Peacock TV Streaming Review

Our review of Peacock TV streaming with comparison of Free, Premium, and Premium Plus packages as well as pricing and recommendations.
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It’s time to catch up a bit on Peacock TV. Now, technically Peacock came out back in April for some Xfinity customers and a few others, but it became available to the rest of us in July. Now it’s even available to Roku users.

So now that we’ve had it for 90 days, how are we feeling about Peacock? So, which of the three tiers should you go for? Get ready to storm the comments with your opinions. I really do want to hear them, but for now, let’s dive in.

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When it came out, Peacock TV, as I kind of alluded to earlier, was not available on either the Roku or the Fire TV, which as we in the business say, “Sucked.” But now it sucks a little less because they did ink a deal with Roku so we can watch it there now, but there is still no Fire TV deal as of now. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually, but for now, no Fire TV.

If you can get it, what level of it should you get, speaking of Peacock, because Peacock comes in several different tiers. You can get a Free Tier, a Premium Tier, or a Premium Plus Tier.

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Peacock TV Free, Premium, & Premium Plus

So, to have an opinion on which tier is best, we’d probably better start with the differences between them, to get a little refresher.

Peacock Free

So let’s start with the Free tier. With the Free tier, well, yeah, it’s free. There’s no cost to it, but it is commercial-supported. Now they promise less than five minutes of commercials per hour that you watch, which in my experience, they definitely stick to.

In that Free Tier, you’re going to get access to about two thirds of the library that is on Peacock. That comes out to about 13,000 hours of content. And it’s not like that is garbage free content either. You still get a lot of great stuff, including Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Downton Abbey, a bunch of other great titles. There are a lot of good movies on there as well. All the Matrix movies and Jurassic Park and all that stuff.

And I believe that The Office will be on the Free Tier when it hits Peacock in January. I’m not 100% sure about that, but I believe that is going to be the case. Anyway, you can also watch some parts of the original programming that they put on Peacock. They have some original shows on there, like Brave New World. They’ll let you watch a couple episodes of those originals and then you’ve got to pay for the Premium Tier if you want to watch the rest of it.

Peacock Premium Streaming

So speaking of the Peacock Premium, let’s talk about that one. It comes in at five bucks a month, or you can pay for a full year and get it for 50 bucks. So that’s 10 bucks off if you pay for the full year.

So, in this case, you do still have to watch commercials, even though you’re paying. Well, what gives? Anyway, we’ll get to that in just a moment, but yeah, you do still have to watch commercials and the commercials work the same way, less than five minutes per hour. Now there are some titles that they do something that I kind of like with when I watched The Psycho movie, the new Psycho 2 movie, they have you watch a few minutes of ads right up front, and then it’s commercial-free for the rest of the movie. Not a bad way to do it, in my opinion.

Anyway, it also gets you full access to those originals. Now, so far the originals library isn’t that big or, in my opinion, all that great. Brave New World was pretty good, I guess, but I can’t imagine many people are clamoring for access to the new Curious George show. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, it also gets you more sports than you would get on the free tier.

So you get Premier League Soccer, Tour de France coverage, but the real star of the Premium Channel is probably access to the full library. Like I mentioned, on the Free Tier, you get about 13,000 hours of content. with the full library, you’re up to about 20,000 hours. Plus you get quicker access to current NBC shows. So if you’re trying to keep up with America’s Got Talent, or The Blacklist, or whatever’s on TV right now, the Free Tier will have you wait a week before you can watch the new episodes. With the Premium Tier you get those new episodes the day after they air. So that’s one of the big differences.

Is the Peacock Premium Plus Package Worth It?

Now we move on up to Peacock’s Premium Plus Package, which is twice the price, 10 bucks a month or $100 a year. It’s the exact same thing as the Premium Tier, but there are no commercials, but let’s talk about those commercials.

The commercials are very often Peacock TV promos. Now promos and commercials are a little bit different. External commercials, those are the companies trying to advertise something for you to go buy, right? Promos are the things that are kind of internal. So on Peacock Premium Plus, it’d be, “Look at this show on Peacock Premium Plus. Don’t you want to watch that? Isn’t Peacock Premium Plus great? Oh great. Thank you for signing up for Peacock Premium Plus.” Those are promos. And for some people, those are less annoying than regular commercials. If that’s the case for you and promos annoy you a lot less than commercials, then it’s definitely worth it to get rid of the commercials with that extra five bucks a month, bringing you to 10 bucks a month for the Premium Plus Tier.

Which Package is Best?

Alright, so now we get back to our question here, which tier to go for?

In my opinion, for 95% of you, at least 95% of you, I would say skip the Premium Plus Tier. If you love this library and spend more than half of your streaming time on it and you hate commercials, then it might be worth it. And frankly, the Peacock Free channel is a great library. I mean, it’s NBC Universal. Of course, it’s a great library, so I think that for the bulk of you, the free tier will be just fine, most of the time. And then maybe you dip into the Peacock Premium Tier if they come out with an original you’re really interested in, or if you’re trying to keep up with a show and want to watch it the next day.

Overall, just stick with Peacock TV Free. Dip in and out of The Peacock Premium Package when it makes sense.

Peacock TV pricing
PlanMonthly priceWhat you getDetails
Peacock FreeFree7,500 hours of programming, current season series, movies, TV classics, next-day access of current showsVisit Peacock TV
Peacock Premium$4.99/mo.10,000 hours of programming, live news and sports, early access to late-night shows7-Day Trial
Peacock Premium Plus$9.99/mo.10,000 hours of programming, live news and sports, early access to late-night shows7-Day Trial

But what about you? Have comments? Let me know how you’re feeling about Peacock TV these days, well except you Fire TV users. I already know how you feel about it, but anyway, on your way down there, give this video a like. Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you next time.