Execute Error 83: Disney+ Not Working? Here’s What to Do.

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Brodie Fogg
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Published on March 26, 2021
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The launch of Disney Plus has been a rough ride for some subscribers but we’ve put together a troubleshooting guide to get you through the sea of errors.

Compared to other countries, Disney Plus subscribers in the US have had a pretty tough time with streaming errors and app-breaking bugs. As good as it is for some, many early subscribers have reported serious issues that render the app unusable.

While the Disney Plus dev team is no doubt fighting every bug they encounter, we’re here to offer extra support with our guide on the app’s various error reports.

Thankfully, the app’s 7-day free trial means you don’t pay anything up front—though if you’re already a paying customer and you’re not getting the service you expected, it’s worth getting in touch with Disney’s customer support team to discuss any billing or refund concerns.

Before we dig into the various error codes Disney Plus users are reporting, we have to cover off the very basics of tech troubleshooting (sorry, but it has to be done). These are the steps you should try no matter which error code you’re receiving.

If you’re having trouble connecting to Disney Plus, run through these basic steps.

General Disney Plus Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check your internet download speed from the device you’re using (if it’s slower than 5 Mbps, that could be your issue).
  • Disconnect your mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection from the device you’re using, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and then reconnect. Sometimes all you need is to refresh your connection.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi modem.
  • Sign out of Disney Plus on all devices and sign in again.
  • Delete the Disney Plus app and re-download it from your device’s app store and log in again.
  • Try Disney Plus on a separate compatible device or web browser.

Checking on the status

As with any streaming app, the best way to check the status is on an official website. For Disney+ that site is the help center. A very quick way to find out if Disney+ is down for everyone is to do a quick chat with technical support. Just look at the chat button at the bottom of the screen and ask the technician if the service is down. They can help you troubleshoot any other problems, too.

Disney Plus error message "Oh no, something went wrong playing Lady and the Tramp"

Disney Plus Error 83

Device compatibility issue

Error 83 seems to be one of the biggest issues plaguing subscribers. If you’re seeing this message, it means there’s a device compatibility issue. Essentially, Disney Plus isn’t cooperating with the particular device you’re trying to view content on.

This might seem frustrating because if your device is incompatible with Disney Plus, how did you manage to download the app in the first place? Well, there are a couple of other factors that could be impacting device compatibility.

First thing to try, and we hate to say it, is turning your device off and on again. As tired as that advice is, you don’t know how often a simple power cycle is an answer to all your tech woes.

Next, check that your device is actually compatible with the service, just to be sure.

If you’re tried those steps, the next step is to check if your firmware is up to date on the device you’re using.

This shouldn’t impact most new devices, but if you happen to be running an especially old iOS or Android operating system, for example, Disney Plus might be rejecting your device. So make sure you update your iOS or Android to the most current version before you try running the app again.

If you’re attempting to view on another device, such as a smart TV, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, you will find software update guides on the manufacturer’s websites. That said, you will almost always find software updates buried in a “system,” “about,” or “general” menu in just about any internet-connected device. If there’s a firmware update ready to install/download, you will likely see a little notification indicator (like when you get a new message or email).

If all else fails and you’re desperate to stream Disney Plus, try logging into another device. As frustrating as that sounds, a device compatibility issue like Error 83 means the app is having an issue with the specific device you’re using, so switching to a computer, gaming console, or smart TV should yield a different result.

Here are those tips again:

  • Power cycle (turn your device off and on again).
  • Check your device is compatible with Disney Plus.
  • Navigate to your device’s firmware settings page and check for updates.
  • Try deleting and reinstalling the Disney Plus app from your device’s app store (e.g. Google Play or App Store).
  • Try logging in with the same details on a different compatible device.
  • Check the Disney Plus tech support thread on Reddit to see if anyone is experiencing the same issue.
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Disney Plus Error 42

Issues connecting with your service

Another common error code that Disney Plus is spitting out is Error 42. In a cruel twist, nobody seems to be able to find a solution to the error code that shares the same two digits as the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

Based on what we can glean from Reddit, Error 42 indicates an issue connecting with your Disney Plus service. That could be a server error on Disney’s end or it could be an issue with your internet connection.

If it’s a problem with Disney’s servers, it’s possible that Disney Plus is struggling to meet the demand of everyone streaming at once. This sort of issue typically occurs at times of peak usage (e.g. when a new episode of The Mandalorian drops), and unfortunately, there’s no immediate fix other than to wait it out. Disney has admitted that it hadn’t anticipated the full extent of the app’s popularity prior to launch.

(How it didn’t anticipate such popularity when it was offering exclusive access to a brand-new TV show from one of history’s biggest franchises is anyone’s guess, but here we are.)

This won’t be a problem forever. Disney will eventually bolster its servers to meet the demands of hungry Star Wars and Marvel fans across the world, but that takes time.

The second possibility is that your internet connection isn’t strong enough to stream Disney Plus. This is particularly pertinent if you’re trying to stream in 4K (which uses more bandwidth and data than a standard- or high-definition stream).

Praise be if that’s the case, because there are quite a few troubleshooting solutions for a subpar internet connection.

Firstly, there are the general troubleshooting fixes for slow Wi-Fi that you can try. We already have a comprehensive guide to speeding up your internet, so we won’t go into the nitty-gritty in this post, but here are a few quick pointers:

  • Run an internet speed test (anything above 5 Mbps should be enough to stream).
  • Try logging out of Disney Plus and back in again on all devices (especially if you’ve shared your password).
  • Refresh your modem by removing the power supply and letting it rest for 5 minutes before reconnecting.
  • Consider disconnecting bandwidth-hogging devices from your home Wi-Fi (e.g. video game consoles).
  • Try clearing your browser’s cache (if you’re streaming on a web browser).
  • Log in to your Wi-Fi router settings and check for a firmware update.
  • Log in to your Wi-Fi router settings and change your DNS settings to OpenDNS, Cloudflare, or Google.

(If your home internet speeds are typically less than 5 Mbps, it’s probably time to upgrade anyway. Check out our list of the best internet service providers and you’ll be well on your way to watching all the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series you can handle.)

Disney Plus Error 73

Location availability issue

Subscribers reporting error code 73 are reporting location and availability issues. This seems to be impacting subscribers who are attempting to stream Disney Plus in countries where it’s already available.

First of all, it’s important to note that this could be a content availability issue. Content availability differs between countries.

For example, Avengers: Infinity War was available in Australia and New Zealand at launch, but not in the US. If there’s a chance you’ve found your way to a Disney Plus title via a Google search or streaming search engine like JustWatch, it’s possible you’ve landed on a title that’s not yet available in your location.

If you’re receiving Error 73, the first step would be to reset your internet connection by rebooting your modem if you’re on a home network, or by refreshing your network connection by turning airplane mode on and off again if you’re on a mobile device.

If that doesn’t do the trick, it would be worth checking if you’re browsing from another country using a VPN app or browser plugin.

Run through these steps to try and diagnose your location issue:

  • Check if the title is available in your country by searching the title on Disney Plus.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi modem or mobile network connection (wait 30 to 60 seconds before reconnecting).
  • Check where you’re currently browsing from using an IP address lookup tool.
  • If the results show you’re browsing from anywhere other than your current location, check your browser plugins and running apps. If there is a VPN running (e.g. ExpressVPN), close the application or reset your location settings.

If you're looking for a great vpn service, check out our article on the best VPNs for streaming.

Disney Plus Error 24 and 43

Login or connection issue

Two similar error codes that are a pain for all of us: error code 24 and 43. You’re having a login or connection issue, so what should you do?

First, check your internet connection. You’re most likely going to want to refer back to our Wi-Fi connection troubleshooting guide at the top of this page.

If troubleshooting doesn’t work, try signing out and in of Disney+.

Now, if that doesn’t work, check your billing details. One of these solutions should fix the problem.

Disney Plus Error 39

Streaming via Xbox One issue

This error code is one for the Xbox One users. Let us all unite and conquer this issue.

This issue has a quick and easy solution: just make sure you aren’t simultaneously streaming Disney+ on another device. So, check your laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Once you quit the Disney+ app on those devices, refresh your Xbox One and it should work!

But one more minor solution that is worth mentioning: try changing your HDMI port on your TV that connects to your Xbox.

More error codes on Disney Plus

From the Disney+ Help Center

Disney+ error codes
Error code
Known causes
Potential fix

Error 4

Payment issue

Make sure card isn't expired, make sure card isn't from a region where Disney+ isn't offered

Error 9

Login issue or payment issue

Check login info and payment/billing details

Error 11

Content availability

Refresh internet connection, disable VPN or check content availability

Error 13

Device limit reached

Sign out of Disney Plus on the devices you use the least, change your password, remove unused downloads

Error 22

Restricted content

Check content availability, disable VPN, reset location settings or sign out of Kids mode

Error 25

Internal error

Refresh Disney Plus web player, sign out and back in again, contact customer support

Error 30

Device registration issue

Check device compatibility, sign out and log in again on impacted device

Error 31

Location issue

Turn location services on (see above), disable VPN, reset location settings

Error 32

Login or password issue

Sign out and log in again, check payment/billing details, reset password

Error 35

Restricted content

Check content availability, disable VPN, reset location settings or sign out of Kids mode

Error 36

Restricted content

Check content availability, disable VPN, reset location settings or sign out of Kids mode

Error 38

Time settings

Ensure time settings on your device are set to “automatic” or aligned to world clock time

Error 41

Overload of traffic issue

Patience is key when everyone is trying to watch a new, popular show

Error 76

Server overload issue

Uninstall and re-install app, logout and log back in, reboot router, wait a little longer

Error 86

Blocked account, breach of terms of service

Check if account holder is over 18 years old, disable VPN, reset location settings, contact customer support

Error 87

Login or password issue

Sign out and login again, check payment/billing details, reset password

If you’ve come across an error we haven’t covered in this guide or you’ve found a solution we haven’t discovered yet, let us know in the comments below.

And if you're back up and running and can’t decide what to watch, check out our guide to everything on Disney+!

Other recommended streaming services

We get it. Running into errors when you're trying to get your Disney fix can be annoying. The good news is that Disney+ isn't the only streaming service where you can watch Disney content.

Here's a few of the best streaming service alternatives to Disney+.

Best streaming service alternatives to Disney+
Streaming Service
Prime VideoAmazon Prime Video$12.99
hulu logoHulu + Live TV$69.99$75.99
Data as of 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
Data as of 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

*Plus any applicable taxes.

Now that you know, here are your next steps.

Disney+ not doing it for you? Check out our other recommended streaming providers.

Need a faster internet connection to improve your stream? Check out our picks for the best internet providers.

Brodie Fogg
Written by
Brodie Fogg
Brodie Fogg is the Australian editorial lead at Reviews.org. He has covered consumer tech, telecommunications, video games, streaming and entertainment for over five years at websites like WhistleOut and Finder and can be found sharing streaming recommendations at 7NEWS every month.

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  • Sophie

    Disney plus on both my laptop and iPhone are not loading it comes up with the initial page then press start free trail and it just goes to a loading sign and doesn’t do anything else. My phone sometimes comes up with ‘sorry something went wrong please try again later’
    Is this an issue with Disney as I’ve seen other people are able to watch it just fine what is going on. I have tried everything said about and nothing has worked. Was so exited about being able to watch Disney plus today! Please help or give me some hope!

  • Elroy Fernandes

    Disney+ app says unavailable on my firestick in the UK

  • maritza garcia

    I keep trying to connect to a different device and it keeps taking me to subscribe again or restore purchase it says. What can I do or how can I log in?

  • Magic

    For the past 3 days I’ve had error code 1028. ‘we are having a problem please exit the app and try again.’ tried through TV, phone, firestick, can’t watch. Not impressed.

  • Kharg Island

    Disney+ when using my Samsung directly logged in will only work half the time. It just won’t play videos. No error code or anything. All other devices on the network (even the same TV using Netflix just before and after) work.

  • Christine Stuart

    I am receiving error code 1026, how do i fix this?

  • Teresa Kemple

    D+ worked fine for about 6 weeks, but now all I get when I pull it up on SmartTV is the circle of death. No error code, it just never finishes connecting. I’ve tried restarting router. Thought I’d try uninstalling then reinstalling it, but haven’t found a way to do that. All others work fine (hulu, Prime, Netflix). Any suggestions?