Good2Go Mobile Plans Review

A cheap, stripped-down cell phone provider for those who just want the basics

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3 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Cheap and simple plans
  • pro
    Good coverage
  • con
    No unlimited data plans
  • con
    Few extra features
Easton Smith
Jun 12, 2024
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Good2Go is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it offers prepaid plans using another company’s cellular network (in this case, it’s AT&T). Good2Go’s plans are cheap and simple, but they don’t offer unlimited data.

Does Good2Go have awesome deals on new phones? Nope. What about extra features like mobile hotspots and free international coverage? Forget about it. This is shredded wheat in a bag—what you see is what you get. And that will be perfect for some folks.

How can I tell the difference between all these MVNOs?
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Choosing the best MVNO for you comes down to a few factors: What network do you want to use? How much data do you use? And do you want more than one line? You can always read our recommendation in our Best Prepaid Plans article.

Good2Go Mobile plans

Cheap talk and text, less cheap data, and no unlimited plans
  • Dirt cheap talk and text plan
  • Good coverage
  • Tons of low-data plan options
  • Expensive unlimited data plan
  • Few extra features

What we like

Good2Go offers five plans. Each plan comes with unlimited talk and text plus 5 to 30GB of full-speed data, depending on the tier. Simple, right? Right, as long as you don’t want unlimited high-speed data.

Here’s a closer look at what we like most about Good2Go’s plans (we’ll get to what we don’t like so much in a moment).

Dirt cheap unlimited talk and text

Remember back in the day, when all we wanted from our cell phones was that Snake game and the ability to send written messages with smiley 🙂  faces? Things were so simple back then. But it’s not too late to go back.

You can get a classic, unlimited talk and text plan with bare-bones data from Good2Go for less than $10 a month. Admit it: that’s less than you currently spend on in-app purchases.

There are plenty of MVNOs out there offering no-data plans on the cheap, but this is among the cheapest. It’s a great option for kids who just need a phone to coordinate slumber parties and rides to soccer practice.

Good coverage

Good2Go runs on AT&T’s network. That’s pretty cool since AT&T tends to be a bit stingy about loaning its network to MVNOs (TracFone and Consumer Cellular are some of the other exceptions).

But it’s also cool because AT&T’s network has great coverage and speeds. We’ll go over this in more detail below, but just know that you should see at least a few bars of service in most of North America with Good2Go.

Tons of low-data plan options

If you’re looking for a plan with just a little bit of data—enough to check your email and use Google Maps occasionally—then Good2Go has plenty of options. It also has a few higher-data plans, for those with a minor Youtube addiction.

Good2Go offers 1 to 30GB of data for $7 to $50. That’s a decent range of affordable options for folks who don’t need an unlimited plan but still want some data. And even after you hit your cap, you’ll still get unlimited data at 128 Kbps speeds (like going from broadband to dial-up internet).

What we don’t like

Good2Go’s biggest limitations are its expensive unlimited data plans and lack of extra features. It’s a “you get what you pay for” sort of situation.

Pricey unlimited plans

Sure, you need data if you want to stream an episode of The Boys during your morning commute. But it’s not just entertainment that requires data these days. You’ll use it when you send memes to your friend, download app updates, and listen to the latest episode of your favorite podcast.

The point is that data use can add up fast, which is why many companies are moving towards offering only unlimited data plans. And it’s also why Good2Go’s $50 unlimited data option is going to be a dealbreaker for many customers. At that price point, with only 30GB of high-speed data, you might as well go with a lower-tiered plan from a major carrier that will get you more data plus perks.

Looking for a plan with more data?
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No-data and limited-data plans are great for some folks. But if you need that sweet 4G juice to fuel your PUBG Mobile game and Instagram presence, then you’ll probably want an unlimited plan.

 Few extra features

T-Mobile will give you a free subscription to Netflix, and Verizon will hook you up with Disney+. Ultra Mobile offers free international talk and text to over 80 countries. Visible Wireless lets you use your device as a mobile hotspot.

Good2Go gives you . . . a $5 monthly credit when you enroll in autopay. Cool. Yay.

Yep, this discount provider is light on the perks. But that’s just how it is when you’re getting service at such cheap rates.

How do Good2Go’s plans compare?

How do Good2Go’s plans compare?

We’ve talked about how cheap Good2Go’s plans are. But how does the company compare with other MVNOs and traditional providers?

Good2Go’s unlimited talk and text plan is just $2 more per month than Twigby Mobile’s. It’s at least $4 cheaper than many other MVNOs’ cheapest plans.

Good2Go keeps up its competitive edge, even once you start adding data. Here’s what it looks like when you compare plans with at least 5 GB of data.

So is Good2Go the cheapest provider out there? It may be, but it all depends on what you’re looking for. It’s definitely a good deal if you don’t need a ton of data or perks.

Good2Go has no family plans

Good2Go’s family plans would be better if they existed.

Keeping everyone in the family connected is not cheap, which is why we love family plans that give you discounts on multiple lines. Unfortunately, Good2Go doesn’t do family plans.

Good2Go coverage

AT&T’s network will keep Good2Go customers covered, with a few exceptions.

As we mentioned before, Good2Go uses AT&T’s cell towers to provide its service. That’s good news unless you live in the middle of Wyoming or the bottom of the Grand Canyon (in which case, you better get yourself a satellite phone).

Here’s a peek at Good2Go’s coverage map.

Good2Go Mobile coverage map

Good2Go coverage map

Image source:

Good2Go’s network is big and fast

According to Opensignal’s latest Mobile Network Experience Report, AT&T’s network provides the best download experience, best voice app experience, and least latency (which is good news for all you mobile gamers).1

AT&T’s network is not bad for 4G coverage, either, but it still can’t compete with Verizon.1

Risk of network deprioritization

You should be aware that, like all MVNOs, Good2Go customers’ service can be deprioritized by the parent network. That means that speeds could be reduced for Good2Go customers in order to boost performance for AT&T customers.

But we’ve found no complaints from Good2Go customers about this happening, so don’t panic. You should experience good performance on all of your allotted full-speed data (speeds will definitely be reduced after that’s gone).

Good2Go cell phones and devices

You can get all of the newest devices, if you’ve got the cash.

Good2Go Mobile phone options

Ready to upgrade from that old iPhone 10 with the cracked screen? Or are you thinking of ditching Apple for a Samsung Galaxy S10? Well, Good2Go can help you out . . . sort of.

Good2Go has a “Phones” tab on its website, and it lists out phones that are compatible with its service (which is most of them, as long as they’re unlocked).

Good2Go phones

Image source: screenshot taken from

But when you actually look at individual phones on the site, you’ll see that it says, “Pick which model you want, and we will send you straight to the device on after you have picked your plan on Good2Go.”2

So you won’t find any awesome phone deals from Good2Go. And you won’t be able to pay for a new device in monthly installments. Instead, you’ll have to pay full price, up front, directly to the phone producer. Maybe hang on to that old iPhone 7 after all.

Good2Go customer service

Good2Go is more helpful than other MVNOs, but it has fewer features.

Most MVNOs minimize their customer service department in favor of online forums and phone apps. It can be nice to change account options and pay your bill with a few taps, but sometimes, when something goes wrong, you just want to talk to a real human being.

So the good news about Good2Go’s customer service is that we were able to get through to a real, live human operator in about 10 seconds. You can try it yourself by calling +1-800-416-3003, from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (ET), Monday through Sunday.

But the bad news is that there is no mobile app that allows you to pay your bill or check your balance. Instead, you’ll have to log in to Good2Go’s website on a browser.

Recap: Good2Go’s basic service is a great budget option

Sure, Good2Go is another discount MVNO in a crowded industry. But it does stand out in a few ways. Here’s a recap of what we liked and didn’t like so much about the company.

  • Plans: Good2Go offers a dirt-cheap ($7 a month) talk and text plan. The price goes up when you add data, but it's still competitive. Sadly, the company doesn’t offer family plans or extra perks like mobile hotspots.
  • Coverage and performance: Good2Go runs on AT&T’s powerful network. That means great coverage in most places, fast download speeds (up to your data limit), and low latency.
  • Phones and devices: You can see phones that are compatible with Good2Go on its website, but you won’t get any special deals or payment plans on these devices (*sad trombone*).

If you just want simple cellular service with talk, text, and maybe just a dollop of data, then you’re good to go (we almost made it through the whole review without a Good2Go pun)! You can sign up easily online.


Yes, as long as it’s a GSM device. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile, which is the system used by AT&T and T-Mobile. So, if you’re transferring an unlocked device from Verizon or Sprint, you might be out of luck.

If you have any lingering concerns, check your device’s compatibility using Good2Go’s online tool.


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