SimpliSafe vs. Cove Home Security 2021

SimpliSafe and Cove have similar pricing and features, but SimpliSafe has more smart home devices
Best Value


Monitoring price: $14.99–$24.99/mo.
Starter equipment price: $229.00
Best for Basics


Monitoring price: $14.99–$24.99/mo.
Starter equipment price: $294.00

SimpliSafe and Cove have a lot in common. Both these DIY home security systems have similar pricing, similar smart home integrations, and good customer service scores.

We have to give SimpliSafe a slight lead here because it offers a smart lock, and it has a doorbell camera. SimpliSafe’s also been around a lot longer than Cove, and people are more likely to recognize the name on your yard sign. But honestly, either of these systems is a good choice.

SimpliSafe pros and cons


  • Doorbell camera option
  • Smart door lock model
  • August smart lock integration


  • No dedicated outdoor camera
  • More basic keypad than Cove

Cove pros and cons


  • Excellent customer service scores
  • Dedicated outdoor camera
  • Touchscreen control panel


  • No doorbell camera
  • No smart lock options

SimpliSafe vs. Cove: Prices and monitoring plans

The winner: Tie. SimpliSafe and Cove cost almost exactly the same

SimpliSafe and Cove cost almost exactly the same, and their monitoring plans have similar features—although Cove gives you some extra perks for subscribing to its premium monitoring plan.

SimpliSafe and Cove home security comparison
Home security companyMonitoring price rangeBase equipment priceCamera price rangeDetails
SimpliSafe logo$14.99–$24.99/mo. $229.00$99.00–$169.00View Plans
Cove logo$14.99–$24.99/mo.$294.00$99.00–$199.00View Plans

Data effective 5/25/2021. Offers are subject to change.

Whether you choose SimpliSafe or Cove, you’re going to need to subscribe to the higher-priced monitoring plan if you want to be able to control your security system with a mobile app. Without the app, you can’t check on your security system remotely or get alerts about alarms.

SimpliSafe monitoring pricing

SimpliSafe’s monitoring plans are pretty affordable. Compared to companies like ADT, Vivint, or Frontpoint, SimpliSafe’s monitoring plans are downright cheap.

SimpliSafe monitoring plans
PlanPriceMobile app accessSmart home supportLearn more


View Plans


View Plans

Data effective 5/25/2021. Offers are subject to change.

SimpliSafe’s Standard plan will give you 24/7 professional monitoring for about $15 per month, but we recommend upgrading to the Interactive plan. It’s $10 more per month, but you get some extra features we think are worth it.

SimpliSafe equipment pictured spread out on a granite countertop next to the user guide for the system

Image source:

The Interactive plan gives you access to the mobile app, so you can arm and disarm your system from anywhere. You can also check if you remembered to arm the system before you left for work that morning. Without the mobile app, you’re in the dark about your system’s status unless you’re literally at home and can check for yourself.

For the extra money every month, SimpliSafe’s Interactive plan also gives you smart home support. SimpliSafe doesn’t have very many smart home integrations, but you’ll need the Interactive plan if you want to connect your SimpliSafe security system to your Alexa or Google smart speaker.

Cove monitoring pricing

Cove’s monitoring costs exactly the same as SimpliSafe’s. If you opt for the $15-per-month Basic plan, you’ll get 24/7 professional monitoring but that’s about it. We recommend upgrading to the $25-per-month Plus plan.

Cove monitoring plan prices
PlanPriceMobile app accessSmart home supportLearn more
Basic$14.99/mo. NoNoView Plans
Plus$24.99/mo. YesYesView Plans

Data effective 5/25/2021. Offers are subject to change.

Like SimpliSafe’s Interactive plan, Cove’s Plus plan gives you access to the mobile app so you can control your security system whether you’re at work, at the movies, or hanging on a Caribbean beach. You also need Cove’s Plus plan if you want Alexa or Google integration.

Cove control panel shown on a countertop alongside a Cove Outdoor Camera and Cove Indoor Camera

Image source: Cove

But Cove gives you some extra stuff you don’t get from SimpliSafe’s top-tier monitoring plan. Cove throws in a lifetime warranty, a price-lock guarantee, and a $5-per-month equipment credit that you can save up over time.

If you opt for Cove’s Plus plan, you don’t have to worry about your equipment breaking, because it’s covered by the lifetime warranty. And if you want to add sensors onto your system, you can save up your $5-per-month credit to get some new stuff. Pretty sweet.

SimpliSafe vs. Cove: Security equipment

The winner: Tie. Cove has a fancier control panel, but SimpliSafe offers a smart door lock

Cove and SimpliSafe have similar equipment offerings. The biggest difference is that Cove uses a touchscreen control panel, whereas SimpliSafe uses a more basic, button-style keypad.

If you need an extra keypad to put by a back door, then SimpliSafe will let you buy an extra one for cheaper. Cove doesn’t have a simpler backup keypad for extra doors. That said, we like the touchscreen panel overall. It’s a fancier experience.

Other than keypads/control panels, Cove and SimpliSafe offer almost exactly the same security sensors. SimpliSafe has separate smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms, whereas Cove has a combo model. SimpliSafe also offers a temperature sensor, which Cove does not.

The biggest differentiator is that SimpliSafe offers a smart lock. Cove doesn’t have a smart lock, and it doesn’t integrate with any third-party models. So if you want to smartify your door lock, go with SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe vs. Cove: Cameras

The winner: Tie. SimpliSafe offers a doorbell camera, Cove offers an outdoor camera, but neither has both

SimpliSafe has an indoor security camera and a doorbell camera, whereas Cove has an indoor camera and an outdoor camera. If we could just combine the camera offerings from these two companies then we’d finally have a full suite of options.

We give SimpliSafe a slight win here because you can buy a silicone sleeve that lets you use its SimpliCam indoor camera as an outdoor camera, and it has a doorbell camera. But whether you opt for SimpliSafe or Cove’s cameras comes down to what you need covered. Go for Cove if you want a dedicated outdoor security camera.

SimpliSafe cameras

We’re happy that SimpliSafe has a doorbell camera because we think video doorbells are the most useful security cameras you can get. Want to see if your package arrived? Or if your kids got home from school okay? A doorbell camera can help.

SimpliSafe camera prices
CameraPriceResolutionHuman detectionLearn more
SimpliCam Indoor Camera$99.001080pYesView Plans
Doorbell Camera Pro $169.001080pYesView Plans

Data effective 5/25/2021. Offers are subject to change.

Other than its Video Doorbell Pro, SimpliSafe has an indoor camera called the SimpliCam. The SimpliCam is pretty basic, but it’s a decent option to let you watch your pet while you’re at work or check in on your kids while they’re with the babysitter.

SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera Pro shown installed on a house next to a front door

Image source:

If you want to put the SimpliCam outdoors, you’ll need to buy an extra silicone sleeve. And even then, we don’t recommend the SimpliCam over actual weatherproof security cameras. But it’ll get the job done in a pinch.

Cove cameras

Cove has an indoor camera and a wireless outdoor camera that’s easy to install wherever you need it in your yard. We also like that Cove’s cameras have both local and cloud storage. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for cloud storage if you don’t want to, and local footage is more secure from hackers.

Cove camera prices
CameraPricePower sourceStorage typeLearn more
Cove Indoor Camera$99.00Power cordLocal storage and cloud storageView Plans
Cove Outdoor Camera$199.00BatteryLocal storage and cloud storageView Plans

Data effective 5/25/2021. Offers are subject to change.

Cove Outdoor Camera

Cove’s cameras have motion detection, but they don’t have human detection. That means you can’t adjust the settings to only alert you when the camera spots a human. Without that kind of differentiation, motion alerts can get annoying fast, especially if you put your camera in a high-traffic area where a lot of cars pass by.

Cove claims its cameras will ignore things like waving tree branches and flying insects, so its motion detection does have some very basic smart functions. But still, we prefer that SimpliSafe’s cameras can tell the difference between people and cars.

Smart home integrations: SimpliSafe vs. Cove

The winner: SimpliSafe integrates with August smart locks, while Cove doesn’t support any smart locks

If you want a security system that will work with all your smart home devices, then neither SimpliSafe nor Cove is the best choice. Both of these security systems have similar smart home integrations, and they’re both … meh.

Cove works with Amazon Alexa and Google Nest smart speakers, but that’s it, end of list.

Cove smart home integrations: 

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant

SimpliSafe is ever-so-slightly better. It works with Alexa and Google, and it integrates with August smart locks. August smart locks are some of the most popular smart door locks out there, so it’s nice that SimpliSafe works with them.

SimpliSafe smart home integrations:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • August smart locks

SimpliSafe also offers its own smart door lock. Like August locks, the SimpliSafe Smart Lock modifies your existing deadbolt which makes installation easy.

If you want a better smart home security system, we recommend Abode, Ring Alarm, Frontpoint, or Vivint.

SimpliSafe vs. Cove: Customer service

The winner: Cove has a better Trustpilot score and longer support hours

Cove gets better customer service scores than SimpliSafe: it has an impressive 4.8 stars on Trustpilot compared to 4.1 stars for SimpliSafe.1,2  We have to acknowledge that SimpliSafe also has over 9,600 customer reviews on Trustpilot whereas Cove has only about 1,300, but still.

SimpliSafe also has more restricted customer service hours than Cove does. Cove offers 24/7 support, but you have to call SimpliSafe between 8:00 a.m. and midnight Eastern time.

  • SimpliSafe customer service number: 888-910-1215
  • Cove customer service number: 855-268-3669

Cove also has a live chat option, which SimpliSafe does not.

SimpliSafe vs. Cove: Which is better?

This one is pretty close: SimpliSafe and Cove are both affordable and have basic cameras, decent customer service, and a couple smart home integrations.

At the end of the day, we’re suckers for smart home tech, which is why we give SimpliSafe a slight win for offering smart lock options and a doorbell camera. But both Cove and SimpliSafe are good choices for a DIY home security system.

  • Prices and monitoring plans: Tie. SimpliSafe and Cove cost almost exactly the same. Their monitoring plans have the same pricing and basic features, although Cove gives you a couple extra perks for signing up for its top-tier plan.
  • Security equipment: Tie. Cove has a fancy touchscreen control panel compared to SimpliSafe’s keypad, but SimpliSafe has a smart lock and a temperature sensor.
  • Cameras: Tie. SimpliSafe has an indoor camera and a doorbell camera, while Cove has an indoor camera and an outdoor camera. This one comes down to whether you’d rather have an outdoor camera or a doorbell camera.
  • Smart home integrations: SimpliSafe. Both Cove and SimpliSafe have mediocre smart home options, but SimpliSafe integrates with August smart locks and offers its own smart door lock as well. Cove does not.
  • Customer service: Cove. Cove gets slightly better customer service scores than SImpliSafe, and it has 24/7 service and a live chat option. SimpliSafe’s customer service is good, but Cove’s takes the lead.
SimpliSafe and Cove home security comparison
Home security companyMonitoring price rangeCamera typesSmart home integrationsDetails
SimpliSafe logo$14.99–$24.99/mo.Indoor, doorbellAlexa, Google, August locksView Plans
Cove logo$14.99–$24.99/mo.Indoor, outdoorAlexa, GoogleView Plans

Data effective 5/25/2021. Offers are subject to change.


We look at the same five things with every security system we review:

  • Price
  • Equipment
  • Home automation
  • Cameras
  • Customer service

We’ve been writing about the Cove security system since it first came out in 2018, and we have a SimpliSafe system installed for long-term testing so we can see how it holds up over time.


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