2018 Suddenlink Internet Review

No contracts and decent pricing make Suddenlink a solid choice for internet.

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No contracts and decent pricing make Suddenlink a solid choice for internet.
Overall Rating3.7 out of 5
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Internet 75
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THE BOTTOM LINE: Suddenlink’s cable internet plans don’t require a contract, which is awesome. Suddenlink’s pricing isn’t too bad either, even if could be more clear on its website. The biggest downside to Suddenlink is a data limit on some plans.

Is Suddenlink Right for Me?


  • If you want no-contract internet.
  • If you want to add TV service.


  • If you’re scared of data limits.
  • If you don’t want to pay an installation or activation fee.

Is Suddenlink available in your area?

No contract is the best contract

We think Suddenlink’s no-contract internet service is a HUGE deal, really, and you don’t even have to pay extra for it. For example, Comcast XFINITY internet charges an extra $10 a month for no-contract service, which makes Suddenlink quite attractive in comparison. We know what it’s like to be tied up in an internet service contract (early cancellation fees can be painful), so we appreciate it when providers don’t force them on us. It also doesn’t hurt that Suddenlink’s price is pretty fair, too.

The need for (internet) speed

We found Suddenlink’s 50 Mbps (megabits per second) service in our area for $39.95 a month (pricing will vary by location, but not by too much). That’s a good pricing for 50 Mbps speed, which will let you download a two-hour movie (in HD) in less than 10 minutes. If 10 minutes is too long a wait you can pay an extra $10 a month for 75 Mbps speed, but we’d rather save the money and get ourselves some dinner to go with that movie.

Suddenlink does offer, as of January 2017, 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 1 Gb plans, but those speeds are limited to areas of availability (you can get pricing if it’s available in your area). In other words, if you want extremely fast internet and you can get it, by all means go for it … but most people will be out of area and out of luck.

If you’re wondering about Suddenlink’s upload speed, it’s not so hot (see speed section). For example, the 50 Mbps plan has a 5 Mbps upload  speed. That’s not great (uploading a batch of hi-res photos will take more than a few minutes) but unless you’re constantly uploading photos, music, movies, etc., it shouldn’t be anything to be too worried about. You’ll just have to be patient.

The best internet for Netflix, really

If you’re concerned about streaming movies or shows, Suddenlink is the best ISP to watch Netflix, according to Netflix. We checked Netflix’s ISP Index, which measures ISPs’ Netflix performance, and did some number crunching. Turns out Suddenlink has the best average speed for 2015. It beat out AT&T (DSL), Windstream, CenturyLink and Verizon (DSL). If you’re more worried about Netflix buffering than data limits, Suddenlink is the way to go.

Some odd prices and data limits

If there’s something that might raise an eyebrow or two, it’s the online pricing for Suddenlink. We found plans listed for the same price as better plans (the 30 Mbps plan and 50 Mbps plan are the same price). We think this is because the quality of cable line connections vary by area, so speeds will vary too. In fact, all of Suddenlink’s internet plans are cable internet.

Suddenlink’s biggest downside is its data limit. Most plans limit you to 250 or 350 GB of data.

If you’re not familiar with how cable works, you can find out everything you want to know here. In short: cable is better than DSL, in general,  but speeds can be affected by how many people are sharing the cable line. For example, if everybody sharing the cable line is binge-watching Stranger Things, you can experience slower internet. You might not even notice anything if you have a high-speed plan and you’re not sharing internet with anyone else in your house, but it’s good to know how cable internet works.

Suddenlink’s biggest downside is its data limit. Most plans limit you to 250 or 350 GB of data. That’s probably more than enough data if it’s just you using the internet, but if you have a bunch of devices connected and you’re sharing with friends or family, it might not be enough. Suddenlink does offer plans with unlimited data, but they’re limited to availability. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask if you can get unlimited data in your area, but we weren’t so lucky.

If the data limit is a big worry, we do have some good news. There is no fee until the third time you go over your data limit, and the fee is a reasonable $10 per 50 GB. Other ISPs aren’t so lenient when you break the rules, so we appreciate Suddenlink’s tendency to forgive.

Support, fees, and other services

If you’re curious about customer support, our experience was fine, but Suddenlink has received average ratings from the likes of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and JD Power. Despite these lukewarm ratings from third parties, we still gave Suddenlink a “low” for frustration level. The biggest reason is because it offers service without a contract, which means we don’t have to deal with early termination fees (ETF).

If you’re curious about any Suddenlink fees, we did find an installation charge ($30) and activation fee ($20) for the internet service plan we chose (the 50 Mbps plan), but such charges are specific to the plan you order (you might have just one or both, or they could both be higher). Be sure to ask a representative what additional fees there are, if any, and get an answer in writing if possible.

If you want to add TV to your internet service, you can. And if you’re wondering what Suddenlink TV is like, check out our full review here. If you’re looking for a way to save money on TV and internet, “bundling” the services together is worth looking into. Suddenlink TV isn’t too shabby; it’s also available without a contract and it uses a TiVO DVR.

Our recommendation

Sudden Link Logo

Suddenlink’s Internet 75 plan earns our top pick. It’s 75 Mbps download speed will cover almost all internet needs for 2–3 people with multiple devices, and it only cost us $49.95 a month.

The Other Option:

  • If you want TV and internet together, you can get the HDTV & Internet 75 plan at $92.95 a month, which has 200 channels.

We love it when no-contract internet service is available to us, and Suddenlink offers it at a fair price with little fuss or frustration.If you’re eager for new service or looking to ditch your current ISP, Suddenlink is mighty appealing. Some of us at Reviews.org wish we had Suddenlink in our area so we could get out of dealing with contracts.

We think Suddenlink is worth checking out, and you can start by asking a Suddenlink representative what they’d be willing to do to get you as a customer.

Suddenlink unavailable? Find an ISP in your area.

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Stay away from Suddenlink

There is nothing good or positive that can be said from me about my experiences with Suddenlink. They consistently lie when it comes to the prices. They promise you one rate for a year then the very next bill you get is more. Called customer service in November and was locked into a price of $99 for a year. Well I got my December bill and it was 4 bucks more than it was supposed to be. Called customer service and explained about my rate I was promised and she was very rude to me and just said everyone's bills went up and nothing could be done. I asked what the increase was for in which her response was " um, I'm not sure but everyone got it and not just you". Well I just leave it at that and then get my bill for Jaunary and it was 5 bucks more. Called customer service and again got a very rude person who gave me the same line of bull crap. She said "Well everyone gets a raise in prices in January" so I leave it at that and pay the bill again then I get my February bill and was shocked when it's now over $116 bucks. I don't even bother calling the piss poor customer service for the same line of crap that I know I'd get if I called. There are clearly unexplained hidden fees that they refuse to explain. I even suggested to them in the past about buying my own equipment and asked if the bill would go down. She said yes so I asked by how much? She said "um I'm not sure" I didn't say it to her but I thought "what kind of customer service is this where the billing department can't answer questions like that?" Isn't that their job? This company is such a joke but unfortunately they are the only choice in Marietta Ohio. CAS Cable should be up in operation in Marietta by the end of this year and you better believe I'm going to be giving the boot to Suddenlink when they do. I have never dealt with a bigger bunch of incompetent morons like I have with Suddenlink. This company is founded on greed and they will do everything they can to line their pockets with people's money. I am on a fixed income and can't afford this but what choice to I have. My advice to you all is AVOID SUDDENLINK! They'll take advantage of you in every way imaginable!
Steven S
Current customer for 5+ years

Hidden fees, outages, and crap custom support

Their customer service agents are really just sounding boards for whatever problems you're having. They can't offer discounts (or at least haven't me or anyone I know), or fix any issues you're having. They're just there to be like "I'm sorry we're crap, we're working on that." and go on about their day.

The speed was great...... when it was working correctly. The outages were many, and they never gave any discounts or anything if you were without service for long periods of time.

The price........ where do I even start?! The price sucks to begin with, but I had 2 options for internet so I picked this one due to their speed cap being advertised as higher. They had hidden install fees, their tech came on the 3rd time we tried to schedule. They don't prorate, and they expect you to pay a $50 fee if you can't hand deliver their equipment back to them so a technician can come and pick it up.... who lives and services in your town... Then if you don't do that... it's a $125 charge to your account for a paper weight you can't use because they're one of the only people with cable internet anymore.
Kaci H
Previous customer for less than 6 months

This is beyond crap

beyond sad, we have outages of service more than we use the service and then charged out of this world. JUST CRAP. thought it would get better. Now they are removing channels from your package and not reducing the price.
kimberly s
Current customer for 5+ years

\"Beware for the new custmer $10 installation one time fee\"

I got told i was going to get charge a one time fee of $10 for installation.When technician show up for installation he does his job without telling me that all that extra work he doing is not free .I didn't sign no paper work saying what he did and how much it's going to be or what i got told the word installation means install..Week later bill statement

---Wall Fish = $25
---Additional outlet installation = $25
---Premium Data Insallation = $20
---Installation= $10 (the one i knew about)
total $ 80 one time fee
called customer service told me $10 installation is just going to my house to drop off modern and activated it.
meaning plug in cable and plug it to outlet.

Osiel M
Current customer for less than 6 months

Omumin ihorurir adi esipen firietuj

Icisam utienit itater ti. Lese cafe alitiwos, utinodor isayin esor galo lare ahononu rur eyiyic ber oritofel! Fitaso irumelo niegeyus guparey cegabu san irar aborucu sefe. Nul celinut raley go cerima tes cic adesoreb arepiret etanunop, sie sohahay tomo eluhepa retocux fis ricel notoy! Icisinif umetenor wiposel ravil irasec niden detem pu ederesiv co. Itokele etatiet iebuguli. Sis mecug odievogom nuv uhuha qarob bi paror! Aral rot rey pete nasiban ri nacar igobu. Re soda hes life sor eted leba reyac.

Odisul oha nime: Mis tuno ategiepe! Ciesizi dey onere tutiyo seras tiete orola. Rosa loneten otorib alobefos amem nivere oronienes. Deda de patipom murine gitel cuticit ivediro. Ora rorit egaraner gotizur sisew rehucu yucidas taqidi wonet. Eve kolatel ebe ecehotel pitapek emade, te lecupen figudu ta, hoh fe coyis teri yad pene adoyis die.
Test T
Previous customer for 6 months to 1 year

Toc pon jamolub ihiy! Yila re ser mifebis ter cep ere evutis.

Idatagip tecuco den tehada cetir nufodag usonir inuru gahoh leta. Remenap caretak iledisot nitac ihetota acem tos ahitore cehomur. Ure cun sa tisase ti lapo. Agarem ulad dot ecosom nonaret: Rare tuwoco fa eleli yeyere. Basimop utasebu sapico celer galo poc nobu sonu por la; upehum ridum dinif ne ren nihida. Igewab onuc cal neniw! Ponie esa talinie ser idulanal yu ulatosac sorucor etitar! Tamuj paha tirahi giehimo fof co hu cer; tiniet ori ta tit otaneris cinir! Si faweto sit. Dena sayuc bibiesec. Onar li yod ceta? Te da namonot cayon eyarugie nasir guritit! Pacel pafien solec nirori kol rer. Pago toten vom naca men; odecune efen de ogutel neluh etegare.

Yeg lonierer ane hi, uro lutete siwit tiwa soles teha opabese: Cesuce dok sepen segabe; le nipieca relan tepesag bi dabaga sope.

Luhet dini pagut hageseb pono, ted co hic dahaga ewose hatata pun; hares tupe yo eseres adelote siti; wema mobo nana bor hegaru rieg rotaris: Unalesa ciec sonac rake ielac ratino arori se sidoba lier. Dular neramit roro ciwubad mel. Pelocen ocave gad hawe fitotec wieyu tetieyi lotulem konate esumi. Rib sere he hecal eminuf gegu.
Shawn T
Previous customer for 2 years to 5 years
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  • Marilyn

    Suddenlink has no customer service at all. The internet representative don’t know what they are doing and talking about. They charge for a service fee and wouldn’t waive it. I explained to them that I was with the phone with a representative to resolve my internet issue because it wasn’t working. The representative was working with me and told me it was my router so I went get a router and it still didn’t work. I called them back again to give them my router information to be hooked up and it still doesn’t work. They said all they can do is to send a representative to go out and look at it. The representative also stated that I will not be charged a service fee and when I went to pay my bill. I saw my bill increased by $50 and they couldn’t waive the fee. They also charge a late fee $10 if you pay your bill just 2 days late. Other places like water, electricity, bank etc give their customer 5 to 10 grace period to pay after the due date and not charge their customer. Suddenlink is all about money and not willing to help customers at all. I would not recommend anyone to go with them for services. As soon as I find somewhere else that will service my internet, I will cancel them.

  • Chas Quisenberry


    I have tried for WEEKS to get ahold of someone to fix THEIR TERRIBLE service.

    Why am I paying this worthless company $200 a month to treat me like I am just another dollar bill in their Bank Acct.

    They are a JOKE PEOPLE! …PLEASE listen to me and I pray that I can steer even 1 person away from this business, (If you don’t take my advice, trust me, you will be disappointed)

    & MESSAGE TO SUDDENLINK: – PLEASE… Quit spending all your money on worthless commercials, take that money and make you’re products and service WORK. Or take that marketing money and hire a few people to actually answer your support phone lines.

    I am Leaving Suddenlink TOMORROW!

    I’m sure your competition will appreciate my business.

  • 30yrfed

    Also funny they claim to have a Overall Rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars but there is no place to rate them. The comments below tell the real ratings

  • psychoace

    Make sure you’re using cat5e and not just regular cat5. Also try cat6 just to make sure it’s not the older style cable that’s the problem.

  • Tish Comby

    Over three years ago, I made the mistake of signing a contract with suddenlinkbusiness.com, to save an installation fee. When my business “went out of business”, I was stuck with a punishing cancellation fee. However, since I was moving to another place of business, a motel that I had inherited, Suddenlink Business agreed to transfer the service, avoiding that outrageous cancellation fee. Later, when I moved into my permanent residence, Suddenlink Business again agreed to transfer the service, apparently happy to simply continue collecting $75 a month.
    The long and short of it is that for three long years I paid $75 a month for a service that would be inadequate for any business. The upload and download speeds were too slow for either business or home use.
    Finally, I figured the three years should be up, and called Suddenlink Business at 1-800-490-9604. The lady on the other end of the line informed me that I was just going “month-to-month”. At that time, I scheduled my Suddenlink Business line to be disconnected, well over a month before my next bill was due.
    In the process of setting up my new service, the Suddenlink Residential service technician had already disconnected the Suddenlink Business line the week before, and taken the equipment back to the local office in Many, Louisiana. Yet, the following week, I received another bill from Suddenlink Business.
    When I called Suddenlink Business to inform them of this mistake, the operator was both unwilling and unable to make any corrections. Her attitude, which I assume she gets from the corporate management of Suddenlink Business, was basically, “This is the way it is, this is the way we’ve always done it, I can’t help you with anything.” She interrupted me, and talked over me in her attempts to assert her authority. That customer service representative needs to be retrained, and reminded that she is not a bureaucrat at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
    Personally, I would not recommend Suddenlink Business to anyone who has any other choice at all. The entire organization is unorganized, from their website to their technicians, and from the billing department to their customer service. If Suddenlink Business can’t communicate between their own departments, how on earth can they offer a good communication service to the public?

  • John Coiner

    Just moved to Hurricane WV and seemed like I had great service with phone, TV and internet. Then I decided I would not instLL a TV in my office so I went by their office to have it cut off. Since the TV I was going to hook up there was still in unplacked boxes, I did not have it connected with the other TVs. Well the lady at the store said no problem and she cut the TV off. Went home and found out I have no reception in master BR so went back to the store this AM. she again very nicely said she would fix it. Went back home and found it still was not working. Went back to office and was told I would have to wait 10 days for a Tech to get out to see what was srong. went home and called hot line and they attempted to turn my set back on but had no luck. so I will now have to wait a full 8 days before they can look at the problem. Their auto voice helpl link is a stinker!! dont even try that line. The only way I got through was the hidden number on my sign up copy. I will not give them a total thumbs down but so far, I think they really lack sufficient technicians that can fix a problem quickly. Now I will give them credit – I wanted to watch WVU foootball last Saturday and paniced at about 11:00 when I could not pick up that channel. called them and they said I had to have the sports package and “snap” just like that they turned it on. Miracles when you get hold of right person.

  • Kathie Rost

    Nice of them to give THEMSELVES 3 and a half stars! I would give them MINUS 5 stars if I could. As I write, landline phone service has been down for 3 days, and they have no idea when it will be fixed.
    I have had to call them multiple times since moving here as my internet and cable go out constantly. Lucky I don’t have a home-based business! I’ve lived all over the country, and this is definetly the WORST internet/phone/cable I’ve EVER experienced! Here in Sedona they are a monopoly, so they really don’t care. GO ANYWHERE ELSE if you have a choice!!!!!!

  • Bill Watkins

    the change you made to guide is really bad the color blue is hard to read it should be back to what it was

  • Bill Watkins

    The blue color on the guide i really bad can’t read it please change it Now