An Honest EarthLink Internet Review: Is It Worth It?

EarthLink Internet comes with unlimited data and prices that rarely increase, but can that outweigh its high prices?

3.5 out of 5 stars
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    Excellent customer service
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    Fiber and wireless internet options
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    Available in 48 states
  • con
    High prices for speeds offered
Catherine McNally
May 03, 2024
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EarthLink's prices are high, but its unique take on providing internet service across the US seems part of its magic. This ISP uses networks from partners like AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Verizon, and Viasat and deals with the internet provider for you.

This internet provider is also one of the only—if not the only—internet services offering DSL, fiber, and fixed wireless internet. 

Is EarthLink Internet worth the high prices? We spoke with three EarthLink representatives and dug into the details to compare it to other internet service providers (ISPs) available in the same areas. Let’s dig in. next zip logo
Find EarthLink internet plans in your area.
EarthLink Internet deals
Download speed
Connection type
3 Mbps Internet$59.95/mo.*3 MbpsDSL
6 Mbps Internet$59.95/mo.*6 MbpsDSL
12 Mbps Internet$54.95/mo.*12 MbpsDSL
18 Mbps Internet$64.95/mo.*18 MbpsDSL
24 Mbps Internet$64.95/mo.*24 MbpsDSL
50 Mbps Internet$59.95/mo.50 MbpsDSL
45 Mbps Internet$64.95/mo.45 MbpsDSL
75 Mbps Internet$64.95/mo.75 MbpsDSL
Fiber 100$59.95/mo.100 MbpsFiber
Fiber 300$54.95/mo.300 MbpsFiber
Fiber 500$79.95/mo.500 MbpsFiber
Fiber 1 Gig$89.95/mo.1000 MbpsFiber
Fiber 2 Gig$129.95/mo.2000 MbpsFiber
* with a 12 month contract. Actual speeds may vary depending on the distance, line-quality, phone service provider, and number of devices used concurrently. All speeds not available in all areas
with a 12 month contract. Actual speeds may vary depending on the distance, line-quality, phone service provider, and number of devices used concurrently. All speeds not available in all areas
with a 12 month contract.

EarthLink prices and plans

EarthLink's prices are high, but the ISP doesn't play around with promotions and gimmicks.

On the face of it, EarthLink offers a nice variety of download speeds in 48 states across the US. To top it off, some of those plans are fiber. We like fiber internet because it's faster and more reliable than other internet connection types.

EarthLink Fiber 300 Deal
Fiber 300
Our Rating
3.5 out of 5 stars
Plan price:
$69.95 $54.95
For a limited time, EarthLink customers can get the Fiber 300 plan for $54.95 instead of $69.95. Plus, installation fees are dropped to $19.95 and router fees are set at $14.95.

Prices vary by location

But what gets confusing is how EarthLink's plans, prices, and download speeds change based on where you live. That makes it difficult to get a clear view of how much EarthLink might cost you—or if you can even get EarthLink internet at all.

For example, when we searched for EarthLink internet plans in Jacksonville, Florida, we saw a 24 Mbps plan and a 12 Mbps plan available. But a search for EarthLink in Las Vegas, Nevada, showed 15, 30, and 40 Mbps plans.

EarthLink works with other ISPs

But there's a good reason for these internet plan switch-ups: EarthLink partners with other internet providers in different states to serve its customers. That includes AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Verizon Fios, and Viasat. So EarthLink's availability, prices, and internet speeds depend on which partner serves the town or city you live in.

Because EarthLink partners with other ISPs to connect you to the internet, its prices tend to be higher than the competition.

So why would you pay more for EarthLink Internet when you could get a lower price from one of its partners? There are two main reasons:

  1. EarthLink deals with the internet network provider so you don't have to.
  2. The prices you see aren't promotional and likely won't increase anytime soon.

EarthLink acts almost like your representative when dealing with its internet partners. Combine that with EarthLink's top-notch customer service scores, and you can see why you'd want EarthLink on your side.

Straightforward prices

The other reason to consider EarthLink is that it doesn't advertise promotional prices. So, your monthly bill likely won't go up in the near future, unlike other providers who bump your price up after a year or so. (Like Xfinity or Viasat)

EarthLink Wireless Home Internet relies on cellular signals to provide a high-speed wireless connection. And when we say “high-speed internet,” we really mean high-speed internet.

This internet will run on 5G in areas where it’s available and 4G LTE where it’s not. EarthLink’s even providing its own router with these plans to better guarantee fast speeds.

These plans can get pricey—they start at $49.95 a month before the $14.95 monthly router fee and the $79.95 activation fee. But at least the incredibly high speeds make the prices more palatable.

Where is EarthLink available?

EarthLink is available in some form in 48 states. (Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!) But even in those states, it’s not available in every county, city, or neighborhood.

The best way to check and see if EarthLink is available for you is to use the ZIP form we’ve provided below. next zip logo
Look for EarthLink internet plans in your area.

What is EarthLink Guardian?

If you need help monitoring your kids, Earthlink Guardian can help.

Internet bullying is an all-too-real issue our kiddos face these days. That's one of the reasons why EarthLink partnered with Bark to create EarthLink Guardian, a monitoring and screen-time management service.

Guardian monitors your children's texts, emails, social media accounts, YouTube, and more for signs of cyberbullying, inappropriate content, suicidal ideation, and many more red flags.

If EarthLink Guardian spots something out of place, it sends you email and text alerts that include recommended responses so you can constructively talk to your child about what's going on.

The best part is you get to try EarthLink Guardian for free for 30 days. After that, it's only $9.95 a month.

How do EarthLink prices compare?

Here's a quick look at how EarthLink prices compare to some of its partners' prices.
EarthLink plan comparison
Download speed
Earthlink InternetFiber 100$59.95/mo.100 Mbps
CenturyLink InternetCenturyLink Fiber Gigabit$75/mo.^Up to 940 Mbps
Frontier Fiber InternetFiber 1 Gig$69.99/mo. w/ Auto Pay and Paperless Bill°1000 Mbps
with a 12 month contract.
^ Speed may not be available in your area. Maximum download/upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection. Paperless billing required. Taxes and fees apply. Offer details. Offer includes professional installation at customer’s eligible location
° w/ Auto Pay & Paperless Bill. Max wired speed 1000/1000 Mbps. Location dependent. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. One-time charges apply.

Here’s a little summary of EarthLink’s partners to give you a better idea of what they’re offering.

  • CenturyLink: You get unlimited data with CenturyLink, but the download speeds are usually not as good as advertised.
  • Frontier: Like EarthLink, Frontier offers unlimited data, but its customer service isn’t as good.

You can learn more by checking out these reviews.

EarthLink internet speed and data

EarthLink offers a wide variety of download speeds, but the speeds you get depend on where you live.

We’re impressed by EarthLink’s full list of internet plans. It offers speeds for every purpose, from casual web browsing on its 12 Mbps plan to an all-out streaming and gaming bonanza on the 1,000 Mbps plan.

The only thing is, you may not see all of those speeds depending on where you live.

EarthLink uses its partners' infrastructure to deliver internet service to your door. So, if the EarthLink partner that serves your town offers only 3–12 Mbps download speeds, you won't be able to sign up for the 50 Mbps internet plan.

EarthLink internet download speeds
Download speed
Data cap
3 Mbps Internet3 MbpsUnlimited
6 Mbps Internet6 MbpsUnlimited
12 Mbps Internet12 MbpsUnlimited
45 Mbps Internet45 MbpsUnlimited
75 Mbps Internet75 MbpsUnlimited
Fiber 100100 MbpsUnlimited
Fiber 300300 MbpsUnlimited
Fiber 1 Gig1000 MbpsUnlimited

This also means that EarthLink is beholden to whatever infrastructure changes its partners make. So, if a partner decides to drop DSL service and focus on developing its fiber network instead, EarthLink's offerings will likely change.

We spoke with EarthLink about this issue, and the ISP's representatives acknowledged that it's a challenge. To make sure this doesn't negatively affect its customers, EarthLink plans to maintain transparency about your internet options—even if it means sending you away to another provider.

And, due to its partnership strategy, EarthLink doesn't directly handle internet outages. Instead, it communicates with its partners about any outages and relays updates to customers.

This may seem like a downside to EarthLink service, and you wouldn't necessarily be wrong. But think of it this way: EarthLink's service repair requests represent hundreds and thousands of individual households. Compare that to a service repair request made from just one household, and you can see that EarthLink carries a lot of weight when pushing its partners to promptly fix outages.

Data caps

EarthLink has a pretty sweet perk, and that’s unlimited data.

Most ISPs will cap you at around 1 TB of data per month, but not EarthLink. You can stream all the Maroon 5 and Star Wars you want here. And no one will send you a passive-aggressive email to tell you you’re 5 GB away from hitting your cap because there is no cap. Nice.

That's also a one-up on a few of its partners:

  • AT&T DSL internet data cap: 1 TB
  • CenturyLink DSL internet data cap: 1 TB

But we did mention EarthLink’s high prices (over and over, we know), so we feel it’s only fair to name-drop a few other ISPs with unlimited data that might be more affordable for you:

EarthLink contracts, equipment, and fees

EarthLink doesn't offer its own equipment or installation services, so you're at the whim of one of of its partners.

EarthLink internet plans unfortunately come with a 12-month contract. We’d love to see EarthLink offer its “no teaser pricing” perk for a 24-month contract. 

The 12-month contract isn’t the worst—but it isn’t the best. While EarthLink doesn’t jack up your price after three months like some ISPs (*cough* Viasat *cough*), it doesn’t protect you from price hikes later on down the line either.

The silver lining is that EarthLink's prices aren't promotional. So, while you don't get price protection, EarthLink claims its prices rarely rise. So you should see your monthly bill hold steady for quite a while.


With EarthLink, you'll get the equipment provided by the internet partner EarthLink pairs you with. That means it's difficult to get a peg on what kind (and quality) of equipment you'll get.

Don't forget to budget for the modem rental fee of $15 per month. Unfortunately, you can't use your own equipment with this internet provider, but at least $15 is average among other ISPs. 

Service fees

EarthLink offers only professional installation, though its terms and conditions mention a self-installation kit.

Whether or not you can get a self-install kit depends on which internet partner you're paired with. EarthLink states that anyone getting its fiber HyperLink service has to go with pro installation. (That's because fiber internet requires a little bit more hands-on installation for the ONT (aka fiber) version of a modem.)

  • Professional installation: $79.95 (or $19.95 for fiber sales); professional installation is required for HyperLink.
  • Router fee: $14.95
  • Early termination fees: Up to $200. Ouch.

EarthLink Internet installation

EarthLink doesn't handle your installation.

Because EarthLink relies on its partners' internet networks to get you online, it also relies on those partners to install your internet service. This may seem odd, but EarthLink should be extremely upfront with you about which company will show up at your door to finish your installation.

EarthLink hopes to clear things up a bit in the future by including EarthLink logos and info on the installation technicians' vehicles or by sending an EarthLink tech out to your house too.

EarthLink customer service

EarthLink focuses on delivering good customer service, but it could be better.

It doesn’t take long to uncover reviews for EarthLink, most of which are about email and dial-up services. And boy, are they harsh. (But is anyone surprised that dial-up got bad reviews in today’s age? The tech is ancient by now!*)

(*Written by a millennial who grew up waiting impatiently for the dial-up noises to end so she could hop on GeoCities and AOL Instant Messenger.)

Dial-up woes aside, EarthLink is in the middle of the pack when it comes to customer satisfaction if you go by's latest survey. Here's a quick look at some of EarthLink's scores from the survey.

Honestly, Earthlink has some work to do because its ratings went down by .5 or more compared to the previous year.

EarthLink HSI 2022–2023 customer satisfaction survey
Overall rating3.3 out of 5
Internet speed3.6 out of 5
Price3.2 out of 5
Reliability3.3 out of 5
Customer service3.3 out of 5

If you need to get a hold of EarthLink’s customer service, we recommend using the live chat/texting feature. This lets you get all your answers in writing, which is one of our top tips for calling customer service.

Whether you call or use the text feature, remember to stay patient. If your current rep isn’t helpful, end the texts or call back to see if you get a different rep. If you get the same person, ask to talk to their manager.

EarthLink customer service contact info:

Recap: Is EarthLink internet good?

If you're just looking at price, there are better internet providers than EarthLink. But the spots where EarthLink earns our approval are its dedication to dealing with the ISP so you don't have to, unlimited data, and no-nonsense prices. (Read: no promotional pricing.)

That said, keep in mind that the EarthLink prices and speeds you'll see depend on where you live. And EarthLink won't handle your installation—though it will tell you which of its partners is headed to your house to complete the installation. EarthLink also offers deals every now and then, like its current Fiber 300 deal which gets you $15 off plus deals on install and router fees.

  • Prices and plans: EarthLink’s plans and prices vary a lot from place to place, but it cuts to the chase with lots of plan options and non-promotional prices.
  • Speed: EarthLink has some super-fast speeds, including 5G wireless network options, but they’re location-dependent.
  • Data caps: EarthLink has no data caps, which is awesome. We fail to see a downside to that.
  • Contracts, equipment, and fees: EarthLink doesn’t offer much of its own equipment and has some pretty high fees for installation and cancellation.
  • Customer service: EarthLink scores well on customer satisfaction surveys, but it's not a 4-star customer service like that of Google Fiber and T-Mobile 5G Home Internet


When possible, we like to test the products and services we use. Internet service is a harder one to test. It isn’t easy to access a single internet package for long enough to test but short enough to not enter a long-term contract.

We weren’t able to directly test EarthLink, but through HSI we were able to get some feedback from people who’ve used the service. We also read through dozens of customer reviews, looked over the website, researched, and compared. 

In fact, we have 8+ years of testing, reviewing, and researching internet service providers, so despite not being able to test Earthlink Internet firsthand, we knew what to look for to give it the correct star rating and who we recommend the service for. 

Catherine McNally
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Catherine McNally
Catherine has a degree in journalism and an MBA, and has spent the last 10+ years writing everything from Okinawa travel guides to stories on Medium. She’s been online since AOL CDs were a thing and is an unapologetic PC gamer. She believes the internet is a necessity, not a luxury, and writes reviews and guides to help everyone stay connected. You can also find her on Twitter: @CMReviewsIt.

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