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John Brandon
Editorial Lead, TV, Streaming, & VPN
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November 10, 2020
4 min read

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What would it be like if we had to deal with fewer cords dangling everywhere? For those who have discovered wireless charging for your phone, it is a wonderful perk. In terms of TV entertainment and streaming to the living room, it’s usually a nightmare.

Many of us now use set-top boxes like the Apple TV or an Xbox One for streaming, but that means more cords and more power consumption. Sure, it would be nice if we could upgrade to a smart television with every app known to the human race already built-in, but the latest high-end models cost north of $2,000 or so.

One extremely affordable solution is the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV. This 43-inch LCD all-in-one smart television provides all of the most popular streaming apps, good sound quality, and voice-activated search using the Alexa bot. The picture quality is about average for a budget television, yet it’s ideal for a dorm room or a spare bedroom.

  • No cable clutter
  • Very low price
  • 4K with Dolby Vision HDR
  • Average picture quality
  • Shows run in 720p resolution
Low price leader
Price Tag

This is literally the lowest priced smart television we have ever found.

What are the specs?

The Toshiba Amazon Fire TV has impressive specs, although it is a far cry from the crisp and brilliant colors on most smart televisions

On paper, the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV is impressive because it supports so many recent standards. This includes Dolby Vision HDR in 4K resolution and Dolby Virtual X for audio that fills the room. At 43 inches, it’s ideal for a bedroom or family room as a second television. There are plenty of ports for connecting extra devices.

Toshiba Amazon Fire TV specs

Storage capacityNot specified but only enough for app downloads
TunersHD antenna supported
HD quality1080p and 4K
User profilesAlexa
Voice botYes
PortsThree HDMI, one USB, coaxial, composite
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How much does the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV cost?

For an extremely low price, this smart television is a smart buy

For a smart television to cost only $209.99 is a bit surprising. After all, many of the best Samsung, LG, and Sony models cost at least $2,000 these days, if not far higher. The main difference here is that the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV uses an older LED technology that makes the picture look only average for a budget television. You aren’t benefitting from the absolute latest OLED technology for amazing picture quality. You do gain access to most of the popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

Toshiba Amazon Fire TV details


Toshiba Amazon Fire TV


*Data effective 10/13/2020. Price and channel inclusion vary according to location.

What are the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV most unique features?

This is a powerful smart television at an affordable price

It was interesting to discover just how powerful this smart television really is. Because it is running the Fire TV operating system, you can load any Amazon app under the sun, from Netflix to Philo to Fubo TV. We had a hard time thinking of apps that don’t run on Fire TV, and this even includes those from Apple because they are supported. (HiSense is one brand that doesn’t let you install Apple TV+ because it runs the Android operating system.) We were able to install Google streaming apps, ran BritBox easily, and installed Acorn TV without any problems. The Toshiba Amazon Fire TV is speedy enough, too. Loading and running apps worked smoothly in all of our tests.

Beyond the apps, there are a few other exceptional features. We were pleasantly surprised to find out the TV itself has parental controls to limit which shows and movies kids can watch, based on the rating. The television has a built-in coaxial connection so you can connect cable television or even use a low-cost HD antenna.

The television provides a Live TV tab as well. If you install and use the YouTube TV, Sling, and Philo apps on the Fire TV device, then all of the live television offerings will show up there in one place. It was easy to search for shows and movies using the Alexa bot. You can even pair the television to an Amazon Echo speaker and control the TV by voice. (Alexa is built in to the Fire TV itself, but you have to use the remote.)

What about the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV content?

Content is king on this smart television

Because we’re talking about TV streaming here using a smart television, it is all about the apps. Yes, it is possible to hook up cable or satellite television, but the all-in-one device is more ideal for a small space in an apartment or somewhere more suited to 100% streaming apps. Your goal might be to limit how many products you connect to save space or even to declutter the room. Even then, the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV supports almost every streaming app available including Amazon Prime TV, Netflix, Paramount+, HBO Max, and many more. The only reason this smart television isn’t a good cord-cutter replacement for cable or satellite television is due to picture quality. You’re likely more interested in streaming apps on a secondary device.

How does the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV quality compare?

The picture quality is average for a budget television

We won’t mince words here: the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV picture quality is just okay for a budget television that costs around $200. The 43-inch size is nice for a spare bedroom, but we don’t recommend using one in a living room where you are seated six to eight feet from the television and might not see all of the wonderful detail. For home movie night, which is now almost every night for many of us, the budget quality and picture size won’t make The Mandalorian on the Disney+ app that stunning.

What we’re really talking about here is an extra television, one that helps you keep tabs on your favorite binge-worthy show on Amazon Prime or another app. You won’t pull out the popcorn and sit back on the sofa for that new BBC series you love (the brand new show Cobra is one good suggestion), but maybe you will catch up on CNN.

Recap: Is Toshiba Amazon Fire TV worth it?

As a secondary television, this is a smart way to go

To sum up our findings as succinctly as possible: the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV is worth the low price if you want a second television and are okay with average picture quality. The LED screen is clear and colorful enough compared to a computer monitor, and with Dolby HDR you can expect good contrast and dark blacks. The screen is not that bright, though, compared to most OLED models and, at only 43 inches, it’s a tad small.

What do you think?

Do you have Toshiba Amazon Fire TV? What's your experience with it been? Or do you like a different streaming service better? Drop us a comment below!

John Brandon
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John Brandon
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