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A trusted brand in security means more reliable protection.

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    Innovative ad blocker and tracker
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    Unusual 60-day money-back guarantee
John Brandon
Editorial Lead, TV, Streaming, & VPN
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Published on September 09, 2020
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Norton Secure VPN has one clear advantage over every other VPN app we’ve tested: it’s made by a well-known company. Norton Secure is part of Symantec, which formed way back in 1982. With most VPN clients, the company is usually much newer.

The level of trust from a company that has been around for so long helps establish trust, which is really what it’s all about when it comes to a VPN. You can expect the app to work, that the tech support will be available and professional—that you are not dealing with a tiny company.

In terms of what Norton Secure VPN offers, it’s somewhat standard. The VPN service includes a unique ad blocker that shows you all of the ads it has tracked during the month. Beyond that, there’s a flexible pricing plan and a way to pick how many connections you want to use as part of your paid plan. It’s not the most robust VPN, but it is backed by a robust company known worldwide for its powerful security software.

Norton might be known more for its antivirus app and other security tools, but the VPN app is also worth looking into. It protects your IP address from prying eyes, adds a layer of security to any public Wi-Fi network, works on Android devices, and protects your internet connection as part of a comprehensive security suite.

As usual, we tested upload speed and download speed with the VPN app enabled and without it enabled, checked if the VPN provider blocked malware infestations, used Netflix and the BBC iPlayer apps, and used the encryption and other security features as much as possible.

Norton Secure VPN offers flexibility:
Light Bulb

A flexible approach to the premium plans means you pay for the device connections you need (one, five, or ten at a time).

  • Innovative ad blocker and tracker
  • Flexible pricing plan
  • Unusual 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Same price for one device as five devices
Norton Secure VPN CPU usage dashboard

Norton Secure VPN prices and plans

Norton Secure VPN offers several pricing plans based on your needs.

Flexibility is a major benefit to using any VPN. Some companies nickel and dime you with a myriad of options—you can pay for each country and each connection, for example. That can be confusing because you have to examine all of the features.

Norton Secure VPN lays it all out according to the number of devices you want to use at one time, although understanding the pricing strategy can be confusing. You can pay for one device connection (at $3.33 per month), five device connections at once (the same price for a limited time), or ten connections (at $5 per month).

Norton Secure VPN prices and plans overview

Annual (one device)


Access to one device only

Annual (five devices)


Includes access on five devices

Annual (10 devices)


Includes access on 10 devices

Data effective 5/13/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

None of these plans are offered on a monthly basis. Normally, the one connection fee is billed annually at $49.99 per year but is currently $39.99 per year. The five connection plan is normally $79.99 but is also $39.99 per year. It’s not clear why the one-year plan and five-year plan are priced the same; the renewal fee is higher for the five connection plan. The ten device connection is normally $99.99 but is currently $59.99 per year.

Since some users might forget they even pay annually, it could be a surprise when the plan renews at the higher cost.

Most VPN clients, such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, let you pay by the month and also won’t automatically renew at a higher annual rate.

Compare Norton Secure VPN to other top VPNs
Standout feature

Norton Secure VPN


Includes access on up to five devices



High number of countries and servers



5,600 servers available



Unusual pricing plan lets you add servers one by one

Data effective 5/13/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Norton Secure VPN: Innovative ad blocker and tracker

The included ad blocker tracks the number of blocked ads.

Many VPN clients such as TunnelBear include an ad blocker, but Norton Secure VPN is unique in how it tracks the blocked ads right in the VPN app. With TunnelBear, the blocked ads are still tracked but using a separate Google Chrome extension.

Norton Secure VPN protection update page

This is helpful because you can monitor the ads you block right in the VPN as you enable or disable the connection. In one quick glance, for example, you can see that you have blocked a few hundred apps in only a week. One note here is that not all sites will work properly when an ad blocker is enabled. More and more sites are not allowing them.

Norton Secure VPN: Flexible pricing plan

An unusual way to pay for the connections you need.

Norton Secure VPN is different from other VPN clients in that you can select the number of device connections you want from one, five, or up to ten.

Some VPN clients provide a flexible payment model, usually based on how long you set up the annual payment plan. For example, CyberGhost lets you choose a low-cost 18-month plan that works out to only $3.15 per month on average. Windscribe also lets you add server and country connections and pay only for the ones you need.

We like that Norton Secure VPN mixes it up and lets you pay according to your device needs rather than enticing you with the “longer you stay, the less you pay” angle of other VPN clients. That said Norton Secure VPN only offers one-year and five-year plans, so keep in mind that you’re on the hook for at least a year no matter which option you choose.

Norton Secure VPN: Rare 60-day money-back guarantee

The money-back guarantee is much longer than most.

In all of our VPN app testing, we have rarely come across a money-back guarantee to match Norton Secure VPN—which offers a 60-day guarantee. It means if you find the VPN adds too much overhead or the interface is clunky and confusing, you can request a full refund. Most VPN clients offer a 30-day trial or as little as a seven-day trial.

Our pick: The best Norton Secure VPN plan

Best: 10 device connection

Who it’s best for: Those with multiple devices they need to secure. Why we recommend it: All plans are annual so you’ll get the best value (and more devices) with the ten-device connection.

Norton Secure VPN pricing and contracts
Standout feature



Includes access on 1 device



Includes access on 5 devices



Includes access on 10 devices



Includes access on 1 device



Includes access on 5 devices



Includes access on 10 devices

Data effective 4/20/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Recap: Is Norton Secure VPN good?

Norton Secure VPN has one obvious advantage over other clients: It’s made by a reliable and well-known company. Symantec is well-established in the security field—perhaps the most well-known security company on the planet. That alone makes Norton Secure VPN worth considering, on top of the flexible pay plans.

Norton Secure VPN prices and plans:

  • Annual (1 device) - $3.33/mo.
  • Annual (5 devices) - $3.33/mo.
  • Annual (10 devices) - $5.00/mo.

Norton Secure VPN standout features:

  • Innovative ad blocker and tracker
  • Flexible pricing plan
  • Rare 60-day money-back guarantee


How many connections do you need?

We all tend to own multiple gadgets. You might have a couple of smartphones, laptops, and a desktop. With one account, you can also protect other people in your immediate family. That may mean the ten-device plan is the right one for you.

Additional contributors: Chyelle Dvorak

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