Getting Back at Comcast: Take Advantage of Xfinity Perks

Tyler Abbott
May 23, 2022
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Do you ever feel annoyed at your internet service provider? If you’ve sat down at the end of a long day to stream some TV and you get the eternal buffering wheel, then you know what I’m talking about. Internet service providers, like Xfinity Comcast, occasionally drop the ball when it comes to internet speeds. Taking advantage of free perks that come with your internet service certainly helps make you feel better when your internet craps out.

Xfinity launched a rewards program that gives you more free stuff, on top of the free stuff you automatically get by being a customer. Here’s how to take full advantage of all the best Xfinity perks.

Free movies

Comcast owns Universal Studios, so you can expect free movies as a fairly regular offer. In fact, right now you can get the classic Jurassic Park for free if you’re an Xfinity rewards member. The best part is that this isn’t some temporary streaming access—you actually get to keep the movie and watch it whenever you want.


You can also get discounted movie tickets from Xfinity. For example, you can get a buy-one-get-one-free deal when you buy a ticket for the upcoming Dreamworks movie The Bad Guys. To cash in on the deal, you just need to purchase a ticket for the movie on Fandango and put in the promotion code you get when you claim the deal from Xfinity rewards. For this particular perk, you get up to $20 in credit, so feel free to cash in the reward for a fancy weekend evening showing.

Tickets to Universal Studios and other events

Here comes another perk from the fact that Comcast owns Universal Studios! As an Xfinity customer, you can get discounted tickets to Universal Studios Orlando. Keep in mind that this perk only works for the Orlando theme park, and sadly not for the Los Angeles theme park. But hey, now you’ve got an excuse to take a trip to Florida!

The exclusive Xfinity deal gets you a three-day ticket for the price of a two-day admission ticket. Daily tickets to Universal Studios cost $71.33 for access to one of the two parks. With this discount, you get the third day of your trip paid for.

Listen, we all know Universal Studios isn’t quite as magical as Disneyworld, but it’s still amazing for Harry Potter fans. Just be prepared to spend more than $60 on a plastic wand. (I regret nothing.) Fingers crossed that this deal still applies when Nintendo World opens at Universal sometime in 2023.

Giveaway for other events

Xfinity also regularly holds giveaways for its customers for live studio audience appearances. Right now, Xfinity customers can enter the NBC show ticket sweepstakes to attend a live taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Access to Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity offers cell phone plans exclusively for its own customers. Without a doubt, the best cell phone plan that Xfinity offers is the Unlimited Data Option for $45/month. Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s awesome network to provide coverage for customers, and Xfinity Mobile costs at least $20/month less than any Verizon unlimited plans.

Basically, an Xfinity Mobile plan operates like a heavily discounted Verizon plan, but there are some catches you should know about.

  • Catch #1: You only have a 20 GB data cap. Once you use over 20 GB of data in a single month, your data speeds will slow down significantly.
  • Catch #2: If Verizon’s network gets overly congested with users, your data speeds can slow down even if you haven’t reached your data cap.

As long as you’re willing to accept both of those caveats, getting an unlimited data plan from Xfinity is a pretty sweet deal.

Xfinity referral bonuses

Xfinity will give you (and your referred friend) a $75 prepaid credit card if your friend uses your referral link to sign up for Xfinity. Considering internet providers cater to entire communities, you might as well start knocking on new neighbor’s doors asking if they want a free $75 prepaid credit card. After all, chances are your new neighbors will be signing up for Xfinity regardless.

One Xfinity “perk” that we don’t love
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All Xfinity customers get access to wireless hotspots dotted around the country. Though free Wi-Fi on the go sounds pretty great, in my experience, the Xfinity hotspots are more of a hindrance than anything helpful. If I ever find myself without service in places I usually have service, it’s likely because my phone connected to a weak Xfinity hotspot. For that reason, I’ll usually turn off my Wi-Fi signal when out of the house.

For some folks with low data plans or poor service while traveling, the Xfinity hotspots might be super helpful. If you’re just driving around town, however, the Xfinity hotspots can be a nuisance.

Get the most out of your Xfinity plan

Xfinity is one of our top-recommended internet carriers in the country due to its affordable prices, fast data plans, and deals on bundles that include internet, home security, and TV. Check out our YouTube guide on how to get the most of your Xfinity plan:

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