How to Cancel Sling TV

Need help canceling Sling TV? We got your back.

Trevor Wheelwright
TV, Streaming, & Internet Expert
February 17, 2022
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Not feeling it? Here’s how to leave without extra fees.

Not in love with Sling TV? Maybe you need a different livestreaming service or a better cable alternative. Or maybe you’ve already caught up with the Kardashians and will renew your subscription next season. Either way, you need to cut off your service before you’re charged for the next month—or worse, you forget you subscribed to the free trial and have been paying for nothing

How to cancel Sling TV step-by-step

  1. Sign in to Sling TV
  2. Go to the My Account dashboard
  3. Click Cancel Subscription
  4. Confirm your cancellation
  5. Leave Sling feedback
  6. Receive cancellation confirmation via email

Sign into your Sling TV account

Sign into Sling TV if you aren’t already. And if you’ve forgotten your account settings, it’s not like losing your $75,000 diamond earring in the ocean, so don’t cry. You can always use Sling’s Forgot Your Password? link.

Depending on your browser settings, you’ll have two options for accessing your account that look different. It’ll either be a little person next to Sign In / Sign Out or a little cog wheel.

Sling TV account buttons

Click the little human that’s between your language and Sign Out.

If you can’t find your account menu, click the settings cog-wheel in the top-right corner.

Go the Manage Account section

This is the section where you can manage everything about your account, including billing and subscription information. It also shows your auto-renew time and date, which is helpful for knowing when your next charge is coming, giving you time to run up your card on designer jeans.

Clicking Manage Account will direct you to the My Account page on Sling’s website.

Click Change Subscription

Confirm that you either want to keep or cancel your subscription when the pop-up menu appears.

Sling doesn’t want you to leave, of course, so they may give you some incentive to stay. We were offered to check out Sling add-ons, but maybe Sling will present something else enticing to keep you for at least another few months. It’s like a last plea for your love, and sometimes an HDTV antenna is all that’s needed for love to reign supreme.

Leave Sling some feedback

Sling wants to know why you’re leaving because maybe it can solve your problems with a resource page, or improve its service in some way. Be a homie and tell them what’s up for real.

Receive your cancellation confirmation

Check the email to make sure that Sling TV sent your cancellation confirmation. If you didn’t get a confirmation email, contact Sling TV directly to make sure everything went through.

After that, you’re good to keep watching Sling for the duration of your billing cycle, or you can flash Sling the peace sign forever. It’s not a big deal to renew your subscription, either, so any last-minute regrets don’t have to be permanent.

Looking for a better streaming service?

Maybe Sling didn’t have the channels you wanted, or maybe it was the price throwing you off. Either way, we’ve talked about the best live TV streaming services before. They all offer free trials, so you might as well try ‘em all.

Live TV streaming service providers
Full review
Try it


Hulu with Live TV

YouTube TV




Any other questions or Sling TV feedback we need to hear? Drop some knowledge in the comments below.

What to know about cancelling Sling TV

Your current paid subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle. So if you cancel after the first week of the month, you’ll still be able to watch Kim and Khloe hashing it out for rest of the month, but won’t be charged or have service for the following month.

Unless you’re on a free trial, you can still use Sling TV until the end of your current billing cycle. Even after your subscription is fully over, you’ll still have access to some free shows via networks like Food Network, HGTV, History Channel, and TBS. That’s actually kinda cool. Props, Sling.

Sling TV doesn’t offer refunds for prepaid or partial months of service. So if you’re cancelling on Day 1 of the month, you won’t get money back for the other 30 or so days.

No, your subscription from Sling TV must be cancelled via the website. You may be able to delete an ex’s number from your phone and never have to make contact again, but Sling’s going to need more closure, or they’ll take more of your money. . . you know how break-ups go.

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