The Best ADSL2+ Plans If You Can’t Get NBN

The NBN might reach most Australians these days but for a few unlucky folks, ADSL2+ is still the best option.
  • Best Unlimited ADSL2+

    Exetel ADSL2+ Unlimited

    4 out of 5 overall
  • Cheapest ADSL2+

    Dodo 101GB ADSL2+ Metro

    3.5 out of 5 overall

Whatever your feelings are about the NBN rollout, it’s safe to say that most connected Australians have access to faster, more reliable broadband with fibre. For the unlucky few who haven’t been connected, there are some top-notch alternatives on the market, most notably the increasingly prominent Home Wireless Broadband plan. Depending on the provider you swear allegiance to, Mobile and Home Wireless Broadband might not be an option available to you and if that’s the case, ADSL2+ broadband is probably your next best. So let’s take a look at the best ADSL2+ plans available in the NBN-dominated market.

The best ADSL2+ plans available

  • Best ADSL2+ for unlimited data: TPG ADSL2+ Unlimited
  • Cheapest ADSL2+: Dodo Metro 101GB ADSL2+

Signing up to an ADSL2+ plan in 2019 is a temporary measure. If your address is due to be serviced by the NBN soon, it’s likely you will want to switch to an NBN provider as soon as you can. Even if you’re not too fussed, you will have roughly 18 months from the moment NBN goes live in your area before the copper in your street is disconnected. Most broadband providers don’t charge any additional fees when it’s time to switch to NBN but if you’re locked into a contract, you will need to keep that commitment or pay out the rest of your plan. The best ADSL2+ providers won’t necessarily offer the same great value for NBN when it finally comes time to switch, either. So we tend to recommend month-to-month ADSL2+ plans where possible, though 12-month commitments won’t get you in too much strife.

For our money, the best and cheapest no-contract ADSL2+ is the Exetel Unlimited ADSL2+ Plan. Your first month is free and there’s no lock-in contract, so you’re not obliged to stay with Exetel if you’re not happy with the service delivered. You will need to supply your own modem but that’s to be expected on a month-to-month plan. Exetel also offers some of the best value NBN plans on the market so when it comes time to switch, you’ll already be signed up with the right team.

If it’s dirt cheap you’re after, then you might be interested in Dodo’s ADSL2+ 101GB Metro plan, which is the cheapest ADSL2+ plan on the market right now. Though, at such a low price, there are a couple of caveats. To get the cheapest price on Dodo’s Metro ADSL2+ plan, you need to sign up to a 24-month contract. Not ideal if you think you might switch providers when the NBN goes live in your area. But it’s not without its benefits; you do get an NBN-ready modem included in your contract. Modem repayments are included in the contract, so you will need to pay it off in full if you decide to switch providers when the NBN arrives. As the plan name suggests, this Dodo deal is only available in Metro areas so Regional users will have to consider the alternatives in this guide.

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