – $26.00
  • Motion sensor – $53.00
  • Smart motion sensor – $112.00
  • Tilt sensor – $40.00
  • Glass break sensor – $69.00
  • Heat/smoke/freeze sensor – $66.00
  • Carbon monoxide sensor – $80.00
  • Disaster sensor – $67.00
  • Heat detector – $64.00
  • Firefighter module – $55.00
  • Smoke detector sensor – $37.00

We like that Link Interactive gives you some sensor options we don’t always see.

For example, if you just want a simple motion sensor that will alert you if an intruder walks through your living room, you can get one. But what if you want a full-on smart motion sensor with an integrated infrared camera that won’t only know a creeper’s in your living room but will also take a picture of them and send it to your mobile app? Link Interactive can give you that too.

All cellular equipment

All Link Interactive’s equipment uses a cellular connection (similar to your cell phone), as opposed to a landline or broadband connection. That’s a good thing, because unlike with landline connections, burglars can’t cut off your security system just by snipping the phone line.

Link Interactive gives you total control over which components you choose, and it’s very transparent about pricing.

Call us crazy, but we don’t think a security system feels that secure if all you really need to disable it is a pair of scissors. That said, some people like options—plus, landline connections are almost always cheaper than cellular.

Some providers let you choose which connection type you want. ADT and Protect America both offer landline, broadband, and cellular equipment. But honestly, we think cellular is always worth the cost.

DIY installation

Link Interactive doesn’t offer professional installation. The good news? You can install it yourself! No pricey installation fees or technicians trying to talk you into buying more equipment. The downside? You have to install it yourself.

Luckily, we’ve found the DIY installation process to be pretty simple—it’s mostly just peel and stick. Even trickier installation pieces, like doorbell cameras, are usually pretty easy to figure out using Link Interactive’s instructions and YouTube videos.

But if you already know you don’t want to spend time wrangling equipment yourself, providers like Vivint and ADT offer professional installation for every piece.

Link Interactive control panel

Link Interactive offers two control panels:

  • 2GIG Go!Control
  • IQ Panel 2

Both panels have touchscreens, and both allow you to arm/disarm the system and view its status.

Both panels also have two-way talk, which means Link Interactive’s monitoring center can talk to you through the panel when an alarm goes off. If you accidentally tripped a sensor in the kitchen and definitely don’t need the police, you can tell Link Interactive through the control panel, just like a phone, rather than searching for your real phone to answer their call.

Providers like Vivint also include the two-way talk function in their control panels, and in our experience, it helps reduce false alarms. Which is a good thing because you can face some hefty fines from your city if the police answer too many false alarms.

So which control panel should you choose?

We like the larger display of the IQ Panel 2—but it costs more. The 2GIG Go!Control panel comes with your system at no extra charge. The IQ Panel 2 will cost you $200 extra.

To be fair, Link Interactive throws in some freebies with the IQ Panel 2:

  • 3 door/window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor

Altogether, that’s a basic security equipment package, and it’s not a bad value. But even with the equipment, the IQ Panel 2 is still more than if you got the Go!Control panel and bought the sensors separately.

The IQ Panel 2 has some cool features the Go!Control is missing, such as a camera that takes a photo every time the system is disarmed. So if someone knows your code and uses it without your permission, you’ll have photographic evidence.

Additional IQ Panel 2 features:

  • Supports more sensors (128 vs. 60)
  • Encrypts sensors to prevent hacking
  • Allows more user codes (240 vs. 63)
  • Has an HD display

It’s an all-around beefier panel. But we still don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. You want the bigger, prettier display and the extra features? Spring for the IQ Panel 2. But if you plan to control the system mostly through your mobile app anyway, then we don’t think it really matters.

Link Interactive home automation options

Link Interactive works with Z-wave technology, the standard for “smart home” connective technology.

Z-wave tech works like Bluetooth. You connect devices into one central hub (your Link Interactive control panel) and then you can turn off lights and lock doors through the mobile app, whether you’re at work, in bed, or at the beach.

You can buy smart devices like light dimmers and locks when you order your full Link Interactive system or get third-party equipment and add it yourself. As long as it’s Z-wave compatible, you should be able to use it.

Link Interactive mobile app

Link Interactive uses the mobile app. The app can do basically everything your control panel can: arm and disarm the system, control smart home devices, and view camera video feeds.

If you have the Skybell doorbell camera, a live feed will come up on your phone whenever someone steps on your porch or rings the doorbell. You can see that your kids got home from school safely, unlock the door with the app, and lock it behind them once you’ve seen them go inside. You’ll never have to copy a key again.

Link Interactive security cameras

Link Interactive offers a range of indoor and outdoor security cameras with all the features we expect. One indoor camera can pan and tilt so you can see the whole room through your mobile phone.

You can also get an outdoor camera with night vision so you can see the neighborhood teenagers lurking near your house at midnight. There’s something for all your needs.

Our favorite Link Interactive security camera

Personally, we recommend the Skybell doorbell camera. If you have kids who walk home from school, or you get a lot of package deliveries, or you just like to see who’s at the door before you get off the couch, the Skybell gives you total porch power.

Skybell doorbell camera features:

  • Motion detection
  • HD video
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • Doorbell-triggered video clips

The Skybell was our trickiest component to install. It took us a little while to figure out the wiring, but we still had it up and running within about 30 minutes. Another thing to note is that you must have the Elite monitoring package to get security camera support.

Megaphone icon
Connection tip
The Skybell uses a broadband connection, not cellular. Make sure your WiFi signal reaches your porch—or invest in a WiFi range extender—before you invest in one.

The price

Link Interactive offers substantial value for a pretty low price.

Plan nameMonitoring priceContractDetails
Standard$30.99/mo.12, 24, or 36 mos.View plan
Gold$39.99/mo.12, 24, or 36 mos.View plan
Elite$44.99/mo.12, 24, or 36 mos.View plan

Link Interactive has one of the lower-priced packages on the market with their Standard monitoring plan. We think $30.99 per month isn’t a bad deal for monitoring for a cellular-connected system with full home automation capabilities.

Even Link Interactive’s most expensive package, the Elite, is the same price as Vivint’s lowest priced monitoring package—and both are cheaper than ADT’s Pulse plan. Even Link Interactive’s close competitor, Frontpoint, has more expensive monthly monitoring plans.

Keep in mind, the monthly monitoring price does not include equipment. Just like Frontpoint, Link Interactive lets you choose your equipment separately, but that means it’s an additional cost.

Link Interactive does offer “agreement discounts” for signing a contract—which, in our case, knocked a couple hundred dollars off a $1,000 bill. But it’s still a big up-front investment.


We usually see 36-month contracts from security providers. Considering most homeowners keep their security systems for a decade or so, three years isn’t terribly long.

Even so, no one likes being locked into long contracts, which is why we like that Link Interactive gives options. You do have to sign a contract, but you can choose from 12, 24, or 36 months. The choice is nice considering providers like Frontpoint lock you in for three years with no alternatives.

We’d still like to see Link Interactive (and Frontpoint, for that matter) offer a no-contract option like Vivint does. But in the meantime, at least you have options.


If you want simple pricing and ordering where you can pick exactly the security equipment you want and leave the rest, then Link Interactive is a good choice. We like Link Interactive’s equipment, customer service, and buffet of security options for customers.

We’d like to see Link Interactive offer a no-contract option, especially since they price equipment separately. But we like that it offers three contract-length options, and we really appreciate Link Interactive’s transparency with plans and pricing.

Be sure to check out our Best Home Security Systems comparison to see how Link Interactive compares to the rest. Or if you’re just on the fence between Link Interactive and Simplisafe at this point, we’ve got a write-up for that too.