IPVanish vs. Norton Secure VPN Review

A newcomer VPN service takes on a well-established name in security, but only one emerges as the clear choice.
Ip Vanish
4 out of 5 stars
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    Monthly price: $10.00/mo.
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    Number of servers: 1,400+
Norton Secure VPN
Norton SecureVPN
4 out of 5 stars
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    Monthly price: $7.99/mo.
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    Number of servers: 1,500+
John Brandon
Editorial Lead, TV, Streaming, & VPN
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Published on August 03, 2020
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IPVanish debuted in 2012 as a capable and reliable virtual private network, but for many consumers, there isn’t the same instant name recognition of a product like Norton.

Many computer users know Norton as an antivirus powerhouse. Even then, Norton Secure VPN is not as established in the VPN market as ExpressVPN or NordVPN, which means IPVanish has an uphill climb for recognition. As it turns out, that shouldn’t be a big issue. When it comes to protecting your IP address, IPVanish is technically a superior product compared to Norton Secure VPN in almost every way.

IPVanish vs. Norton Secure VPN: Price

Norton Secure VPN is more affordable but not as good a value.

The IPVanish VPN costs $6.49 per month when you pay annually, while Norton Secure VPN charges $3.33 per month. Norton Secure VPN includes an option to pay for one device, five devices, or 10 devices.

Price and value go hand in hand: you get what you pay for. With IPVanish, the costs are higher compared to Norton Secure VPN when you pay by the month or by the year. However, since IPVanish is a more capable VPN provider and allows you to connect with every gadget you own (there are no restrictions once you have a paid account), it’s a better value.

In fact, to connect with 10 devices using Norton Secure VPN, you have to pay about the same price per month as IPVanish (both are about $10 per month).

NordVPN vs. Norton Secure VPN price comparison
Number of servers
Number of countries





Norton Secure VPN




Data effective 7/15/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Now, the only disclaimer here is if you decide to pay by the year. Norton Secure VPN cuts the price you end up paying per month in half (on average) if you pick the annual 10-device contract (it works out to $5 per month). That’s an exceptional deal and, in fact, is one of the best we’ve found for a top-tier VPN provider with good brand recognition, but it’s still not quite enough of an incentive to win out over IPVanish.

IPVanish vs. Norton Secure VPN: Number of VPN servers

IPVanish slightly misses the mark for total servers compared to Norton.

One of the things that’s so important when selecting a VPN service is to look closely at the specs. IPVanish does cost a little more per month and offers fewer VPN servers (about 100 fewer than Norton Secure VPN). That means with Norton, you can always find an internet connection when you travel or can experiment with connection speed tests depending on which server you select and what you are trying to download, stream, or access on the web.

IPVanish vs. Norton Secure VPN: Number of countries

IPVanish has more than double the number of countries available.

IPVanish offers far more countries available for the connection, more than doubling the number available through Norton Secure VPN. (It’s 29 compared to over 75.) We had to double-check the stats of Norton Secure VPN to make sure, but 29 countries is quite low compared to the top-tier VPN clients like CyberGhost.

IPVanish vs. Norton Secure VPN: Number of devices

IPVanish also wins out easily in terms of device connections.

IPVanish switched to unlimited device connections in July 2020 in a mic-drop moment in the industry. It means with one account, you can connect with every phone, laptop, tablet, smart television, and other gadget you own. That’s an ideal scenario for power users or anyone who happens to own a multitude of devices. Norton Secure VPN allows only five connections, or 10 if you pay for the higher-level plan.

IPVanish vs. Norton Secure VPN: Which is better?

Even though you might recognize the name Norton, it’s IPVanish that wins in a VPN comparison due to the unlimited connections.

  • Pricing: Norton Secure VPN—Cheaper plans, although not the best value.
  • Number of servers: Norton Secure VPN—About 100 more VPN servers available.
  • Number of countries: IPVanish—More than double the number of countries.
  • Number of devices: IPVanish—Unlimited device connections per account.
John Brandon
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John Brandon
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