T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet: Which Is Better for You?

Frontier has a better value, but T-Mobile has great customer service when issues arise.

Best for bundling with mobile
Download Speed
72-245 Mbps
Data Cap
Best value
Price Range
Download Speed Range
500-5000 Mbps
Data Cap Range
Chantel Buchi
Oct 24, 2023
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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet offers a low-cost plan for $50 per month and is widely available across the U.S. We don’t like how the plan offers a wide range of possible download speeds, but you can save $20 each month when you bundle your internet with cell phone service.

Frontier Internet offers four fiber internet plans and one DSL—the former serving about 25% of the country and the latter being a great option for rural areas. If you live in an area with fiber, you’ll get the most out of your money.

Now, let’s dive deeper to find which of these internet providers is best for you.

See if these internet service providers are available in your area.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet: Prices

Winner: Frontier

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is $50 for maybe 245Mbps download speeds, but you can get up to 500Mbps with Frontier for $40 per month.

We don’t like how T-Mobile gives you a download speed range between 72 and 245Mbps. Most internet service providers promise “up to” a specific download speed, such as 300 or 500Mbps. But with T-Mobile, your speeds today might be different than tomorrow.

But don’t let us talk you out of T-Mobile Internet if you fall into these categories: you’re looking to bundle with T-Mobile cell phone service and you don’t need superfast internet.

When you bundle your T-Mobile internet and cell phone services, you get $20 off your monthly bill. If you’re unsure what speeds are best for your household, check out our internet speed guide.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet prices and plans
Download speed
Data cap
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet$50/mo.*72-245 MbpsUnlimited
* w/ Auto Pay. Regulatory fees included in monthly price for qualified accounts. See full terms.

Frontier has a fiber-optic connection, and this type of internet connection is speedy and fast.

It’s a no-brainer that $40 for 500Mbps of fast download speeds is a solid deal—not to mention $60 for gig internet and $100 for two gigs.

But unfortunately, fiber internet is not available everywhere.

Use our zip code checker to see if Frontier Fiber is available in your area.

See fiber providers available in your area.
Frontier Fiber Internet prices and plans
Download speed
Data cap
Fiber 500$39.99/mo. w/ Auto Pay and Paperless Bill500 MbpsUnlimited
Fiber 1 Gig$59.99/mo. w/ Auto Pay and Paperless Bill1000 MbpsUnlimited
Fiber 2 Gig$99.99/mo. w/ Auto Pay and Paperless Bill^2000 MbpsUnlimited
Fiber 5 Gig$154.99/mo. w/ Auto Pay and Paperless Bill°5000 MbpsUnlimited
w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill. Max wired speed 500/500 Mbps. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. One-time charges apply.
w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill. Max wired speed 1000/1000 Mbps. Location dependent. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. One-time charges apply.
^ w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill. Max wired speed 2000/2000 Mbps. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. One-time charges apply.
° w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill. Max wired speed 5000/5000. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. One-time charges apply.

If you don’t live in an area where T-Mobile 5G Internet or Frontier Fiber Internet is available, Frontier also offers DSL internet. (DSL internet is best for rural areas.)

Frontier doesn’t reveal its DSL internet speeds, so during your checkout process, contact Frontier to get an accurate download speed offered in your area.

Frontier DSL Internet prices and plans
Download speed
Data cap
Fiber 500$64.99/mo.**NAUnlimited
** w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill per month for 24 mos. One-time charge on disconnect applies.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet: Internet speed

Winner: Frontier

Frontier’s fiber internet plans will give you faster download and upload speeds than T-Mobile’s 5G internet service.

Fiber internet uses fiber-optic cables to deliver the fastest and most reliable internet connection. And if you live in an area that offers it, you’re one of the lucky ones. You can get excellent high-speed internet at a great price.

But most of us won’t have access to fiber. 5G internet is a relatively new internet product that doesn’t require any wires, cables, or dish installations. It’s widely available, has a good value, and is extremely easy to sign up for and get installed.

Lastly, with fiber, your upload speeds will match your download speeds. Fast upload speeds prevent lag when uploading big files, gaming, and livestreaming.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet download speed comparison
Download speeds
Upload speeds
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet72–245 Mbps15–31 Mbps
Frontier Fiber Internet500-5000 Mbps500-5000 Mbps
Data as of 04/05/2023. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

If you’re unsure how much speed you and your family need, check out our internet speed guide. If you need different speeds, check out our list of best internet service providers.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet: Data caps

Winner: Tie

Both T-Mobile 5G Internet and Frontier Internet offer unlimited data caps.

This means, in one month, you can watch all seasons of Real Housewives and all NFL games, scroll for hours on social media, work from home eight hours each day, and connect your smart home devices without worrying.

You won’t have to worry about extra fees or your internet slowing down because you went over your data cap. In short, an unlimited data cap is the bee's knees.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet: Routers

Winner: Tie

T-Mobile’s internet equipment is easy to set up yourself, Frontier Fiber’s equipment installation is free, and both routers come with Wi-Fi 6 technology.

When you order T-Mobile Home Internet, you get sent a 5G Gateway device that functions as a router/modem combo. T-Mobile’s Gateway device includes Wi-Fi 6 technology, which means your wireless signal will cover even more of your home.

Equipment setup takes two simple steps—take the Gateway device out of the box and place it in a place that will get the best signal reception. We recommend putting your router or modem high on a shelf or near a window.

When you order Frontier Fiber, you’ll get free expert installation for your Amazon eero Pro 6 with the 1Gig plan, the Ultrafast Wi-Fi 6E router with the 2Gig plan, or the Archer AXE300 Wi-Fi Router with 5Gigs.

When you order Frontier DSL internet (or the Fiber 500 Mbps plan), you can choose between the Pro 6 or Wi-Fi 6 routers for your internet service. For DSL internet, a one-time $85 fee for installation will be charged.

With both internet providers, you won’t need to pay a monthly fee for the equipment rental, which is a nice bonus compared to other ISPs.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet: Customer service

Winner: T-Mobile

After interviewing over 23,600 internet customers, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) found the results of how happy customers were with top ISPs.

T-Mobile is second-best in the customer service satisfaction department. Frontier, unfortunately, sits below average at 61.

You can count on T-Mobile’s representatives to help solve an issue quickly and efficiently. With Frontier, you will need patience when receiving help if your internet has slowed down, for example—or maybe have a tech friend on-call.

Or take advantage of our customer service tips we compiled to help you in these situations.

T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet customer service ratings
T-Mobile Internet rating
Frontier Internet rating
ACSI 2021–202271 out of 10061 out of 100

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. Frontier Internet: Which is better?

  • Price: Frontier gives you the most bang for your buck by offering up to 1,000Mbps download speeds for $60 per month, while T-Mobile Internet will give you one-third of those speeds for $50. Fiber isn’t available everywhere, though, and T-Mobile 5G Internet has a great price point for those in rural areas (especially when you bundle with T-Mobile cell phone service.
  • Internet speed: Fiber internet trumps all types of internet connections, so Frontier Internet speeds win. Fiber gives you supreme reliability and symmetrical speeds, which prevents lag during high-bandwidth activities, like gaming and video streaming. T-Mobile’s 5G Internet gives you 72–245Mbps download speeds, which is efficient for families who stream Disney+, scroll through social media, and use smart home devices.
  • Data caps: Both internet providers don’t limit your internet and Wi-Fi use with their unlimited data caps.
  • Customer service: If you foresee yourself needing aid with your internet and Wi-Fi questions or want to easily speak to someone about your bill, T-Mobile will be the safer choice for you. Its customer service is top-notch compared to the dozens of ISPs out there. Frontier is lacking in its customer service satisfaction with customers having problems with receiving help in getting their internet service to work properly during slowdowns.
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