SimpliCam Indoor Camera Review 2021

The SimpliCam is SimpliSafe’s indoor camera. It’s affordable, and it has all the basic features
SimpliCam indoor camera
Overall Rating 4.25 out of 5
1080p HD video
Night vision
No smart home integrations

SimpliCam is the indoor security camera from SimpliSafe, one of the most well-known and affordable DIY security systems on the market. While we love the SimpliSafe security system, its cameras are a bit basic, and the SimpliCam is no different.

For an indoor camera, the SimpliCam has decent features and will be good enough to keep an eye on kids or pets. Although the SimpliCam’s $99 price tag is relatively cheap, you can still find better cameras for less, like the Wyze Cam v3.

SimpliCam price and details
ProductImagePriceSmart home integrationsLearn more
SimpliCam indoor cameraSimpliCam indoor camera$99.00NoneView Plans

Data effective as of 3/31/21. Offers subject to change.

SimpliCam features

SimpliCam has useful, but basic, security camera features

The SimpliCam has features we expect from any security camera worth its salt, including night vision, two-way audio, and motion detection.

The SimpliCam can send you notifications when it detects motion in a room, and two-way audio lets you hear what’s going on in the room and talk to whoever’s in there. If you need to scold your pet (or your kid) for eating something they shouldn’t, the SimpliCam makes it easy.

SimpliCam security camera

Source: SimpliSafe

SimpliCam indoor camera features: 

  • 1080p resolution
  • Motion detection
  • 120º field of view
  • Two-way audio
  • Person detection
  • Free livefeed
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Downloadable video clips
  • 30-day cloud storage plan
  • Video verification with SimpliSafe

Free livefeed, paid cloud storage

Screenshot of live view from the SimpliCam indoor camera

You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee just to use the SimpliCam, but you will if you want to review footage later.

Without a cloud storage subscription, the SimpliCam lets you view the camera’s livefeed and respond to alerts in the moment. But if you want to look at clips you missed or download video footage, then you’ll need to subscribe to SimpliSafe’s camera-only plan.

Person detection

The SimpliCam has person detection, which means it can tell the difference between humans and non-humans. Instead of alerting you every time it spots motion of any kind, the SimpliCam can send alerts only when it detects human motion.

Person detection is useful because you can otherwise get 50 alerts in a day just because it was windy outside and the camera spotted a moving tree branch.

This feature is less useful if you’re using the SimpliCam to watch pets. If you’re using the SimpliCam as a pet camera, make sure you set alerts to “all motion” instead of just people.

Wall-mount option

The SimpliCam works best on flat surfaces, but you can also mount it on a wall if you want to. The camera’s stand comes right off, and you can position the camera in the corner of a room to get a full view.

The SimpliCam does still use a power cord, so you’ll need to figure out how to wrangle that to keep the camera plugged in. But the SimpliCam power cord is honestly quite long to begin with.

No Alexa or Google integration

If you have a SimpliSafe security system, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to arm your system and check its status. But you can’t do anything with SimpliCam and Alexa or Google. There effectively aren’t any smart home integrations for this camera. You can’t pair the SimpliCam with SmartThings or IFTTT either.

If you want a home security camera with better smart home integrations, we recommend Arlo or Eufy cameras.

SimpliCam pricing

The SimpliCam costs about one hundred bucks

The SimpliCam is pretty affordable by security camera standards. It costs only about $100. Compare that to something like the Nest Cam Outdoor that costs more like $200.

Image source:

Despite its low price, the SimpliCam isn’t the cheapest security camera around. There are cameras from Blink, Wyze, and Ring that are cheaper than the SimpliCam, and all of them have more advanced features than SimpliSafe’s little indoor camera.

For example, the Wyze Cam v3 can be used indoors or outdoors, has color night vision, local storage, sound, human, package, and vehicle detection, and 24/7 continuous recording. All that and it costs only around $40.

SimpliCam cloud subscription

SimpliCam doesn’t have local storage, but it does use cloud storage. You don’t really get any cloud storage for free, but if you subscribe to SimpliSafe’s Camera Subscription plan, then you’ll have access to 30 days’ worth of cloud storage.

SimplISafe cloud storage subscription price
PlanPrice for one cameraPrice for up to 10 camerasCloud storageLearn more
Camera Subscription$4.99/mo.$9.99/mo.30 daysView Plans

Data effective as of 3/31/21. Offers subject to change.

If you have a SimpliSafe alarm system and you already subscribe to SimpliSafe’s Interactive monitoring plan, then that includes support for the SimpliCam and SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro.

Motion-activated clips only

Whether you use the Interactive monitoring plan or SimpliSafe’s individual Camera Subscription plan, the SimpliCam can’t record 24/7 continuous footage—you get only motion-activated video clips.

SimpliCam home automation

The SimpliCam doesn’t really work with any smart home stuff

Even the full SimpliSafe system doesn’t have very many smart home integrations—and the SimpliCam has even fewer.

The SimpliCam will work directly with your SimpliSafe security system. You can view the camera feed on the SimpliSafe mobile app home screen, and camera events will show up in the SimpliSafe timeline of security events. But the SimpliCam doesn’t work with Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other smart speakers or devices.

SimpliCam installation

The SimpliCam takes only a few minutes to set up

Screenshot of the SimpliSafe mobile app showing a diagram for how to attach the power cord to the SimpliCam camera

The SimpliCam will take you only 5 to 10 minutes to set up. The SimpliSafe mobile app will give you step-by-step walk-through instructions to plug in the camera, link it to your Wi-Fi network, and connect it to your SimpliSafe system (if you have one).

SimpliCam installation steps: 

  • Plug in the camera.
  • Open the SimpliSafe app (or download it if you don’t have it.)
  • Log into your account (or create a new one.)
  • Select Cameras from the menu and tap Add New Camera.
  • Select the SimpliCam and follow the instructions to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code on the camera.
  • Watch the app for the confirmation message that your SimpliCam is connected.

In our tests, the SimpliCam did just as well as other affordable indoor cameras, like the Blink Mini and the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K. It gave us clear images where you could clearly see people’s faces and movements.

It wasn’t amazing quality, but it was perfectly average in every way.

Recap: Is the SimpliCam good?

The SimpliCam is a decent indoor security camera that works with your SimpliSafe system

If you want a cheap indoor security camera that works with your SimpliSafe security system, then the SimpliCam fits the bill. We don’t recommend it as an add-on for any other home security systems because it won’t work directly with those systems. But for SimpliSafe users, or as a standalone indoor camera, it’s not a bad choice.

  • Features: The SimpliCam has standard security features like two-way audio, night vision, and motion detection. You can use the SimpliCam to talk to people through the camera and see what’s going on in that room—even at night.
  • Pricing: The SimpliCam is affordable at only about $100. You can often get the SimpliCam for free if you buy a SimplISafe home security system.
  • Home automation: The SimpliCam has basically no smart home integrations. It doesn’t work with Alexa or Google, and you can’t integrate it with other smart stuff in your house.
  • Installation: The SimpliCam is easy to set up, and will take you only a few minutes to add to the mobile app and connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Not sure if the SimpliCam is right for you? Check out our Best Indoor Cameras review for more options.

Is your house ready for a SimpliCam?

The SimpliCam shouldn’t take up too much extra bandwidth, but if you want to add multiple cameras throughout your house, then it might be worth an upgrade

Recommended internet plans for SimpliCam
ServicePlanPriceDownload speedDetails
Xfinity Internet - WestBlast! Pro Plus$74.99*400 MbpsView Plans
Verizon Fios Home InternetInternet 400/400$64.99/mo.400 MbpsView Plans
AT&T FiberAT&T Internet 1000$60/mo.940 MbpsView Plan
Data effective 11/04/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* For the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.
w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.
Ltd. avail/areas for 12 mos, plus taxes & equip. fee. Autopay & Paperless Bill req'd. $10/mo equip. fee applies

If you spend a lot of time away from Wi-Fi, then consider upgrading your phone plan to view your SimpliCam livefeed without straining your mobile data.

Recommended mobile plans

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