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VPN Comparisons and Reviews

Every VPN service provides the basic security of encrypting your internet connection, but that doesn’t mean they’re all equal. Some VPNs are easier to use. Some are more expensive. And some are downright sketchy and we wouldn’t recommend them at all.

We’ve evaluated and stress-tested dozens of VPN services, so whether you need a VPN to work remotely or you’re just looking to protect your privacy online, we can help you pick the right VPN for you.

Best Cheap VPNs

VPN Comparisons and Best Lists

How does TunnelBear stack up to NordVPN? Which VPN works best while you’re on the go? Can you use a VPN for gaming? (Answers: Meh, CyberGhost, and yes, you can.)

Check out our versus reviews and best lists for more detailed comparisons.

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What you need to know about VPNs

Not sure if you need a VPN? Are you new to internet privacy and security and looking to learn more? We add and update resources in this section each month to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

What Is a VPN and Why You Should Use One

Find the best Internet Providers in your area.

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