Best Wireless Cameras


Home security cameras without cables are revolutionizing home security. They come equipped with a variety of different features that can make your life safer and easier. Arlo, Homeboy, and Blink all have different features, some of which may be more appealing to you than others. Find out which camera is right for you.

Video and Audio Compared

Arlo and Blink have 720P HD video, which is enough power to see details in your video with clarity. The Arlo has HD night vision capabilities. At night, you can see up to about 35 feet. During the day, you can view with clarity up to about 750 feet. There is no audio with this camera.

Although the Homeboy camera does not have HD video, it does have decent video quality at 640 x 480. It has night vision abilities and can record audio.

The 720P HD video quality of the Blink camera is combined with audio to give you a clear view of what’s going on in your home. If fact, you can view our hands-on review including sample footage in our Blink review. The audio is one-way, meaning you can hear sound in a video but can’t speak through the app to the camera. Equipped with night vision, Blink uses an LED illuminator and low-light performance technology to keep your nighttime footage as clear as possible.

Direct Comparison

Estimated Battery Life4-6 Months1 Year3 Months
Live Streaming
Night Vision
Illuminator for Night Vision
Storage7 Days Free Cloud2 Hours Free Cloud & USB Port30 Days Free Cloud
HubHub RequiredHub RequiredHub-less
Purchase PriceView on AmazonView on AmazonVisit Site

Mounting and Usage Options

Arlo can be mounted indoors and outdoors; it’s weatherproof and made to handle climates of all types. To mount the camera, you need to use the included hardware. First, you pick a spot for your camera. Next, screw in the magnetic mount to your desired location. The camera sits right on the mount and you can start recording.

Homeboy is meant for indoor use. It comes with a magnetic mounting kit. It’s an easy installation and doesn’t require any additional hardware. Instead of screwing in the camera’s mount, you can stick it to a surface and the camera sits right in the mount.

Because it is not weatherproof, you can’t safely mount Blink outside either. It comes with a mounting kit or you can choose to place the camera on a flat surface, you don’t need any mounting hardware.

Arlo vs Homeboy vs Blink Functionality

The Arlo works by connecting to Wi-Fi via a home base station. You need to keep the camera within about 300 feet of the home base, so you do need to consider where you want to place the base and camera. One base supports up to five cameras. With the purchase of the camera, you get live video streaming and videos are stored securely on the Cloud for 7 days.

Homeboy does not provide live streaming video, but instead provides 5, 10, 20 and 30 second video clips when you request them. The security camera connects directly with your Wi-Fi, and unlike the Arlo it doesn’t require a home base or any other kind of hub.

Similar to Arlo, Blink has a hub called a Sync Module that needs to be plugged into an outlet. This small piece of equipment has a USB port, giving you the ability to store your videos in places other than the Blink server. With on-demand video streaming, Blink also allows you to view live video whenever you want through the Blink app.

Battery Life

As all of these cameras are cordless, battery life is an important factor. Arlo security cameras have three settings to control battery life: High quality, Balanced and Best Life. Although the “High Quality” setting gives you the best picture quality, it uses up the battery the fastest. The “Best Life” option provides lower quality images but extends battery life, while the “Balanced” option is moderate image quality with moderate battery usage. With these settings, battery life is varied but Netgear claims it lasts four to six months. Check out our review for more detailed information on battery life which will be reduced greatly if you use this camera outdoors.

One of the most impressive features about Homeboy is the battery life. It lasts about three months on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about frequently charging it.

The Blink camera has an extensive battery life. With standard use, the battery is expected to last one year. Standard use is about 4,000 five second clips per year.

Other Features Compared

Arlo has the ability to work as a motion detector, with email alerts and the option to get push notifications when motion is detected. You can also view four video streams at the same time. By connecting with smart features of your home, the Arlo also lets you schedule events with connected devices. If you want, you can expand your system by adding the Arlo Q (on Amazon) – an indoor only camera – to your setup.

Also with motion detecting capabilities, the Homeboy can send alerts when motion is detected to your phone, Facebook or Twitter. You can even choose for friends or family to get alerts. The Homeboy uses a GPS feature to tell when you leave home or arrive home and the camera can be set to automatically arm or disarm when you come and go. You can also connect your camera with other smart home devices. These include the Nest Protect smoke alarm, the Belkin WeMo light switch and some security systems through IFTTT.

The Blink camera can also be set to record when motion is detected. Five second video clips are taken when motion occurs. Like the other devices, Blink also gives you push notifications and alerts. It has several unique abilities but currently they are all “coming soon”. This includes the ability to tell you when there is a change in room temperature as well as the ability to arm or disarm at set times during the day. Finally, they will soon add the ability to arm or disarm based upon your location. Unfortunately, Blink does not yet work with other smart devices.

The Big Picture

Whether you want to use your home security camera to partner up with smart devices or you want detailed live video feed of your home, you can find a device to suit your needs. Having the right home security camera can make your home a safer place thus making life a little sweeter.

Learn more about Arlo on Amazon, Blink here, and Homeboy here.