Best Streaming Service for Kids

Find the best streaming service for you and your kids when it comes to content and parental controls.
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You’re probably trying to find the best streaming service for your kids with their favorite channels, superb parental controls, and a bonus of being a streaming service you will enjoy, yourself.

So which streaming service has Disney and Nickelodeon, but also has a feature to block anything over G-rated movies from your little ones?

We are here to help you find that streaming service you can unconsciously click on and hand over to your children while you’re shopping, working, or talking with a friend.

Your children’s entertainment for an hour or more is at your fingertips.

These are the factors we looked at to determine the best streaming services for kids:

  • Channels
  • Parental controls
  • Price
Best streaming services for kids
Monthly priceAvailable channelsLearn more
$8.99$17.99*0View Plans
$35$5050View Plans
$5.99$11.990View Plans
$7.99$79.990View Plans
$12.99*0View Plan
Data as of 11/05/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Data as of 11/05/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Netflix: Editor’s Choice

Netflix lets you control what your kids watch with lots of restriction options all parents will love, which is why it’s our Editor’s Choice

How much is Netflix?
ProviderMonthly priceLearn more
Netflix$8.99$17.99*View Plans
Data as of 11/05/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Data as of 11/05/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

What we like

  • Excellent parental control settings
  • Netflix Kids

Create a child-proof four-digit PIN

Netflix has lots of great ways you can control what your children can watch or can’t watch. You won’t have to worry about their little eyes seeing anything inappropriate if you happen to leave them alone in the living room for an hour or two.

Netflix’s parental controls are the real deal.

In the Settings of your Netflix account under Parental Controls, you can create a PIN to restrict the following:

The Restrict by Maturity Level option lets you choose if you want to require a PIN for content that is for Little Kids (6 and Under), Older Kids (12 and Under) and above, Teens (14 and Under) and above, or Adults (15+).

Netflix Restrict by Maturity Level
  • You can also restrict specific titles, regardless of maturity rating. A PIN will be needed to view those particular movies or series.

Netflix’s parental controls are the best because they have features that no other streaming service has.

Netflix kids profile

You can create an individual profile and set restrictions with a PIN, as mentioned above, or you can easily create a kid’s profile. By selecting the Kid? option, your child will automatically have access to only TV shows and movies for kids 12 and under.

Netflix Kids profile

The content is the same kids/family content you would see on the original Netflix homepage, but categorized in sections such as Popular, Animated, Girl Power, Funny, etc.

Netflix Kids content

Netflix summary

  • Good: Netflix has the best parental controls by creating a PIN to restrict whichever maturity level of your choice and the option to create a kids profile.
  • Full review: Check out our full review of Netflix.
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Sling TV: Most kids TV channels

Sling is one of the only live TV streaming services that have Disney and Nickelodeon channels

How much is Sling TV?
ProviderMonthly priceLearn more
Sling$35$50View Plans

What we like

  • Disney, Nick Jr., and more
  • Great parental controls

Lots of channels for kids

Do your kids love to watch Puppy Dog Pals or Big City Greens? Or maybe Paw Patrol or Blue Clues & You?

Sling TV offers the following kids channels:

  • BabyTV
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • Nick Jr.
  • NickToons
  • TeenNick

But depending on where you live, these channels may not be available. So check out the channel lineup to find out what is available in your area.

Parental controls on point

Sling’s Settings conveniently has a Parental Controls tab. When you Enable the controls, you’ll be asked to create a PIN, just like Netflix.

Unlike Netflix, you can’t create profiles for kids. But you’ll have to enter the PIN if you want to watch a restricted movie, like The Hangover.

Sling Parental Controls screenshot

Sling lets you lock or unlock each rating. And as long as your kids don’t know the PIN, they will only have access to channels with unlocked ratings.

Sling TV summary

  • Good: Sling TV has the most kids channels, so they’re guaranteed to find something they like.
  • Bad: Unfortunately, all of the kids channels may not be available in your area.
  • Full review: Check out our full review of Sling TV.

Hulu: Best for families

Hulu and Hulu + Live TV have something for everyone in the family to watch

How much is Hulu?
Streaming serviceMonthly priceDetails
hulu logoHulu $5.99–$11.99/mo.View Plans
hulu logoHulu + Live TV$64.99–$70.99/mo.View Plans

What we like

  • Wide variety of content
  • Create a kids profile

A variety of TV channels and on-demand content

If you’re interested in Hulu, the on-demand service, your child will have lots to choose from.

They’ll have movies (such as Horton Hears a Who or Madagascar 2), educational series (such as Sesame Street and Doc McStuffins), and classic cartoons (such as Rugrats and The Power Puff Girls).

Hulu's kids content screenshot

With Hulu + Live TV, your kids will have access to the following channels:

  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • Universal Kids.

The downside to Hulu + Live TV is the price. It’s already one of the priciest in the industry, and if you would like 200 hours of DVR storage instead of 50, you’ll have to tack on another $10 to your monthly bill.

But it can be worth it for families. If you want channels and on-demand content for everyone in the house, Hulu Live can be a cheaper option than cable TV.

A kids profile option

Similar to Netflix, you can create a kids profile. A kids profile will allow your children to only view content appropriate for kids up to the age of 12.

First of all, to create this filtered profile, you’ll have to jump on Hulu on your computer.

Click on Add Profile, and you’ll be able to toggle on the Kids feature to allow only kid-friendly content and channels.

Hulu kids profile screenshot

Hulu summary

  • Good: Hulu has channels and on-demand content for everyone in the family, as well as the option to create a kids profile.
  • Bad: Hulu is reasonably priced, but Hulu + Live TV is a little on the pricey side. But it might be worth it for families.
  • Full review: Check out our full review of Hulu + Live TV.

Disney+: Most kid-friendly

There’s no question that Disney+ will have the least amount of explicit content

How much is Disney+?
Disney+$7.99View Plan

What we like

  • Mostly all kid-friendly content
  • Solid bundling price
  • Kids profile option

Just great, kid-friendly Disney content

With Disney+, you’ll worry a little less about what your child might stumble upon.

Your child will have an endless amount of old and new Disney movies and series to watch, so you could say they will be entertained for hours.

Disney+ has Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars content. So this streaming service will be perfect if you have a princess-loving daughter and a son who absolutely loves BB-8.

Bundle Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+

Disney+ now gives you the option to bundle it with ESPN+ and Hulu Live for about $61 (which is $6 cheaper if you were to subscribe individually).

If you bundle with Hulu instead of Hulu Live, the monthly cost will be just $12.99. That’s a pretty good deal! I personally jumped on this deal. It’s not a bad price for thousands of hours of content.

Make a kids profile

We put this last for two reasons: the Disney+ parental controls are a little weak, but luckily there isn’t too much content on Disney+ that you wouldn’t want your children to see.

Disney+’s parental controls can prevent all PG and PG-13 titles from being watched, but a curious child can venture off into another profile that doesn’t have that restriction. No PIN is required in Disney+ to watch higher-rated shows, such as The Simpsons.

Again, Disney+ doesn’t have as strong of parental controls, but fortunately, there are far fewer high-rated shows they could be exposed to.

Megaphone icon
YouTube TV’s subpar parental controls
Although YouTube TV is one of our favorite live TV streaming services, YouTube TV didn’t make the cut for the best streaming services for kids. YouTube TV’s parental controls lets you block shows based on their ratings under Settings -> Filter. But maybe this can stop a five-year-old, but it certainly won’t stop a tech-savvy 12-year-old who can easily just toggle the filter setting back because changing the setting doesn’t require a PIN. YouTube TV could learn a thing or two from Netflix or Sling.

Disney+ summary

  • Good: Disney+ has mostly kid-friendly content, and you can bundle with Hulu and ESPN+. The bundle will give everyone in the family something to watch.
  • Bad: You may not be able to prevent your child from watching The Simpsons if they get curious.
  • Full review: Check out our full review of Disney+.

Amazon Prime Video: Best value

Prime Video gives you three perks for the family

How much is Amazon Prime Video?
Streaming serviceMonthly priceDetails
Amazon Prime Video logoAmazon Prime Video$8.99–$12.99/mo.View Plans

What we like

  • Best value of the bunch
  • Strong parental controls

Lots of perks with Amazon Prime

For the price of one take-out meal, you get three things with Amazon Prime Video:

  • On-demand content for the family
  • Rent and buy new release and old movies
  • Prime shipping

Prime Video gives kids Original Kids Series, Educational TV, Educational Movies, and PBS Kids TV shows. This streaming service is also perfect for kids who love Spongebob Squarepants, Arthur, and Kung Fu Panda.

Amazon Prime Video kids content screenshot

Perfect for everyone in the family, you can rent old and new movies for $3.99 each or buy them for about $5–$20. So sit down and relax in the living room with your loved ones and watch Detective Pikachu or Rio.

With your Prime Video account, you get free expedited Prime shipping. We don’t know one person who doesn’t like lightning-speed shipping. So order whatever you’d like on Amazon and enjoy next-day or two-day shipping.

Great parental control options

Prime Video is another streaming service that requires a child-proof PIN. We like the PINs.

In your Settings, select Parental Controls, then Viewing Restrictions. Here you can choose an age restriction and devices you want to apply them to. The parental controls will also block purchases unless the PIN is entered.

Amazon Prime parental controls screenshot
Amazon Kids Category screenshot

And lastly, there is a Kids option in Settings that you can easily tap without needing parental controls. It’s nice to unconsciously and quickly hand over your smartphone to your little one when they need a distraction.

Prime Video summary

  • Good: Prime Video gives you on-demand content, the option to rent and buy movies, quick Prime shipping, and reliable parental controls.
  • Full review: Check out our full review of Amazon Prime Video.
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Free streaming services for kids
If you’re not looking to sign up for a service but instead looking for a free streaming service, we recommend PBS Kids, DisneyNOW, and Cartoon Network.

Recommended devices for kids

Before we get to the recap of the best streaming services for kids, how about we touch on the best streaming devices for kids?

Kids might drop our new iPhone or our new Android tablet, so it might be best for kids to have their own devices to watch cartoons and play games on.

Our number one recommended device is the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet. It comes in a kid-proof case of blue, pink, or purple. You can download streaming apps, games, audiobooks, and educational content for your children on this tablet.

For a little bit less of a price, and possibly for your older children, the Fire 7 Tablet has all of the streaming services available to download. Your child can also download Kindle, Audible, and Spotify.

Megaphone icon
Best internet providers
If you’re needing a new, faster internet provider, check out our top internet providers for seamless streaming. No one wants Toy Story to pause on their great adventure.

Recap: Which is the best streaming service for kids?

We sorted through more than a dozen streaming services to highlight some of the best. We considered parental controls, children’s programming, and on-demand content to determine which streaming service deserves your attention for your children. Overall, we can say this about each:

  • Netflix: Netflix has the best parental controls by giving you four restriction age choices, the ability to restrict specific titles, the option to create a PIN, and a convenient “kids profile” selection.
  • Sling TV: Sling is one of the only live TV streaming services that has both Disney and Nickelodeon channels, among others.
  • Hulu: Perfect for families, Hulu and Hulu + Live TV has on-demand content and channels for everyone to enjoy.
  • Disney+: You won’t have to worry too much about your children accidentally watching explicit content since 90% of the content is kid-friendly, Disney movies and series.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Prime Video is the best value with the benefits of on-demand content for you and the kids, rent or buy movies, and Prime shipping.

What do you think?

Which streaming service do you think is the best for kids? Tell us what you think in the comments.