ADT Command Review 2021 (formerly ADT Pulse)

ADT Command is like the VIP room of ADT’s home security options, and the price shows it.
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Overall Rating 4.25 out of 5
Lots of smart home options
Security camera support
Expensive monitoring plans

We’ve talked about ADT’s security system before. And you’ve no doubt heard the name “ADT.” But have you heard about ADT Command? (Hint: It used to be called ADT Pulse.)

You might ask, “What is ADT Command? How much does it cost? Can it help me foil my cat’s endless quest to push all my books off the shelves while I’m at work?” All excellent questions—and we’re here to answer them.

The short answer is that ADT Command is ADT’s fanciest security offering. You can automate your home, put up security cameras, and maybe even stop your calico from causing chaos. (We said “maybe.”) The only downside is the price.

ADT Command pricing and packages
CompanyMonitoring price rangeContractHome automation integrationsLearn more
ADT Command$52.99–$62.99/mo.36 mos.Z-Wave, Amazon Alexa, Google AssistantView Plans

Data effective 12/3/20. Offers subject to change. 

ADT Command monitoring and pricing

ADT has super-reliable professional monitoring, but the prices for ADT might give you some sticker shock.


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ADT SafeStreets is offering a $100 Visa gift card. $99 installation charge and new monitoring agreement required. Early termination fee applies. Check out the offer details.

ADT’s monitoring is one of its best features. Monitoring means the professionals are constantly keeping an eye on your system, so if any intruders make their way into your house, ADT will know about it and call the cops for you.

Plus, ADT has multiple monitoring centers scattered around the country, so even if one is taken out by a hurricane and another gets swamped in a flood, someone is still there in case something happens.

ADT Command monitoring plans
PlanPriceSmart home supportSecurity camera supportLearn more
ADT Command Tier I Remote Access$52.99/mo.NoNoView Plans
ADT Command Tier II Video Security$58.99/mo.NoYesView Plans
ADT Command Tier III Video Security + Home Automation$62.99/mo.NoYesView Plans

If you’ve shopped around and seen how much other security companies (like Vivint or Frontpoint) charge for their monitoring plans, then you might think the ADT Command prices look a bit steep. Because they are. But ADT’s well-known name and smart home features make up for it, at least a little.

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Learn more about contracts and installation fees on our full ADT system review.

ADT Command technology and equipment

ADT Command uses standard equipment but can help you turn your house into a smart home.

If you got a system from some other security company out there, like Link Interactive or Protect America, your equipment won’t look all that different from what you’ll get with your ADT Command system.

That’s because most traditional security companies, including ADT, use third-party equipment from companies like Honeywell, GE, and 2GIG.


Source: ADT

Even if it’s standard, the equipment is pretty cool. The touchscreen panel lets you control everything from your thermostat to your door locks. Plus, all the wireless sensors communicate with both the panel and the ADT Control mobile app so you can turn on the lights and fire up the A/C before you even get home.

ADT Command equipment also comes with cellular backup. That means if your power goes out or your Wi-Fi goes down, your security system will still stay up and running. (Pretty important if you live in a stormy area.)

ADT Command system features:

  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Works with Z-wave smart home devices


ADT Command offers both indoor and outdoor cameras. It even has a doorbell camera so you can make sure no one steals your latest Amazon shipment.

White ADT outdoor camera mounted on a white brick wall

Source: ADT

All the ADT cameras except one record in 720p (which is high definition), and you can get indoor and outdoor models alongside that snazzy new doorbell cam. But we’d still say these aren’t the best cameras we’ve seen.

If you want some really nice security cameras you can show off to the neighbors, we think there are better indoor, outdoor, and even doorbell options out there. We’d say ADT’s cameras are more like bonus add-ons to your whole home security system.

Home automation

Now this is where it gets fun. ADT Command gives you a foot in the door to all sorts of home automation options. You want smart locks? Smart lights? Smart outlets? What about a smart garage door opener? With ADT Command, you got it.

Plus, all that smart stuff connects to the ADT Control mobile app so you can monitor and control everything from your phone.

ADT Command home automation integrations

  • Lights
  • Garage door
  • Thermostats
  • Locks
  • Electrical plugs and switches
  • Cameras (including doorbell cameras)
  • Smoke and CO sensors
  • Entry sensors
  • Flood sensors

With the control panel or the mobile app, you can also set rules for your smart home gadgets. Let’s say you want your lights to turn on and your thermostat to readjust every morning at eight o’clock—ADT Command can do that for you.

Mobile app

The mobile app gives you a livestream view of your cameras. You can also use the app to arm and disarm your system, see which doors are open or shut, and even see what the weather’s like.

The app will also show you what’s happened in your house over the last day, week, or month. If you wanna see when exactly it was the babysitter brought the kids home from the park last week, you can check in the app.


If you’re looking for a DIY kind of deal, then ADT Command isn’t it. ADT professionally installs all its regular systems, which is nice if you want to make sure that everything is in place and ready to go before you trust the system with your safety.

On the flip side, professional installation does come with a fee, and it’ll take a few hours out of your day.

ADT Command installation fee: $99–$199

The installation tech will go over your system and equipment with you before you sign on the dotted line. If you want to add an extra sensor or you decide you actually don’t need that indoor camera in your garage, then you can settle all that on installation day.


ADT Command is a pricey security option, but the reliable name behind it might make it worth it.

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ADT Command is not the cheapest system on the market, but it’s a huge upgrade over the standard ADT system. ADT Command gives you tons of smart home integration options and security camera support that’ll make your life easier and keep your home safer.

Monitoring: ADT Command monitoring is some of the most reliable out there. It has multiple monitoring centers around the country, so someone’s always watching your system.

Security equipment: ADT Command equipment is all wireless, and it lets you control everything from lights to locks right from the control panel, your smartphone, or your smartwatch.

Cameras: ADT’s cameras are a bit middle-of-the-road, but they do offer high-definition recording, and you can view clips and your camera’s livestream in the ADT Command app.

Home automation integrations: ADT Command supports all kinds of smart home integrations, like lights, locks, and thermostats. You can automate as much or as little of your home as you like.

Installation: ADT systems are all professionally installed, so a technician will come to your house and do the work for you.

Do you have an ADT Command system? Do you think it’s worth the upgrade? What smart home integrations do you use with your system? Let us know in the comments!

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