Best Home Automation Products 2019

So you want a smart home? It can be a confusing journey but a fun one. With that said, we’ve rounded up our top picks. From smart hubs to smart security systems; these are the products we recommend.

Best Monitored Security with Automation

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Why? Battery Backup, Cellular Backup, Apps for Blackberry, Windows, iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Pebble, Fire TV, In-Home Panel Control, Control Your Home Through One App, Video Surveillance, Locks, Lights & Energy Automation, Predictive Performance, Stable Platform.

What? Frontpoint is a top ranked home security provider with smart home automation capabilities. Their smart home service falls somewhere between full service and D.I.Y. as the system is self-installed but uses a professional and stable connected platform. Using the system you can set triggers, get instant alerts, use geo-services, and create flexible rules. For example, you can have one rule for how the system should behave when your kids get home and another for the weekends.

Many solutions use a single data point – like motion – to try to understand your activity patterns. Frontpoint via uses the data across all of the connected points in your home – from your security sensors, to system arming and disarming, door and window opening, motion activity and inactivity and more. With more accurate information, your system better understands your activities and routines, and can be better optimized to meet your needs.

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Best Hub

SmartThings Review

Why? Connects Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi Products, Works with IFTTT, Easy to Install, Connects With Popular Smart Home Devices, Battery Backup, Works in the Cloud and Locally.

What? The SmartThings hub is easy to use and constantly evolving. If there is a popular home automation product, you can bet that the SmartThings’ community is working on a way to connect with it. When they can’t connect to a product directly, they create workarounds so that users can control as many devices as possible through one app using an iOS, Windows, or Android device.

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Best Connected Camera

Why? Connects Z-Wave devices, Rule Based Actions, Phone Call and Push Alerts, Night Vision.

What? The Piper NV is a home security camera that can connect with limited Z-Wave devices. Using Z-Wave you can add door/window sensors and even control your lights.

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Best Smart Thermostat

Why? Easy to Use, Works with Dropcam. Works with Nest Program.

What? Nest is owned by Google and it seems like Nest is creating its own little smart home world. Through the Works With Nest program you can connect this smart thermostat to cameras, garage door openers, cars, and so much more.

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Best Smart Lock

Why? Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Remote Control Possible Through Connect, Fits Over Your Existing Lock.

What? August Smart Lock fits over your existing door lock. This is a wise choice because it puts privacy back into your hands. You can use an ANSI 1 grade deadbolt and from the outside your lock looks normal. Only you will know that your lock is a smart lock. August is user friendly and the new August Connect adds the ability to unlock your doors even when you are away from home.

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Best Custom Integrator

Why? Professional Design, Professional Installation, Good for Luxury Homes, Works With 7,000+ Third-Party Consumer Electronic Devices.

What? Control4 is a custom integrator for whole-house automation systems. In addition to automating your entire house they can help you create multi-room audio, smart grid management, and more.

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Best Open Source HA

Why? Vendor Neutral, Works with IFTTT, Active Community, Highly Praised by Users

What? openHAB is a vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home.


Best Smart Sprinkler

Why? Works with Nest, IFTTT, Wink, Control4, Supports Zones, Watches the Weather, Easy to Install, Offers a Public API, Flex Scheduling

What? A smart sprinkler that adjusts based upon the weather saving you both water and money.

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