Frontpoint Cameras Review

Frontpoint has four fairly-priced cameras for your home

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    Price: $74.99–$149.00
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    Two indoor and two outdoor camera options
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    Frontpoint is one of our favorite DIY home security systems
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Chantel Buchi
Sep 15, 2022
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You might have found yourself here because you value great customer service and excellent home automation over price, which is what a Frontpoint home security system offers.

We can’t say their cameras made our list of best home security cameras, but we can say that Frontpoint’s security cameras won’t disappoint.

Frontpoint gives you four camera options: video doorbell, indoor, outdoor, and premium indoor.

So let’s dive into the details of which one might be best for you and your home.

How much do Frontpoint professional monitoring plans cost?
Monitoring type
Mobile app access
Smart home support
Monitoring services$49.99/mo.Professional
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes

Data effective 8/19/22. Offers subject to change.

If you'd like to learn more about the monitoring plans, equipment packages, and home automation, look at our complete Frontpoint Security System Review.

Frontpoint camera pricing

Frontpoint offers four camera options: video doorbell, indoor, outdoor, and premium indoor. And we’re happy to say that Frontpoint’s camera prices are average compared to the competition.

Scroll down a little to see the breakdown of each camera’s features. But we’ll tell you now that you get what you pay for, so we recommend the outdoor and premium indoor cameras.

How much do Frontpoint home security cameras cost?

Data effective 8/19/22. Offers subject to change.

Frontpoint camera features

Frontpoint’s cameras are nothing to sleep on as they have most of the features you want in a security camera to keep your home safe.

The outdoor cameras are weather-proof and have night vision and motion detection.

You'll also receive notifications when your Nike order is delivered, your kids arrive home from school, or a serviceman has parked in front of your house.

Frontpoint cameras feature comparison
Two-way audio
Night vision
Motion detection
Perimeter Guard™
Icon No  DarkNo
Icon No  DarkNo
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon No  DarkNo
Icon No  DarkNo
Premium indoorIndoor1080p
Icon No  DarkNo
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon No  DarkNo
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon No  DarkNo
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon No  DarkNo
Icon No  DarkNo

Frontpoint’s indoor camera

For $75, you’ll get everything you need in a simple indoor camera: 1080p resolution, motion detection, and night vision with a range of up to 10 feet.

You can stream live footage through your Frontpoint app on your smartphone while at work or on vacation. And don’t worry about lack of privacy—only you will have access to your camera feed.

Frontpoint’s indoor premium camera

For double the price, the indoor premium camera has extra features that might or might not be worth it, depending on your needs.

If you like the idea of a wide-angle lens and infrared night vision (up to 15 feet in case of intruders), this is the camera for you.

If you’re a parent, we think you can get behind the feature that allows your child to call you directly to your Frontpoint app from this camera. And if you’d like to use a Bluetooth speaker while you’re cleaning, this camera will be your friend.

Frontpoint’s outdoor camera

To be honest, there are $100 outdoor security cameras with the same features as Frontpoint’s $150 outdoor camera, but we’re paying for convenience here.

The camera checks off on everything you’d want to help your home feel secure, plus a bonus feature:

  • Ability to see 49 feet away during the day or night with infrared vision
  • Two-way audio to talk to visitors
  • Can tell the difference between a UPS deliverer, a truck, and your dog
  • Perimeter Guard plays a loud sound and flashes red LED light to scare off people and animals

Frontpoint’s video doorbell camera

Frontpoint’s video doorbell camera is a somewhat cheap but effective way to monitor what happens on your property. (The average price is about $200, and Frontpoint’s is $100.)

You can connect it to your existing doorbell wiring, and you can start watching live video on your Frontpoint app and get alerts when visitors show up at your front door.

Frontpoint camera installation

Fronpoint’s cameras are all DIY, and, luckily, you won’t need to be an installation genius to get set up.

There are no wires and minimal plugs, and the security sensors are already connected to the hub when they arrive.

If you run into issues while installing, Frontpoint has video tutorials and FAQs on its website, or call a Frontpoint representative to have them walk you through it.

How do Frontpoint cameras compare to other companies?

Compared to other home security systems on our top list, the pricing of Fronpoint’s cameras is average.

Frontpoint has the cheapest video doorbell camera, but that’s probably because it’s subpar. (Frontpoint’s doorbell camera needs to upgrade its motion detection.)

Most security systems’ priciest camera is the doorbell, but Frontpoint puts all of its efforts into the outdoor and premium indoor camera. The indoor camera is for those who'd rather monitor what goes on inside their home than outside.

Frontpoint cameras compared to the competition
Security system
Camera price
Monitoring price
Learn more
Brinks Home$199.00$39.99–$49.99/mo.

Data effective 8/19/22. Offers subject to change.

Recap: Does Frontpoint have good security cameras?

Frontpoint’s cameras are averagely priced and have the appropriate features a home camera should possess. Here’s the breakdown of each:

  • Frontpoint’s indoor camera will be your most inexpensive option at $75. It gives you 1080p resolution, motion detection, and night vision—perfect for keeping tabs on what goes on in the home (whether it be your children or intruders.) With all of Frontpoint’s cameras, you can watch the live feed from your Frontpoint app.
  • Now, if you want to go the extra mile for tracking what goes on in your home, Frontpoint’s indoor premium camera might be more up your alley. For $150, this camera has a wide-angle lens, infrared night vision of up to 15 feet, a Bluetooth speaker, and your kids can call you directly to your Frontpoint app with the click of a button.
  • For another $150, you can rest easy knowing that Frontpoint’s outdoor camera is monitoring the outside of your home. It catches motion 50 feet away day and night, has two-way audio to talk to visitors, and can make a loud sound and flash red lights to scare off package stealers.
  • Frontpoint’s video doorbell camera isn’t really anything to boast about, but it gets the job done. It has motion-sensing detection for $100 (about half the price of snazzier doorbell cameras), and you can see live video in 720p resolution and talk to solicitors with two-way audio.

If you’d like to know more about Frontpoint’s equipment packages, monitoring, and customer service, check out our full Frontpoint Security Review.

Frontpoint cameras FAQ

Frontpoint’s checkout doesn’t show an option for a wireless camera, but a Frontpoint blog from 2015 says there is an option for a wireless camera for $400.

So we would suggest calling to order if an outdoor wireless camera is what you’re looking for.

Frontpoint’s outdoor camera ($150) catches motion 50 feet away day and night, has two-way audio to talk to visitors, and can make a loud sound and flash red lights to scare off people and animals.

Frontpoint’s doorbell camera isn’t the best out there, but it does the job. For $100, it has 720p video resolution, two-way audio, and motion-sensing technology.

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