What You Need to Know for the Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya 2 UFC Fight

Chantel Buchi
Apr 05, 2023
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How can I watch the Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya fight?

The fight we’ve all been waiting for, the fourth bout between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya, is finally happening this week. 

To watch this fight on April 8, 2023, you’ll need an ESPN+ subscription, and the PPV will cost $79.99

The main card features five fights starting at 8:00 p.m. (MT), with Pereira vs. Adesanya being the last. 

Will Pereira beat Adesanya again? Despite the stats, why do I believe Adesanya is going to take his title back? Was Adesanya’s last loss to Pereira a fluke? 

It’s time to weigh in on the details of this matchup.

Will Pereira beat Adesanya again?

First, I believe it’s essential to know the history between these two MMA fighters:

Pereira has taken Adesanya out by unanimous decision, counter left hook KO, and TKO (punches)—the two former in kickboxing and the latter in MMA. For the MMA fight in the UFC, Pereira took Adesanya’s Middleweight title on November 12, 2022. 

So, you might wonder how Adesanya expects to win this fourth fight against his kryptonite. And if he loses, will it end this technically-sound fighter’s legacy?

Well, the odds are saying Adesanya is projected to succeed this time. But it’s only in his favor so slightly.

Today, Adesanya is favored to win (-135), while Pereira is the underdog (+115). 

If you ask Pereira, he’d say he believes Adesanya needs to accept he can’t beat his nemesis. Pereira himself has been defeated by the same guy three times in his amateur kickboxing career, and he believes that this is a cause of fighting styles “not matching up well.”

But if you ask me, I’d say Adesanya returns with a vengeance. If he’s the athlete we all think he is, he’s working twice as hard, twice as much, and twice as smart. He doesn’t want to be defeated again, and he wants nothing more than to get his title back.

But what do Alex Pereira’s and Isreal Adesanya’s stats say?

Get ready for some numbers. 

Both Adesanya and Pereira are former kickboxers with professional records of 75-5 for the New Zealander and 33-7 for the Brazilian. Dang.

So it isn’t surprising to me that Adesanya stated on the Flocombat podcast that he switched to MMA because he wanted a challenge. To stay in kickboxing would have been “the easy route.” 

And in an interview with BT Sport, Pereira says he was convinced to swap while watching a matchup involving Glover Teixeira, a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Teixeria, also from Brazil, is now his MMA coach.

Adesanya, nicknamed “The Last Stylebender,” made his UFC debut in February 2018, while Pereira, also known as “Poatan,” made his in November 2021.

It’s a no-brainer that they wanted to join the UFC to compete against the toughest competition to prove themselves—it’s the goal. 

At this day in their MMA career, Adesanya has 23 wins under his belt with two losses—one to Jan Blachowicz and the other to, you guessed it, Pereira. The Poatan has only fought eight times in MMA, with seven victories and one loss to Quemuel Ottoni.

Now, by looking at those numbers, it’s somewhat difficult to determine who is the better MMA athlete. 

Pereira has great strength, power, and tenacity. It’s no secret that he’s known for his knockouts. 

But, at the same time, Adesanya has more wins, more experience in cage fighting, and a superior skill set. His timing, his striking, his grappling, and his endurance all make him the exceptional athlete he is. 

People might think Pereira has The Last Stylebender’s number, but Adesanya (and myself) say otherwise.

Was Israel Adesanya’s last loss to Alex Pereira a fluke?

Adesanya attributes his UFC loss to Pereira to his then-injured leg. 

Adesanya injured his PCL when he fought Jared Connonier four months before he met Pereira in the octagon for their first MMA bout. Soon after UFC 281 against Pereira, Adesanya said on the podcast Flagrant that he almost pulled out of the fight early on. 

One of Pereira’s first kicks compromised his leg, and his performance changed due to a peroneal nerve injury.

He didn’t want his supporters to assume he was “fearful” of competing against Pereira, and he told himself, “Nah, I wanna get this done.” 

There’s no question Pereira’s power transfers to his kicks because somehow Adesanya’s knee kept up during the three wins he had between Connonier and Pereira. And since he says the aggravated leg held him back from performing his best, the New Zealander now has to show the world what he is capable of if he doesn’t want to eat his words. 

I don’t know about you, but this information Adesanya revealed after his fight with Pereira gives me even more confidence and hope for the outcome of the fourth matchup.

The final word on UFC 287

Adesanya is technically fantastic at striking and possesses strong endurance, but Pereira’s serious power has resulted in six knockouts in his 8-fight MMA career. 

What makes this fight so great is that both rivalries want to win. Both fighters want to be the middleweight champion. Both opponents want to prove their history as either right or wrong. And that’s why I think the match going to be great. 

Although the odds say Pereira is the underdog, UFC fans, including me, consider Adesanya the true underdog, given their history. 

Because I am one to lean toward the fighter who’s been defeated multiple times; who likely has so much determination and willpower in their veins that there’s no choice but to work hard day in and day out until your body can’t take more; to come back mentally and physically stronger to be prepared for anything; and to not take a loss as an option—I’m rooting for Israel Adesanya to take his title back.

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