Google Nest Cam vs. Nest Cam IQ Indoor Camera Review

An extra $100 gets you A LOT

Steve Siems
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December 04, 2020
4 min read

Let's compare the Google Nest Cam to the Nest Cam IQ. We'll go over the differences of these two indoor security cameras to help you make a better decision on which one to buy.

Now the big question is:

Is this new Nest IQ Cam worth $100 more?

Let's find out.

Google Nest Cam Indoor
Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor
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Comparing the design of the Nest Cam and Nest IQ Cam

The designs of these cameras are quite different from each other.

The design of the Google Nest Cam Indoor

If we take a look at the Google Nest Cam Indoor, it comes with a darker gray stand, a black camera, and a white cable.

The base has a good amount of weight to it, so it doesn't just tip over. The base also can be removed to expose a 1/4-20 mount, if you wanna mount this up.

Another thing to note is that the camera can actually be removed from the stand, so if you want to hide this or just have a different configuration with this camera, it can be removed from the stand. (Although having a black camera with a giant white wire coming out of it really doesn't hide it that much.)

The stand has a hinge on the camera which allows you to rotate the camera as needed.

The Google Nest Cam Indoor also comes with a 10-foot microUSB cable that plugs directly into the camera itself.

The design of the Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

The Nest Cam IQ comes with a clean white modern look.

It also has a much more modern USB-C cable that plugs directly into the base station, which helps hide the cable.

Lastly, it comes with a hinge that connects the camera to the base. The rotation on this hinge is 180˚ left and right and up and down which gives you the ability to point it in any direction.

Comparing the hardware of the Nest and Nest IQ indoor security cameras

So, taking a look at the hardware and specs of these cameras, the Google Nest Cam IQ comes out on top.

The hardware of the Google Nest Cam Indoor

The Google Nest Cam Indoor comes with a 1080p, three-megapixel sensor with an 8X digital zoom. The camera also produces a 1080p image at 30 frames a second. It also has a 130˚ field of view and night vision with one IR LED sensor. It comes with one microphone and a very muffled speaker in the back.

The hardware of the Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

The Google Nest Cam IQ comes with a 4K, eight-megapixel sensor with a 12X digital zoom with HDR. Even though it has that 4K sensor, it only produces a video that is 1080p at 30 frames a second. It provides a 130˚ field of view.

It has an LED light ring around the outer edge, which is really cool. It also has night vision with two IR sensors, so you're gonna get much brighter night vision. It has a much more powerful speaker inside, which they say is seven times louder than the previous version. It also has three microphones with noise and echo suppression.

What they have in common

Comparing the features of these cameras, they do have similarities:

  • They both shoot 1080p at 30 frames a second.
  • They both also come with 24-hour live video, so you bring up the cameras anytime and see a live view anytime you want to.
  • They both also come with motion and sound alerts.
  • Both let you use talk-to-listen and two-way audio.
  • Lastly, they have three hours of photo activities, so if you do not have a subscription with Nest, you still get three hours of photo screenshots of any activities that are happening.

What other features do the Nest Cam and Cam IQ Indoor have?

The Google Nest Cam Indoor comes with a Personal Alert feature, but you need to have a Nest Aware subscription to access it. With the Cam IQ, the Personal Alert is a built-in feature that does not require a subscription.

The Google Nest Cam IQ also provides what they're calling Supersight, which allows the camera to zoom in on the image and keep the same quality. Now remember, this thing comes with a 4K sensor but only shows you a 1080p image. That is where Supersight comes in. The camera will actually zoom in on the image of whatever it is detecting and follow that around to wherever it is going. That is an option you could turn on and off, but that is one of the perks unique to the Cam IQ.

Another feature that the Cam IQ provides with a Nest Aware subscription is facial recognition. The camera will start recognizing people's faces, and you can go into the app and say if that is a familiar face or not.

The last feature with the Cam IQ that I thought was pretty awesome is that it comes with Google Assistant built into it. So you can now talk to the camera instead of having an additional Google Assistant-enabled device in the room.

Nest Aware

Nest Aware gives you anywhere from five to 30 days of cloud recordings. With Nest Aware you get 24/7 continuous recording, you also get intelligent alerts, clips and time lapses, and the ability to set up Activity Zones. Signing up for Nest Aware gives you all of those features on both of these cameras.

When you look at the pricing of the Nest Aware subscriptions, keep in mind that they are priced per camera, so that can get expensive pretty quickly.

To get the most out of these cameras, a Nest Aware subscription is a must.

Recap: The Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor is the clear winner

Comparing both of these cameras together, the Nest Cam Indoor comes nowhere close to providing the same features that the Cam IQ does.

With its 4K, eight-megapixel sensor, improved mic and speakers, and cutting-edge tech like onboard person detection, Supersight, facial recognition, and Google Assistant built in, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a clear winner to me at only $100 more.

Steve Siems
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Steve Siems
Steve is a social media influencer and an overall Smart Home enthusiast. He loves to geek out with all things tech, and is quickly becoming one of the industries leading voices. When he's not in front of the camera, Steve is researching the next greatest Smart Home accessory or playing with his 2 little girls in sunny So Cal.

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