Windscribe VPN Review

A quirky VPN that provides free and low-cost plans.

3.5 out of 5 stars
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    Unusual pricing plan lets you add servers one by one
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    Free plan lets you unlock some features
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    Powerful ad and porn blocker
John Brandon
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Published on September 08, 2020
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Windscribe is a quirky VPN app that might appeal to those looking for flexibility. It offers an unusual pricing strategy where you can use the free version and earn premium features by sharing a tweet about the product or confirming your email address. You can also “build” from there and add just one server for a connection for a dollar per month. The free version is severely limited, though. It provides only 2GB of bandwidth for downloads, which you could use up in one day. And, the closest and fastest servers—say, those in the U.S.—are blocked unless you upgrade.

The main ding against Windscribe and the reason for its lower-than-normal rating is that the interface tends to be a bit cumbersome. There’s a small VPN app window and a small connection icon. When you access your account, it suddenly pops you over to the Windscribe website. Even the Windscribe logo, with a W that looks like an upside-down M in the Gmail logo, can’t match the professional sheen of other VPN clients.

For our Windscribe review, we ran a series of tests as we do on every VPN app. We tested the desktop app and watched Netflix movies on a Windows laptop (don't feel too sorry for us, hello multiple episodes of Lost in Space). We tested both upload speed and download speed as well, making sure the internet connection speed stayed stable and fast.

We also ran a speed test, checked the encryption, made sure our IP address stayed hidden, and—did we mention testing Netflix? For more advanced testing, we also tested the BBC iPlayer, used the Windscribe app on phones (including the Android app), enabled a server location out of the country, and created a VPN tunnel to our own remote server.

Pro Tip:

The free plan is limited but lets you add servers for $1 each.

  • Unusual pricing plan lets you add servers one by one
  • Free plan lets you unlock some features
  • Powerful ad and porn blocker
  • In order to buy a plan you need to create an account
Windscribe Overview dashboard

Windscribe prices and plans

Windscribe has one of the best deals right now that we’ve found.

Windscribe is not your typical VPN. In what almost feels like a tactic to garner more attention in a crowded field, this is one of the only VPN clients that offers a plan where you can add servers for connecting one by one, at $1 each (with a $2 per month minimum). The free version is limited to only 2GB of bandwidth per month, but when you add a server, it comes with an extra 10GB of bandwidth per addition.

Windscribe VPN prices and plans overview

Monthly plan


Yearly plan


Build a plan




Data effective 5/6/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

From there, the monthly plan costs $9 per month and includes unlimited access to servers and unlimited bandwidth. If you pay for the year, that works out to $4.08 per month, which is reasonable but not quite as low as $3 per month.

Compare Windscribe prices to other VPN providers
Standout feature



Unusual pricing plan lets you add servers one by one

CyberGhost VPN


Access on up to seven devices



Up to 10 devices per application



Available in 140+ countries

Data effective 5/6/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Windscribe VPN: Unusual pricing plan lets you add servers one by one

You can pay only for the servers you use.

It’s almost jarring to discover that Windscribe uses such an unusual pricing model. No other VPN provider we’ve found offers a free plan as the base offering and then lets you add servers one by one for $1 each. (There is a $2 minimum.)

Windscribe VPN client dashboard

Adding servers means you can connect faster and more reliably, especially if you travel overseas. You can mix and match the servers you need. For users in the U.S., the free version forces you to connect to a server in Canada unless you pay for U.S. access.

Windscribe VPN: Free plan lets you unlock some features

Windscribe offers a free plan where you can add some features.

Along with this ability to add servers one by one as desired, Windscribe also lets you unlock more features and offers unusual discounts. For example, if you tweet out a link to the VPN app, you will gain access to more storage. If you confirm your email, you gain even more.

There is a discount for students, and you can often find promo codes for Windscribe scattered around the web for even more discounts and deals.

Windscribe VPN: Powerful ad and porn blocker

The R.O.B.E.R.T. ad blocker provides extra security

With a name like the Remote Omnidirectional Badware Eliminating Robotic Tool, you know you are dealing with a quirky VPN service. We mentioned earlier how the interface is a bit unprofessional, and the R.O.B.E.R.T. ad blocker is oddly named. (Maybe that means it is easy to remember, but calling it an ad blocker would have worked fine.)

That said, it works. The ad blocker not only hides ads on websites you visit, but it can also block sites known to distribute porn and malware. You can specifically block sites you know could cause problems, which adds to the overall value.

Our pick: The best Windscribe plan

Best: Free with server additions

Who it’s best for: Those who need specific servers for access Why we recommend it: Flexibility in choosing how you connect.

Windscribe pricing and contracts
Standout Feature



Flexibility to choose how you connect

Data effective 5/6/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Recap: Is Windscribe good?

Windscribe is quirky in how the pricing plans work, the promos and deals, and even the name of their ad blocker. The interface seems a bit unprofessional at times compared to the major brands like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Yet, it’s worth considering at this price.

Windscribe VPN prices and plans:

  • Free - Free
  • Monthly plan - $9.00/mo.
  • Yearly plan - $4.08/mo.
  • Build a plan - Price depends on selection

Windscribe VPN standout features:

  • Unusual pricing plan lets you add servers one by one
  • Free plan lets you unlock some features
  • Powerful ad and porn blocker


Why block sites?

Some websites are known to distribute malware and spam ware that can compromise your security and introduce problems on your computer that cause frequent crashes.

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