ADT vs. Frontpoint Security

ADT is well known and reliable, but Frontpoint will save you money, and you can install it yourself.
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Mindy Woodall
Feb 13, 2023
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ADT vs Frontpoint: Price and feature comparison

Sure, ADT is one of the biggest names in the home security industry, but does that mean it’s the best? Not necessarily. Frontpoint gives you similar equipment backed up by excellent customer service, and—best of all—it won't make you sign a contract like ADT will.

Plus, if you want a system that supports home automation and cameras, then Frontpoint is cheaper than ADT on both equipment and monitoring. Just keep in mind its monitoring plans are still pretty pricey compared to other security companies out there.

Monitoring price
Contract length
Installation type
Learn more






36 mos.


Data effective 8/31/22. Offers subject to change.

ADT vs. Frontpoint: Quick comparison

ADT has a big name but Frontpoint has cheaper monitoring prices for similar features.

The low down on ADT

ADT gives you lots of options for home security. You can choose to build your own system, choose a basic landline connection with a button keypad or go high-tech with ADT’s Command plans and equipment. (Formerly known as ADT Pulse.)

ADT touchscreen control panel and sensors

Source: ADT

But more choices can also mean more confusion for you, the buyer. ADT uses multiple providers and distributors across the country. ADT has recently made their online process simpler and their site will walk you through customizing what kind of equipment you'll get and shows you what you'll pay for it. But you might still have to call for a personalized quote as there are a lot of options and it might be confusing for you to determine what you need.

It’s 2022. Home security shouldn’t be complicated. We want to know exactly what equipment we’re getting, exactly how much it will cost, and exactly who we’re getting it from. So ADT could do better on this front.

ADT also has multiple monitoring centers across North America, which makes its system super reliable. Even if one center goes down, it has multiple backups so someone always has an eye on your system.

What about Frontpoint?

Frontpoint keeps things much simple. You can call in to order if you want, or you can shop online. You know what equipment you’ll get, and our experience with its customer service rep was great.

Frontpoint security equipment

Source: Frontpoint

All of Frontpoint’s equipment works via a cellular connection, which is the type we recommend. And while ADT’s systems require a professional to come out and install them, Frontpoint just sends you everything in a box, and you put it up yourself.

Professional installation is not necessarily a downside. Who wouldn’t rather sit back and let someone else do the work? Plus, that way you know you didn’t put a sensor on upside down or mess up the wiring on your doorbell camera.

But we think the DIY installation is easy enough, and we like not having to wait around for someone to show up. Frontpoint includes pretty good tutorials, and we got our test system up and running with no problems, minus some confusion on wiring our doorbell camera.

For the most part, Frontpoint’s installation process is peel-and-stick, and the equipment package comes with paper instructions if you don’t feel like pulling them up online. From start to finish, our system installation took us about an hour.

Plus, DIY installation is free. ADT charges at least a $99 installation fee. (We've seen that fee run as high as $199.)

The takeaway:

ADT’s plans offer equipment with some of the latest technology and functionality, but Frontpoint’s good customer service and lower monthly price gave it the win.

Want a DIY version of the ADT security system?

ADT offers ADT Self Setup, which is a less expensive and simpler version of the ADT security system. It doesn't require professional installation and can be set up on your own. It's also a lot cheaper, so you can save some extra cash.

How do ADT and Frontpoint pricing compare?

Both ADT equipment and monitoring will cost you more than Frontpoint, unless you go for a super basic plan and system.

As far security providers go, ADT is on the more expensive end of the spectrum. While its landline monitoring prices are lower than Frontpoint’s, ADT’s Command monitoring plans are substantially higher.

And not just higher than Frontpoint—ADT’s top Command plan is more expensive than almost every other provider we’ve reviewed.

ADT monitoring plans
Plan name
Monthly price
Camera support
Smart home support
Learn more
Secure Home




Smart Home




Video & Home




Data effective 8/31/2022. Offers subject to change.

The Smart Home and Video & Home plans give you the best technology and home automation features ADT offers—but clearly it comes at a price. And if you want to control your security system through a mobile app, you must have at least the Smart Home plan. Otherwise you have no mobile control over your system whatsoever.

Frontpoint offers three plan options, and they're also pretty expensive by industry standards. (The average price for professional monitoring is around $40 per month.) But compared to ADT, Frontpoint's a budgeter's dream on the whole.

Frontpoint monitoring plans
Plan name
Monthly price
Mobile app access
Camera support
Learn more
3-Year Plan




2-Year Plan




Month-to-month Plan




Data effective 8/31/2022. Offers subject to change.

Frontpoint gives you mobile control over your entire security system.

We don’t like when any provider requires a high monthly subscription cost for mobile control. Newer security providers like Nest and Abode give you full access to their mobile app, and mobile control of the system, even if you have no monthly plan at all—let alone an expensive one.


ADT requires you to sign a contract, while Frontpoint gives you the option to not have one.

Nobody (us included) really likes signing a multi-year contract for a service. And a number of newer security companies (like SimpliSafe, Scout, and the aforementioned Nest and Abode) have abandoned them entirely. Frontpoint followed suit in 2019 by letting its customers do month-to-month monitoring agreements.

If you opt for ADT, be prepared to sign on for 36 months. And if you need to cancel early, you'll still have to pay 75% of your remaining contract.

ADT contract length: 36 months

Frontpoint contract length: None

The takeaway:

Frontpoint has cheaper equipment and cheaper monitoring than ADT, which is really expensive.

Which has better equipment and integrations, ADT or Frontpoint?

ADT Command and Frontpoint have similar home automation features, but ADT has the best tech.

If what you want is the best-looking equipment alongside home automation support, we recommend ADT.

ADT Command and home automation

Tech tip
Light Bulb

If what you really want is the best technology, then we actually recommend Vivint over ADT.

ADT Command gives you an iPad-esque control panel with Z-Wave compatibility, which means you can add in a bunch of smart home devices like lights, locks, and garage door controls.

The ADT Control mobile app also makes it easy to arm and disarm your system no matter where you are, and you can set specific rules for home automation. For example, if you want the lights to turn on when you arrive home from work, the system can do that for you.

Frontpoint and home automation

Frontpoint’s equipment does not look as high-tech as ADT Command devices, especially if you opt for the standard button keypad instead of a touchscreen control panel. However, Frontpoint does have Z-Wave capability, so you can add in a lot of the same third-party smart devices you can with ADT Command.

Frontpoint also gives you full mobile control via the app, and you can set similar rules for smart home devices as you can with ADT Command.

The takeaway:

ADT Command is undeniably impressive. But Frontpoint still gives you full home automation capabilities.


ADT and Frontpoint are both reliable providers, but Frontpoint takes the lead for affordable equipment and monitoring.
  • ADT and Frontpoint both offer a full range of security equipment, although ADT’s buying process makes it difficult to tell exactly which equipment you’ll get.
  • Both ADT and Frontpoint offer home automation capabilities and have Z-Wave functionality.
  • ADT is substantially more expensive than Frontpoint, especially for its monitoring plans and its equipment.
  • Frontpoint lets you install the system yourself, while ADT requires professional installation.
  • ADT requires a 36-month contract while Frontpoint lets you take it month by month.
  • Frontpoint wins our overall recommendation because of its lower prices, excellent customer service, and reliable equipment.
Our Pick

ADT Command (formerly ADT Pulse) has impressive equipment and home automation functionality, but Frontpoint gives you a much lower monthly price. If you’re really invested in having the top technology, then ADT Command might be worth it to you, but even then, it’s not our top tech pick.

If all you want is a decent security system with home automation options, Frontpoint wins the day. Check out our stand-alone Frontpoint review for more information on the company's home security system.

Mindy Woodall
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Mindy Woodall
Mindy has been writing about technology for seven years. She covers all things smart home for, and keeps track of the latest robot gadgets. Mindy attended the University of Utah and her work has been featured on the likes of, Digital Care, Hostfully, and more.

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