AT&T U-verse TV Review

If you want a ton of channels for a low price, AT&T might be right for you—just watch out for those pesky additional fees.
PlanTV channel countPriceDetails
U-Family180+$35View Plan
U200360+$55View Plan
U300470+$60View Plan
U450550+$110View Plan
TV channel countPriceDetails
180+$35View Plan
360+$55View Plan
470+$60View Plan
550+$110View Plan
Recent Updates: More than 6 months
AT&T doesn't offer U-Verse anymore, but we recommend checking out its new TV streaming service: DIRECTV STREAM.

AT&T’s fiber-optic and cable TV service, AT&T U-verse, has high channel counts for a cheap price—it stacks up well against AT&T’s other product, DIRECTV. However, you won’t be super stoked on the additional fees for equipment, HD service, and more (which we’ll talk about later).

AT&T U-verse pricing and packages
PlanPriceTV channel countDetails
U-Family$35*180+View Plan
U200$55*360+View Plan
U300$60*470+View Plan
U450$110*550+View Plan
* /mo. for 12 mos plus taxes

All things considered, AT&T U-verse is a solid TV service worthy of competing even with DIRECTV.

Heads up: AT&T U-verse is not available nationwide, so before you continue reading use our ZIP finder to see if AT&T U-verse is available near you.

Find out if AT&T U-verse is available near you.

AT&T U-verse prices and packages

AT&T’s pricing is on par with providers like DIRECTV, but its first-year pricing is cheaper than DISH (compare DISH and DIRECTV here). Keep in mind, after your first year, your advertised prices will go up to regular prices unless you call to renegotiate terms. You could potentially switch to DIRECTV, then back to U-verse, but just watch out for early termination fees.

*Prices shown with autopay discount applied.

What does the price include?

You’ll get an included HD DVR, three months of premium channels, and installation on all packages except U-Basic.

Here’s what you’ll have to pay extra for:

  • HD Access: $7 per month (Not available on U-Basic or U-Family)
  • Additional wireless receivers one-time fee: $49 each
  • Additional wireless receivers monthly fee: $10 per receiver
  • Broadcast fees: $7.99 per month
  • Activation fee: $35 (one time)

AT&T U-verse channel lineup

The channel counts are high and the pricing is low, even compared to DIRECTV. But keep in mind that a high channel count doesn’t mean much if you’re not getting the channels you want, so make sure to check the channel lineups.

Premium channels

AT&T U-verse has a pretty good promotion for premiums like HBO. After signing your one-year contract, you’ll get three months of HBO and CINEMAX at no additional cost. Beyond that, pricing is pretty standard at $26 per month for both.

If you just need HBO, we’d recommend getting the standalone HBO NOW streaming service for $15 a month.

Sports coverage

AT&T doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to getting the sports you want.

Major league and college games are covered by the following networks:

  • ESPN
  • FOX Sports 1
  • FOX Sports 2
  • FOX College Sports
  • Longhorn Network
  • Pac-12 Networks
  • SEC Network
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • NBC


AT&T’s U-verse does not have NFL SUNDAY TICKET, unlike DIRECTV. DIRECTV is the exclusive provider of NFLST, and we imagine that fact will steer the die-hard football fans back over to the satellite provider.

AT&T U-verse equipment and features

Total Home DVR

AT&T U-verse’s Total Home DVR isn’t as nice as DIRECTV’s Genie or DISH’s Hopper, but it will do the job for most people. You can watch and record up to four shows in your house (as long as your TVs have U-Verse receivers), which is way better than buying four HD DVRs.

The higher-tier packages from AT&T include higher-capacity DVRs. These wireless receivers provide up to 460 hours of standard-definition content and 165 hours of high-definition content. While we’re not math wizards, we’re pretty sure that means you can watch about 165 episodes of 60 Minutes in HD.

The lower-tier packages may get DVRs with storage closer to 37 HD hours and 155 SD hours, which means you can watch only 37 episodes of 60 Minutes in HD—which may be more than enough Andy Rooney for some people.

No 4K

Sorry, you can’t experience the glory of Westworld or feel the flash of Dancing with the Stars in 4K resolution with AT&T. The highest resolution available from AT&T U-verse is 1080i or 720p. We look forward to the day when 4K is available from all cable providers, but it doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon.

Fiber-optic and coaxial cable delivery

You may not really be able to notice in the world of TV, but AT&T U-verse uses both fiber and fiber-and-coaxial hybrid connections. Simply put, it’s more reliable and should leave your viewing experience relatively glitch-free, so you’ll be able to tell exactly how many cherry tomatoes the Chopped chefs used in their dishes.

Mobile app

The AT&T U-verse mobile app is useful because it converts your smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) into a remote control.

If you’re an AT&T wireless customer, you’re in luck: you can also stream live TV and on-demand shows directly to your device without using mobile data. AT&T’s wireless data gets throttled after 22 GB on unlimited plans.

Scheduling your DVR on the go may save you from missing your favorite show if you forgot to set the DVR at home. It’s also a great way to stave off boredom in the bank line.

AT&T U-verse customer service

AT&T U-verse TV customer service can be reached Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time, and Saturdays 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. local time. Technical support is available 24/7, so you won’t be left high and dry if your signal goes out.

If you’d rather chat online, AT&T offers chat, and we’ve had positive experiences with it before. However, recently we tried to get a question answered without providing our personal information, and instead of saying they absolutely required that information, they closed the chat. We prefer a willingness to help over a willingness to sell every time.


If you’re after high channel counts, then U-verse has some of the highest we’ve seen. You’ll get an HD wireless receiver included with your price, but you’ll have to pay an extra $7 per month for HD service. The Total Home DVR has four streams and plenty of storage—we think average-sized families will be covered just fine.

Other than that, AT&T U-verse doesn’t stand out as either particularly amazing or particularly terrible, so while some may opt for DIRECTV if they’re bundling TV and internet, AT&T U-verse is a great cable service for those who want high channel counts at a reasonable price.


What hidden fees does AT&T U-Verse charge?

At, our research isn’t complete without digging into the fine print. A lot of companies tuck in extra fees on your monthly bill, and AT&T is no exception. We consider anything that isn’t included in the advertised price a “hidden fee,” even if it’s listed—because we believe most users don’t notice these additional costs.

Installation costs

AT&T includes standard professional installation with 1-year All Included U-verse packages, which makes sense given the name.

Otherwise, professional installation can cost up to $99. This is waived with most TV packages from what we can tell, except the UBasic package, which isn’t offered in our area.

Self-installation is free—unless you need assistance, and then the full $99 applies. Note to self-installers: Either don’t fail, or else try, try again.

HD access

You’re going to pay $7 per month for HD, and it isn’t available on U-Basic or U-Family plans, which is a real bummer for us. No one with a bigger TV (or a small device, for that matter) wants to watch standard definition when high definition is available, so we venture a guess most people feel stuck with this fee.

Monthly equipment fees for HD DVR are included with most U-verse packages, just not the U-Basic (sorry for all you basic people out there).

Equipment costs

Your first wireless HD receiver is included with your price. You can add up to two additional wireless receivers (for three total) to your home. These wireless receivers have a $49 one-time fee attached to each of them, in addition to the monthly fee.

Each additional receiver adds $10 per month to your bill, wired or not, so big families may have to dish out a little extra cash to make sure the kids can watch their own shows.

Broadcast fees

You’ll pay an extra $7.99 per month with AT&T, which is pretty standard for the industry. We think broadcast fees are unnecessary—but unfortunately, most cable companies, including AT&T, think they’re a good way to recoup costs from purchasing access to the big networks like NBC, CBS, and ABC.

Activation charge

It’s not enough to pay for the monthly service—you gotta pay to get started with it, too. You’ll pay AT&T a one-time activation fee of $35 for U-verse TV, which is not our favorite thing in the world. (Activation fee—more like WACK-tivation fee, right?)

Early termination fee

You’re signing at least a 1-year contract, so make sure you’re committed fully. Otherwise, you’ll be charged $15 per month remaining on your contract just to drop the service.

Other fees

You may run into smaller additional fees from federal, state, or city governments, but these are so location-dependent that it’s hard for us to say what yours will look like. In our experience, these fees usually won’t be more than $5 per month.

  • AT&T SUCKS. This the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. They lie constantly and shuffle you around on the phone for hours from department to department, No department knows anything about anything else, they barely know about their own department. As I write this I have been on hold for 1 hour and 1 minute being shuffled around to get the retention department. I have already filed a compliant with the BBB ( and there are a lot there) and I’ll be filing another one tomorrow morning, as I have already wasted enough time on them today. The have changed my service at their will and told me I must have changed something and I would have to pay to change it back. This company is great big scam. Run, run far and fast

  • I have had AT&T uverse for over 5 years. and noticed every time they give these special rates to new subscribers my tv service rates have gone up. also look at the ratio of regular tv programing verses the paid tv programing and you can see you are not getting your moneys worth. Now they have dropped Accuweather for another paid tv program. and for that reason i will soon be dropping ATT Uverse. I don’t need to pay to see a channel that has already paid them to be on the air. GOOD BYE AT&T.

      • These scamming scumbags lie cheat and steel there way to your wallet they asked my 75 yr old mother about upgrading her net and went up on the bill and that created a entire new contract that she was not made aware of and now our pro mo is over theregoing up over 50 on the bill 200 plus taxes for 200 menit house phone tv and shit net service the uverse boxes need reset daily there sales people are a bunch of lieing bastards that have no clue what thereselling they will promise the moon knowing ther is no moon screw you att never again

  • The worst cable and internet service I have ever had. In the one year I had service I had over a dozen service outages. They sent technitions out 5-6 times, but the problem was never resolved. When I kept pushing that the servce was not better they told me I had to pay more money to get a higher speed internet. I spent hours on the phone. They gave me very little compensation for all the days I did not have service. It was unreal.

  • I’ve a question for you Scott T: Who is at fault when cable or broadcast shows are listed erroneously? Who’s ultimately responsible for feeding a channel’s line-up into U-Verse’s channel menu listing – the cable service or the channel itself? It just seems U-Verse does a lousy job @ keeping track of what is running on several channels on a given week, & I’m talking about the CURRENT week, not just some understandable flubs planning programming a few weeks ahead. ATT U-Verse consistently muffs up when a certain show is supposed to play at a certain time on PBS channels, main cable channels & even children’s programming. Often the description of certain shows that are already re-runs are wrong or are even just flat-out made up – like whoever job it is to fill in the episode description just doesn’t give a crap. I’d love to know who that person is & where they actually work – @ U-Verse or the particular cable channels in question.

    • The provider, AT&T U-verse, is responsible.

      We’ve heard from other customers who’ve had similar issues. In fact, one customer found an incorrect zipcode was the issue. (Could this be your error too?) Have you contacted customer service about the issue? If yes, were they helpful at all? If you haven’t yet, let us know what happens. We’re curious to know what’s going on here.

  • I’m shelling out. $120 for basic cable here in Chicago really don’t watch much TV so I switched to u verse. Got a super deal so goodbye cable .For a long time Comcast was the only sheriff in town now they finely have competition and they can’t rip everyone off.Got same channels for halve the price. For two years then its still $40 bucks cheaper.Your losing your strangle hold cable goodbye and good riddance

  • Just spent 1 hr 1/2 to voice my displasure for AT&T uverse to not sign up for CBS. Opening round of NCAA basketball tourney. I called 3 different numbers, waited 11/2 hrs, got hung up on 2 times, spoke with 11 different people, talked to Texas, transferred to India, and ended up in the Phillipines. Still don’t have CBS, and they gave me $10.00 a day for 2 days as a credit for my Inconvience. I asked if I didn’t get it 30 days will I get 300.00? Of course the answer was no. The supervisor in the Phillipines assured me that they were doing everything to negotiate a deal with CBS for me!!;(. Told him I am buying the service that had CBS. He said I bought a package, and that I m still getting 95 % of the package. 10 years and premium monthly packages and loyalty does not mean much to AT&T .

  • I have been a U-verse customer for over 4 years and each year after my contract is up they try to jack my bill up around $40. This was not a big deal for a while because I would call them and they would give me a promotion to knock my bill back down close to what it was when I originally signed up making my bill usually in the $130’s for 2 tv’s with DVRs (no HBO Uverse 200) and internet. Now my bill is in the $170s and they say they cannot find a promotion to help get it back down. Mind you, I have 2 accounts with them at 2 different homes and they are refusing to help me get my monthly bill down. Very disappointing considering I have recommended U-verse to 3 ppl who ended up going with their company. Time to start searching for a new cable company!!

    • Switch one house to Comcast. They will wire it for cable. A year later, cancel both houses providers and switch each to a different provider and get the new customer promotional rate. Do that every year. Game them with their own game.

    • A rep came to my house yesterday to offer me a deal and I took it because the only offer was good for that day and it sounded pretty good. He put it in writing that the $125 deal for the U-Verse 300 bundle would NOT go up with each 2 year cycle. (One yr contract and 2 yr price guarantee.) No equipment fees, no extra HD fee, etc. Plus a free Samsung tablet, a promo that just started last week. Also, he gave me a # that he said is new and it goes straight to Customer Service in America.
      1-877-377-0414. My sister had a bad experience with AT&T U-Verse so I was very hesitant to try it. After reading all these negative comments, I’m going to call tomorrow to cancel and guess I’ll stick with my TWC Legacy bundle for now. It went up $20 when I renewed in June and they said it would go up another $20 when renewal comes up next June. By then I’ll probably, hopefully, have it worked out so I can cut the cable cord completely.

  • In U300 they offer Showtime etc, of course they do but not in HD which is optional, so that offer is useless, who watch analog these days.

  • I am an AT&T customer, and I’ll tell anyone thinking of becoming one, DON’T FUCKING DO IT!!! There are few entities on this planet I hate more than AT&T U-verse; ISIS is the only one that comes immediately to mind. Their service is awful, their pricing is worse, and their customer service is non-existent. If AT&T crashed tomorrow and went out of business, I’d hold a city-wide party on my dime. AT&T IS FUCKING AWFUL-STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • Look, I’ll keep this quick and simple. If you’re looking for poor service, outdated equipment, dropped calls, lousy cable reception, then this is your company. If you’re looking for a company that makes dealing with the DMV seem welcoming and efficient, this is your company. If you’e looking for a company with customer support who’s representatives in India failed English class, this is your company. If you’re looking for a company that makes the most painful root canal seem like a good way to spend your time, pick AT&T. Otherwise, RUN. Run hard and run fast. On a good note- they are GREAT at collecting their money. No failures in the system there at all.

  • This sounds very similar to the experience my sister had about a year ago with AT&T. After all the crap she went through, with no resolution to her issues, she terminated her contract and was charged the early termination fee of around $200. Ever since then I’ve been very hesitant to go with AT&T U-Verse. 2 reps have come by offering deals and the one yesterday really had a good deal, and of course it was only good for that day. 3 days to cancel + I got it in writing that I could terminate service with no penalty within 30 days of installation. Of course I would have lost the TWC Legacy bundle that I have that’s working for me and to return to Spectrum and having to accept their services, I would lose internet speed, lose lots of channels that I watch, and have to pay at least $50 more per month for less service. With all the negative reviews that I’ve read here, I’m calling tomorrow to cancel the installation and will just keep what I have until my TWC bundle runs out next June. Hopefully by then I’ll have it worked out so I can cut the cable cord completely. Good luck to you, Victoria Lord. Really hate you’ve had so much trouble. Maybe you’ve got it all worked out by now?

  • After having real concerns and reading these reviews, I cancelled installation. Although I had heard many bad things, I decided to give AT&T a try since the deal was so good and I carefully checked to see if I could cancel after doing my research. (Of course, to get the deal I had to make a decision while the rep was at my house.) These reviews showed me that the same problems I had heard about a year ago still existed.
    Also, I just learned the AT&T rep, who said he is a supervisor, lied to me. He said they would do a “soft” credit check (which does not affect a credit score), but I just received notice from TransUnion and Equifax that my credit score was lowered. I checked and the AT&T credit check was a “hard” credit check. Just one more reason to stay away from this company.

    I have never had a more awful experience in all of my life with any company in all of my life then this company. While looking for a new internet company I regretfully called Att Uverse and set an account up with a young man In Miami on Dec 7th I didn’t receive my internet modem and 2 tablets until Dec 12th & called the techs on Dec 14th because for those 2 days it wasn’t working. After being transferred to literally 5 different associates since no one could find my information using my address, name, last 4 of social, or pin# (the acct number was no where to be found on the purchase receipt but you’d think ATT’s system would at least be current enough to find me using other info) I finally reached someone who was able to look me up using my order confirmation # good thing I had that because ppl don’t usually keep those. After the rep told me I had a plan that only received limited data I notified her there must’ve been some misunderstanding because I was looking for something unlimited and that I would be sending the equiptment back since the rep who set up the acct obviously ignored what I the customer was looking for she then said ok gave me my account number since she said I would “need” it and our convo ended. On the 16th I sent all the equipment back and hadn’t heard anything regarding a refund or anything I just kept recieving cancellation and collection notices. so I called and after getting transferred to multiple ppl for several days because they couldn’t find me WITH MY ACCT # I finally got a nice lady that told me once the boxes were received they would set me up a case for a refund meanwhile I’m still getting collection notices which I mentioned those she replied “you don’t have to worry about those they will be taken care of”. Last wk I called regarding an update on my case because I kept receiving collections notices and the man I spoke to told me they received all the equiptment but THE CASE HADN’T EVEN BEEN SET UP YET. He then notified me he will set up my case and they will reach back out to me regarding my refund. Called back today for another update and spoke to a women named Angie Minic whom was disgustingly rude btw telling me I’m responsible for some prorated amount of $225 but she would waive some fee and now I’d only have to pay $91 for the 1WEEK THAT I had the box which I couldnt even use. I ONLY HAD THE BOX 1 WEEK COULDNT EVEN USE IT, RETURNED IT WITHIN THE 14 DAY GRACE PERIOD UNDAMAMGED AND I AM NOW RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING $91 OR THEY ARE GOING TO REPORT IT ON MY CREDIT. THEY ARE WILLING TO REDUCE MY CREDIT FOR A SERVICE I NEVER USED!!! DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER SPEAKING TO THIS COMPANY OR THEY CAN RUIN YOUR CREDIT IN A WK.

  • This company is absolute garbage. Ive never had any major issues with service. However, the company’s customer service is appalling. The people are rude inconsiderate and unhelpful. Lastly, “dont care about veterans.”

    experience- the two months I’ve had the service- was a COMPLETE
    nightmare!! There is a huge lack of communication and overall knowledge
    of the products and services they provide throughout the entire company!
    From the sales reps all the way down to the cancellation rep, all of
    them are incompetent!! From the very moment I called AT&T, it was a
    train wreck. I spoke with 3 different sales reps who all told me
    something different about the basics of the products that I was
    interested in. I received all types of promotions until the installer
    came by. He was completely clueless of what the seller promised me and
    in turn I just signed up for the internet because I didn’t feel
    comfortable telling him YES, install the more expensive services as to
    the fact that I was not briefed properly and I wont agree to any
    contract unless I am briefed properly given their reputation. I also
    figured that $40 a month wouldn’t be terribly missed if they somehow
    messed something up with that. Boy was I wrong!! From the time I
    initially gave the OK for the installer to install the internet to the
    3rd week of having the service, I was on the phone with customer service
    about the charges on my bill, as they were still trying to charge me
    for the promotion that I had originally called about as well as charging
    me for the installment in one lump sum opposed to the monthly payment
    plan we had discussed. My bill was $179.00 that they relentless hounded
    me about. After going toe-to-toe with them about that , they told me
    they would take off the promotion deal charge but they were sorry that
    they charged me the lump sum for the installment but it was nothing they
    could do since it was already in the system. Of course I had an issue
    as they were trying to suspend my services unless I paid for the
    charges. I ended up finally talking to a manager who said she had just
    credited me the amount of the installment fee as they did bill it
    incorrectly and as a customer I should just get it waived if that’s what
    they originally told me. She said she had done that but literally 4
    days later I get another harassing phone call from them telling me I owe
    $107. How it went from $179 to $107, I had no clue as my billing dates
    constantly kept changing. So away on the phone I went, as my bill was
    just supposed to be $40. Long story short, from October 2017- November
    2017 , I was constantly calling explaining why my bill should have only
    been $40. and constantly hearing back, ” yes,we know and have updated
    your account. Your account should be correct”. To receiving email after
    email, phone call after call, hounding me for $107, just for INTERNET!!!
    I finally decided to ignore the harassment and just pay my bill when it
    was due, but AT&T had another thing for me. (Side bar- I work from
    home and constantly use my internet). The day before my bill was due,
    they went ahead and suspended my service, which meant I couldn’t use the
    internet. I called trying to figure out why my service was suspended
    and you know what they said..You guessed it, because I didn’t pay my
    current bill of $107 nor the late payment of $9 that I accrued since I
    never attempted to pay that $107 just the $40 we had initially agreed
    to. Of course I lost it! I was so done and tried to get the service
    completely cancelled and just go back to Spectrum, but they told me in
    order to do that I would have to pay the cancellation costs, which is
    $15 for every month the contract was extended for. I had just got the
    service so that would have been $150. I even called corporate to see if
    they would wave the fee and of course they didnt. So now my only options
    are either pay a lawyer to get out of the contract or suffer the next
    10 months with the terrible business ethic and incompetent, lazy, and
    overall ungrateful antics of AT&T. I regret my decision to ever
    signup for AT&T! Although Spectrum was higher monthly, $70, I had no
    where near these kinds of problems and no contract. They handled
    everything with consistency and everyone on the staff seemed pretty
    knowledgeable and willing to workout whatever problem I had, if any. I’m
    just glad I listened to my gut when I was told about the other “bundle”
    deals that they were offering and declined them. I could only imagine
    the mess I would have had. Morrow of the story, NEVER sign a contract
    with a company who has 1/2 star rating on google and that YOU GET WHAT

  • I would never recommend AT&T to any one this has been the first and last time I will do a contract with you guys one week in the contract and I have been having technical problems call to canceled the contract at three weeks and was charging us the fee because we only had 14 days to canceled when its usually one month and the only thing they can do is have a technician come over and fix they came over and again same problem now my child can not see Tv at own room because the receiver is not working when it’s was a new receiver that the technician had just put …they are ridiculous they are over charging us for service that sucks My contract will end in three months and I’m counting the days till is over to get rid of you guys WORST CABLE COMPANY EVER !!!!

  • What they don’t tell you is you can’t watch more than 4 TVs at once. We have a big house & 7 TVs. They work fine with Comcast but U-verse was $100 less so I cancelled Comcast & scheduled install. The installer walked in asked hoe many TVs we have & said you don’t want AT&T. If you have 4 tvs on you can’t record, watch recordings or on demand. We have 4 tvs on all the time. What a time waste. I had to call Comcast, get back online & figure out how to hook up all this crap myself. Thank God my boys figured it out for me.

  • AT&T is awful. Their customer service is unhelpful and seem to actually dislike their customers. I have been a subscriber for more than 2 years, and after more than 4 four months without FOX, I finally called to complain and ask for a reduction in my rate. I was told they could reduce it by $5, but I had to sign a new 1 year contract. I was also told I was wrong to expect a reduction because they lost the channel because they couldn’t guarantee channels. I understand that they cannot guarantee channels, but they do control their pricing, and can reduce it if they lose a major channel like FOX. I was unable to watch the World Series, many college football games, the NFL games on FOX, etc. As far as I am concerned, they have cheated me for the last four months. I wish everyone would drop their service.

  • Wow never experienced customer service so bad and I haven’t even started yet. I ordered online and they sent a confirmation email. When I went to my account they said my order was cancelled. When I called them she had to enter my order in again and she was giving me the U800 package which includes everything. I said I want I ordered, the U450 package. She hung up on me!

  • It makes me mad I pay for family bundle and don’t get all the kids channels and really nothing as common as fx and tbs on the channels I get.

  • There are so many negative reviews of at&t on here that I thought I’d quickly add my more positive review.

    I’ve been with uverse for 3-4 years. I can’t say that they are perfect but still better than my other options (Cox cable, DirecTv). Fios isn’t available in my area so not an option.

    We have the bundle & U450 so my experiences are based on that.

    Here are some cons:
    – Like others, I had some technical problems with them for the first 3-4 months, but they came out each time & fixed it for free. My wife wanted to cancel at one point but after those few “bad” months, it has been working well ever since.
    – Nobody else mentioned this one: uverse has NO slow motion. Some reps say it isn’t possible but slow motion is just the opposite frame rate of fast motion (1/2, 1/4 instead of 2x 4x). Regardless of how simple it should be for them to add this, they have never had it & it seems like they never will. It is SUPER annoying (can’t go slo-mo to see the puck crossed the goal line, etc. so you better hope the booth gives good slo-mo). This is the main reason that I have almost cancelled with them.
    – 4 tv/recording limit is a problem too. We only have 2-3 tvs on at any one time but I still encounter times when it says it can’t show me a channel because of this. It also includes recording shows, so if you have 3 recordings going & 1 tv & then turn on another tv, you’ll get this even though you are only using 2 tv’s. I have to stop a recording to be able to watch tv. This is annoying for sure.

    Here are some pros:
    – Price: they have a better price for more selection than the competition (Cox, directv) by far. When I first went on uverse from Cox, my bill went down by over $100 (from like $280 to $160ish) and I got all the movie channels (had 0 on Cox), NFL red zone, plus tons more HD channels. This price advantage may only exist on the promotional bundle price & high end (U450) service. I didn’t really price them on the cheaper packages.
    – Selection (especially HD): They have way more channels especially in HD. Cox didn’t even offer the Big Ten network in HD at all & lots of other HD channels were not available on Cox. If I had gotten the same channels on Cox (for those that were available), I would have ended up paying well over $300 (about double)
    – Internet speed for the price: Again, this may be for the promotional bundle price & higher end service but I got better internet speed than Cox for less money. The uverse top speed wasn’t even available on Cox or DirecTv.

    So they are far from perfect & I agree with plenty of the complaints below but the competition Cox, DirecTv are even worse in my opinion. I’m personally not ready to convert to all streaming yet so they are still the best option that I seem to have (although the lack of slo-mo is sooooooo annoying since it should be so simple to fix).

  • If you are lucky enough to have a 40-50 year old line that provides CONSISTENT service then uverse is a decent alternative to charter. However – att sucks big time for taking down UVERSE.COM – and the app completely sucks. The app has a large link to ‘my coupons’ but there are no coupons & that link as with many others takes you to URL’s/web pages — ATT, we are using the app because you say it’s a complete package etc & the only thing we need & everything is there, so why are most of the links back to the www!? In the end, I changed back to charter because your customer service is so bad.

  • AT&T has tried very hard to not repay me money that i payed to order new service that was canceled on their behave for not having the phones in inventory, and every time i called they gave the wrong date i would receive the money back on my card. first they told me 3-5 business days, then 7 business days, then 14 business days, and now they want me to wait another 3-5 days after i have already waited over 14 business days. i feel like as a loyal customer i am getting the run around and i am considering canceling my other services with them and suing them in small claims court. I have been shown very poor customer service and all i want is my money refunded. The last time i called, i asked to speak to a supervisor and after a 30 min wait the same guy posed as a supervisor and thought that i wouldn’t recognize his voice! ON TOP OF ALL THAT MY CREDIT SCORE WAS RAN 6 TIMES THAT I DID NOT AUTHORIZE TO TRY AND APPROVE ME FOR THE WIRELESS SERVICE! NOW I HAVE TO TRY TO DISPUTE THIS UNAUTHORIZED ACTIONS OFF MY CREDIT REPORT! poor customer service. AND I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY REFUND!!!

  • AT&T DID NOT refund my money- I was charged a 449.00 deposit for UVERSE, the selling agent advised when services are cancelled the amount is refundable. I had the service for 3 months but moved to an area that AT&T DID NOT service. I attempted to get my “deposit” back and was denied- I showed transcripts of the several agents I spoke with that advised I would recieve my deposit, AT&T did not honor anything any of THEIR agents said. They said the “deposit” was a credit monitoring service, WTF. I WILL NEVER IN LIFE USE THEIR SERVICES AGAIN, I WILL ALSO SPREAD THE WORD TO EVERYONE OF MY FRIENDS, FAMILY, THEIR FRIENDS, THEIR FAMILIES, AT&T RIP ME OFF JUST TO MAKE A SALE AND WILL DO THE SAME TO YOU!!!!!! and I filed a BBB report the issue was never resolved. Next step consumer affairs.

  • AT&T are con artists. They lie and will cheat you out of your money. I started a chat to see if I can reduce my bill and they offered me a free tablet for being a long time customer. They told me my existing phone line and internet would be locked into a two year contract and the tablet would be free. It sounded like a good idea since I had no plans of changing my number and internet provider. A month later, I notice my bill tripled. If the tablet gets kicked off the wireless for whatever reason (satellite moves), it starts using data and never reconnects with the wireless and thus you’re charged for using data. With that said, we get screwed by AT&T because it’s their system on both ends. We ended up finding out after 5 months of disputes and calling Customer Loyalty that there is nothing they can do. The internet had been locked into a one year contract and the tablet is locked into a 2 year contract. Way to rip off your customers AT&T, and you should be ashamed for continuing with bad practices knowing that your representatives are lying to the customers. Anyone considering At&T should go with another provider. Customer Service is very bad and it’s not worth being screwed over and over. They won’t help you at all!

  • AT&T is a rip off! They lie, screw you and trick you into a 2 year contract saying it’s for an existing phone and internet service. Their representatives are liars and months later when you notice that your bill has tripled, the Customer Loyalty representatives can do nothing for you to correct the problem. They are well aware that their service and customer service representatives lie to customers. By the time customers call to dispute it with Customer Loyalty, there is nothing they can do. For those considering AT&T, use another provider. AT&T is not worth the months of disputes with no resolution. They are total scammers!!

  • Like going backwards instead of forwards when it comes to technology…switched from Comcast due to the B1G1 iPhone X promotion that ATT was running.

    Awful…cant watch your Uverse on your laptop or computer (which I always did with Comcast – can only watch on their app on iPad/iPhone and you still dont get all the channels…not even some of your locals.

    The only perks is that its half of what I was paying with Comcast and it’s only a 12 month contract. Plus I got a $1k phone for free plus a $300 Visa card…can’t wait until the date my contact is up I will be cancelling that VERY DAY!

    Unless you’re getting a very good deal like I did RUN the opposite way from ATT – Uverse is absolute garbage!

  • My husband and I are lost on what AT&T billing are doing. First we are told that our online bill is $140 for installing and internet….through the phone line. Then our paper bill was $78. Then we were billed online for $55 and got a paper bill for $93. Before this begun we asked that the bill be on the 5th of the month and they said no problem but set our bill for the 25th in only three weeks. So even though we keep calling and they keep saying that the problem will be taken care of something else messes up. They still keep in on the 25th and charge us $9 late fee but give us a $13 a month break on the bill. Is any of this making sense to any one? Please let me know. First we are told that the internet is $30 a month Then we are told that its $13 a month. We have no bundles. Only internet through our phone line. We like our internet but billing is messed up.

  • Att technical service is terrible if you are calli with a problem. They will run their tests and establish that it is an equipment issue but do not come out when requested to do so. Instead they send you replacement equipment that will not work with how they originally set up the wiring. Leaving you without service for 6 days and only give credit on a percentage of the basic bill.

  • So sad how bad. I think this must be my week not to have good service. You get maybe 2 good weeks and then a bad one – shows don’t record or play back, constant glitching while watching. And the on demand makes no sense with regard to content. I agree with all posts, have had same experiences. So sad how bad.

  • I love my ATT Uverse, much better than spectrum. I switched to spectrum for 1 year and hated it the whole time. The remote was about twice as big, the DVR had very little recording space and the channel selection was awful.I switched back to Uverse and actually demanded Uverse because they were trying to get me to take DirectTV which I absolutely refused.

  • I signed up for ATT U-verse 450 and Internet. I was told my bill would be $144.00 per month. It was, for the first month. By the 3rd or 4th month, it had zoomed up to $190.00. When I called to protest this, I was told that the $144.00 was only a 2 MONTH PROMOTION! Obviously, I wasn’t told this at the time. Now, I’ve signed up for U-200, but ATT won’t tell us subscribers EXACTLY WHAT CHANNELS ARE INCLUDED! Outrageous! And their customer service is the worst! Any phone call, figure at least two hours, oftentimes more. Good luck trying to communicate with a rep from the Far East. ARGHH! ATT is an arrogant & dishonest monopoly.

  • ATT is The WORST ! I called on May 5th to have my services cancelled on May 18th after having troubles with them in the past and was assured by 3 agents that my service would be discontinued ! BUT on the following Monday after the 18th I noticed had a new bill on my account of 203$$ and called them to figure out why the bill was so high. AGAIN I SPOKE WITH # MORE AGENTS who assured me that the bill would be prorated since I didn’t use service after the 18th of the month. BUT THEY LIED AND IT HAS NOT BEEN PRORATED AND I ENDED UP PAYING THE 203$$. and instead of canceling my services they scheduled a move order to move my current service to my new address and offered me a new lower bundle deal which I accepted. NOW I AM DEALING WITH YET ANOTHER PROBLEM FROM THEM. I had an appointment to get my services installed at my new address on the 1st but nobody showed up . I then called ATT and they transferred me 3 times to different agents until one agent finally said they weren’t coming out do to a line being down WHICH IS PROBABLY A LIE ALSO. so they tell me they are going to get me an early appointment but they have scheduled me two weeks away from my original date !!! MORALLY OF THE STORY IS TAKE YOUR SERVICES SOMEWHERE ELSE !!

  • UVerse is awful. I placed an order online, which was simple and pretty competitive. However, a few days later I get an email that my order was canceled. I called in, and the guy on the phone said that he couldn’t tell me why it was canceled but said is required prepayment (which is stupid–just bought a house and my credit is excellent). I got online with another agent, who suggested it was a processing error and asked me to order again, so I did (she tried to send me a shopping cart to work from but it was a nightmare). I went through the process AGAIN, they ran my credit AGAIN, and at the end of the session, it got hung up and I couldn’t submit. So, I’m on the line with ANOTHER agent, who couldn’t help me, as I said I didn’t want them to hit my credit again since they already ran it TWICE. She suggested I call in to order, and tried that. Got through the management chain and was told that the whole problem is that they require prepayment (mind you, everytime I ordered online, it said $0 due) – and it’s just ALL RIDICULOUS. They are TERRIBLE. I can’t believe I let it go as far as I did. So UVERSE – you lost my business FOR LIFE, and any one else’s in my circle of influence. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

  • I’ve had an ongoing technical issue with my AT&T Uverse service that has required MANY service calls.

    For ANY call (no matter how simple the work), they require you to hold open a 4 hour window for the tech to arrive, and give the tech up to 4 hours to complete his work. That’s a full 8 hours that you need to plan to sit at home waiting. The reality is that their work usually takes no more than an hour.

    It sure would be nice if their scheduling was designed to benefit the consumer more than AT&T!

  • I have ATT UVerse phone, TV, internet (for a few more days…)

    Phone and TV went out three days ago, after an electrical storm.

    Tech support said I needed a tech to come out to deal with the problem.

    Tech came out Friday, but couldn’t fix the problem.

    My DVR receiver was “fried” and he didn’t have one.

    He said, “We haven’t seen one in weeks…”

    He said I should feel lucky that he had a modem to swap out for the one I had.

    Phone works now, TV still out.

    ATT told me they’d overnight a DVR box.
    Still waiting.

    These are ATT products. Why doesn’t ATT have its own products?

    How do they expect to repair phones and TVs without the products?

  • I had a service rep scheduled for today between 1-3…I took a HARD EARNED vacation day to be here for the service call. NOONE CALLED…NOONE SHOWED UP….I was ON HOLD FOR 38 MINUTES….SUPPOSEDLY BEING TRANSEFERED TO A SUPERVISIOR….But as expected they “dropped’ the call and of course did not call me back…I had to call back again only to be put on hold AGAIN…I am appalled at their service ….especially for a long time customer who spends over $300 a montH between our televisions and security USING AUTO PAY (TV and Security)
    It must be nice to not need good customers!
    And to be offered a $2 credit for my inconvenience….they are beyond are pathetic….that was NOTHING SHORT OF A SLAP IN THE FACE.

    I was eventually sent to the CUSTOMER RESOLUTION Department where I was offered a whole $35 for the inconveniences I had been put thru for the day AND FOR LOSING A FULL VACATION DAY! Need less to say I am now on the hunt for ANYONE who can come close to providing the services I have.
    (saddest part is that I am the one on our street who convinced everyone that ATT and Uverse was WONDERFUL and they should change!)

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