The Best Padlocks Under $90

When it comes to keeping your stuff safe, sometimes all you really need is a trusty padlock. They’re one of the most basic, low-cost, and widely available security devices, which also means that if they’re poorly made, a lot of people are pretty good at breaking into them. But don’t worry! There are high-quality locks out there that will keep even the most skilled thieves at bay—and won’t break the bank.

Best smart padlock using new technology

A Bluetooth or “smart” padlock allows you to open the lock with an app on your smartphone so you don’t have to keep track of yet another key or worry about how to pass off the key to someone else. These are pricier than your average padlock, but are worth the investment if multiple people will need frequent access to the lock.

Top pick: Master 4401DLH Bluetooth Smart Padlock

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: H: 5.3 in. W: 2.2 in. D: 1.1 in.
  • Shackle Height: 2 in.
  • Shackle Diameter: 0.34 in.
  • Weight: 8 oz.
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Battery Type: Lithium Manganese Dioxide

There are relatively few smart padlocks on the market, and this is one of those cases where it’s best to go with the name brand. The Master Bluetooth Smart Padlock is our top pick as it fuses the most current app technology while retaining the heft of a reliable, tough piece of hardware resistant to cutting or picking.

Simply download the Master Lock Vault eLocks app from your app store (iOS or Android) and you can add unlimited users, control who has access and when, and track usage of the lock. For example, if you’re a small business owner, you could give your managers 24/7 access, grant your associate employees access only during their shift, and allow contractors access for only a few hours or a few days. Any access settings you create can be adjusted later as needed. The best part? You can be on the other side of the world from your lock and still manage access settings and track who is using the lock and when.

Unlike some other Bluetooth locks on the market, Master has thought of everything, from losing your phone (enter a directional code directly on the lock) to a dead battery (you can externally charge it with a 9-volt battery). Some users have complained of glitches in the app; however, out of all the Bluetooth padlocks out there, I recommend this Master lock due to the strength and reliability of both its hardware and its software.


  • Outdoor
  • Keyless
  • Opens with smartphone app (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Backup directional code
  • Allow and control access for multiple users
  • Boron carbide shackle resistant to cutting and sawing
  • Anti-shim technology in locking mechanism


  • Higher price
  • No GPS feature
  • Some users complain about glitches in the app

Runner-up: Noke Padlock

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: H: 3.3 in. W: 2.5 in. D: 1 in.
  • Shackle Height: 1.15 in.
  • Shackle Diameter: 0.315 in.
  • Weight: 11.25 oz.
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Battery Type: 2032 coin cell battery

If you’d like something that screams sleek style instead of power tools, the Noke is your Bluetooth padlock. A Kickstarter project that we first saw in action at ISC West 2016 in Las Vegas, the Noke padlock is keyless, opens with an app (iOS or Android), and lets the primary owner control and monitor access for other users.

Don’t have your phone with you? The Noke can be opened with a Morse code-like series of taps. Unique to this product is its GPS feature, allowing you to track where your padlock was last accessed—particularly useful if this lock is going on a truck or a shipping container. Our only hesitation in recommending this lock is that some users complain that it’s not as weather resistant as advertised and the app is prone to crashing, but overall it has been a successful, reliable, and great-looking option in new lock technology.


  • Keyless
  • Opens with smartphone app (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Backup tap code
  • Allow and control access for multiple users
  • 1-year replaceable CR2032 battery
  • GPS tracking
  • Sleek design


  • Water resistant, but not waterproof
  • No clear way to access when battery dies
  • App prone to crashing

Best padlocks under $50

If you want to stay analog but need higher-than-average security, consider spending a little more on your padlock. Most locks at this price point will be too large and too heavy for your average gym locker or bike chain but are well-suited for your storage unit or trailer.

Top pick: ABUS Diskus 20/70

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: H: 2.75 in. W: 2.75 in. D: 1.19 in.
  • Shackle Height: 0.67 in.
  • Shackle Diameter: 0.39 in.
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Cylinder: ABUS-Plus disk
  • Batteries Required: No

At 12 ounces, the ABUS Diskus Padlock has heft that’s not just for show. Its rounded design protects more of the alloy steel shackle than a padlock with a more classic design, making it nearly impossible for a thief to get at it with a crowbar, saw, hammer, or bolt cutters. Made entirely from non-corrosive materials and outfitted with a cover for the cylinder, this lock will not rust even in consistently wet weather conditions.

This lock comes with two keys, but you can make as many copies as you want so long as you hold onto the key code card that accompanies the lock.

The one downside to this lock is that the part of the key that attaches to your keychain is plastic, which some users complain both takes up a lot of space on their keyring and lessens their faith in the durability of the keys. If you’re planning on carrying the key everywhere with you, I’d suggest getting an all-metal replacement key made. The extra step just might be worth it for the otherwise superior security of this lock.


  • Protected alloy steel shackle
  • Weather- and rust-proof
  • Covered cylinder
  • Key code card for unlimited key copies


  • May not fit on smaller latches, such as a gym locker
  • Potentially weak plastic elements on keys

Runner-up: Stanley Hardware CD8820 Solid Body Padlock

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: H: 6.2 in. W: 4.8 in. D: 1.4 in.
  • Shackle Height: 1 in.
  • Shackle Diameter: 2.36 in.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Cylinder: 6-pin
  • Batteries Required: No

Another trusty and well-priced piece of hardware, at 2 pounds, this steel lock from Stanley Hardware is even heavier and larger than our top pick. Looking more like your traditional rectangular padlock, the shackle is still well-protected by the body of the lock. Its solid brass 6-pin cylinder is both resistant to picking and is fully rekeyable. This lock is our runner-up rather than our top pick because it’s not clear how well the outside finish will stand up against foul weather.


  • Protected shackle
  • Brass 6-pin cylinder
  • Rekeyable


  • May be too heavy for on-the-go use (such as on a bike chain)
  • Less weather-resistant

Best padlocks under $20

Sometimes you just need a simple, small, lightweight, and affordable lock. There are plenty of locks on the market at this price point, but many of them are quick work for a lockpicker. I have found a couple that, with their well-made shackles and cylinders, will prove a challenge for thieves without breaking the bank.

Top pick: ABUS 80TI/50 KD C Titalium Padlock

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: H: 3.7 in. W: 2 in. D: 0.9 in.
  • Shackle Height: 2 in.
  • Shackle Diameter: 0.31 in.
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • Cylinder: 6-pin
  • Batteries Required: No

The ABUS Titalium Padlock does not sacrifice style for security. The lower price of this product compared to many of ABUS’s more expensive locks is due to its being manufactured in China rather than in Germany, but that does not seem to affect its durability and security. The shackle is on the thicker side, so it may not fit on your gym locker but is can be a perfect option for a cable or chain for your bike, outdoor shed, or trailer.


  • 6-pin cylinder lock mechanism
  • Alloy steel shackle
  • Corrosion-resistant NANO Protect coating
  • Comes with two keys


  • Cannot be rekeyed
  • Shackle may be too thick for some uses

Runner-up: Kwikset 50MM SmartKey Padlock

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: H: 3.2 in. W: 2.6 in. D: 1.5 in.
  • Shackle Height: 1.13 in.
  • Shackle Diameter: 0.36 in.
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs.
  • Cylinder: Multi-pin
  • Batteries Required: No

The lowest-priced lock on this list, the Kwikset SmartKey Padlock comes with a surprising number of features. It can be easily re-keyed to work with any other Kwikset SmartKey lock, so you could potentially use the same key for your front door and your backyard shed. The outside of the lock is padded with rubber so it won’t scratch paint or otherwise damage whatever it’s attached to.

Its hardened molybdenum shackle and dual ball bearing lock makes it resistant to sawing, cutting, prying, and hammering. Being on the more affordable end of the spectrum, this probably isn’t the lock for your most valuable possessions, but it is more than sufficient for your lower-security needs, such as keeping the food in your mini fridge safe from your roommate.


  • Easily re-keyed to work with your Kwikset house key
  • Pick-, cut-, and pry-resistant
  • Retains key to reduce risk of lockout
  • Rubber padded


  • Lower security

What to look for in a padlock

When you’re considering purchasing a padlock, the two most important things to think about are what you want to keep safe and where the lock will be attached.

Determining how much to spend on a quality padlock

The more valuable your goods, the more you should consider spending on a secure lock to keep them safe. If you’re securing thousands of dollars worth of lab chemicals, consider a Bluetooth padlock that will also allow you to track who opened the lock and when. On the flipside, a $13 lock is probably sufficient for the shed that houses your rusty trowels and bags of gardening soil—no need to spend more on the lock than your items are worth. Think of your lock as an investment and your first line of defense in protecting your valuables from would-be thieves.

That said, just because a lock is expensive doesn’t mean it’s made well. Look for strong materials such as steel or brass, and for complexity in the locking mechanism itself, such as double-bolted shackles and multi-pin or disk cylinders, all of which make the lock much more difficult to pick.

Where a padlock will be used

Consider where and to what that lock will be attached. Will your lock be used outside in humid or rainy weather? Get something that is made with rust-resistant materials. This is also where the lock’s shackle, or the U-shaped part, becomes important.

Are you attaching your lock to a trailer or cabinets with side-by-side latches, requiring more clearance on the shackle? Get something with a longer-than-average shackle. Will you have to get the shackle through a small hole? Get something with a thinner shackle. If you don’t have a lot of constraints on where the shackle needs to fit, opt for the thickest and shortest shackle you can find. Thicker shackles are harder to saw or break but shorter shackles are harder to pry open.

Our picks below are based upon the lock’s overall security (that’s the whole point of a lock, right?) and relative value, which includes the following factors:

  • Pick-, cut-, and saw-resistant technologies
  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Versatility to be used for a variety of purposes
  • Cost

A long-term security investment

The reality is that with a little practice, just about anyone can pick or otherwise break into your average padlock. There are, however, a handful of locks out there that will seriously frustrate and likely avert even the most determined of thieves.

When you’re looking to buy a new lock, think about the primary way you plan to use it (what will it be attached to and where?) and consider spending in proportion to the value of your stuff. A well-thought-out purchase now could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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