ExpressVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN Review

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    Twice as many servers
  • con
    More expensive
Norton Secure VPN
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    Fewer available countries
John Brandon
Sep 09, 2020
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There are three words that can help you choose between two powerhouses in the VPN market. Power, prestige, and price. If one of these is more important to you, it might guide your decision. To jump right to the conclusion here: ExpressVPN offers more power (with far more servers and countries available for the connection). It means always being able to connect from anywhere.

Norton Secure VPN is arguably more well-known thanks to the Norton name. And, in terms of price, it’s no contest since Norton Secure VPN is far more affordable. That said, we still rated ExpressVPN higher because it provides the most power for the price.

ExpressVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN: Prices

Norton Secure VPN is far cheaper, especially for the one-device plan or the annual plan.

It might surprise you to learn just how affordable Norton Secure VPN really is—and it’s even more surprising that it still might not be the best value. For starters, ExpressVPN does cost more at $12.95 per month. With the ability to connect using five devices, both ExpressVPN and Norton Secure VPN seem like worthy competitors. Yet, ExpressVPN offers far more servers (over 3,000), more countries, and a better interface.

Prices and plans
Price (1 mo.)
Price (12 mo.)




Norton Secure VPN



Data effective 7/7/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

That said, if the main goal is to save money, then Norton Secure VPN is a much better choice. There’s a plan where you can pay only $4.99 per month to protect one device (which is extremely unusual in the VPN market). You can also pay for the five-device plan by the year which works out to $3.33 per month on average.

ExpressVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN: Number of servers

ExpressVPN wins hands-down when it comes to servers available.

ExpressVPN has twice as many servers available for your connection, which is a major benefit if you travel overseas or want to test your speed. With more connections, you can try a server in Chicago and see if that provides enough speed for a specific streaming site. Norton Secure VPN only offers around 1,500 servers.

ExpressVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN: Number of countries

ExpressVPN has far more countries available as well.

For the number of countries available, ExpressVPN also beats out the competition. It’s 94 countries compared to only 29 for Norton Secure VPN. That means if you travel overseas and want to connect to a server that helps you stream or download from that country, it’s possible. And, with more countries and servers, the VPN is more flexible.

ExpressVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN: Number of devices

Norton Secure VPN offers more flexibility with device connections.

Most VPN clients (in fact, almost all of them) allow you to connect with up to five devices using one account. It’s rare when a VPN allows six or seven, but almost unheard of to offer pricing plans for one device or 10 devices. Norton Secure VPN offers both of those options plus a five-device plan. At only $9.99 per month, the 10-device plan for Norton Secure VPN actually costs less than ExpressVPN for the five-device plan.

ExpressVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN: Which is better?

You might think Norton Secure VPN is the better value, but we’re not so sure. ExpressVPN provides more power where it counts: the actual connection. But if Norton covers all the bases you need, it’s hard to beat its pricing plans.

  • Pricing: Norton Secure VPN. Norton offers unusual per-device pricing plans and annual plans.
  • Number of servers: ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has twice as many servers as Norton.
  • Number of countries: ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has a much higher number of countries available.
  • Number of devices: Norton Secure VPN. Norton has flexible device connection plans.

Still don't know which VPN is best for you?

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