Blink Cameras Review

blink camera

Blink recently entered the home security camera playing field with sleekly designed indoor and outdoor cameras. While the cameras have a range of great features, free data storage, and a completely wireless design, they’re missing a few key aspects. For one, the indoor camera is missing night vision, and the free data storage is only good for up to two hours of footage.

However, Blink’s basic features perform admirably, so it’s a good choice for basic home security. We’ll help you decide whether a Blink camera is right for you in our review.

Blink vs. Blink XT

Blink offers two cameras: Blink and Blink XT. The Blink is an indoor-only camera while the XT can be used inside or outside—the XT also has infrared night vision and is weatherproof. Conveniently, both cameras use the same sync module, which means you have fewer devices to connect to your router. In contrast, the Arlo and Arlo Pro cameras use separate hubs, so if you were to buy a mix of indoor and outdoor cameras, you’d need to connect two separate hubs to your Wi-Fi, which could slow down your internet.

If you want to monitor the inside and outside of your home with Blink, it would make the most sense to purchase the Blink cameras for inside and the Blink XT cameras for outside to save some money.


  • No data storage charges or subscription fees
  • Approximately 100-foot range from hub
  • Same sync module for Blink and Blink XT
  • Ability to connect up to 10 cameras on one sync module
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Infrared night vision (Blink XT only)
  • Wireless design for installation away from an outlet
  • Reportedly easy setup
  • Small size
  • IFTTT compatibility


  • Only 60 seconds of recording after motion is detected
  • No on-demand recording when in live view mode
  • Ability to live stream for only 30-second increments
  • Allowance for only 2 hours of storage on data plan
  • No pan, tilt, or zoom capabilities
  • No ability to add multiple users on one account (must share the same login credentials)
  • No scheduled arming/disarming capabilities

How does Blink compare to the competition?

blink cameraBelow are some key features of the Blink cameras to help you see how they compare to the competition.

No two-way audio

Blink and Blink XT do not offer two-way audio. Other top IP cameras like the YI Home Camera 2 and Nest Cam are equipped with two-way audio.

Lack of indoor night vision

Blink’s indoor camera also lacks night vision, but Blink XT has it. Most indoor security cameras offer this feature, so we’re a bit disappointed that Blink doesn’t. If you use the indoor camera to monitor your home’s interior, we recommend that you also use Blink XT cameras to monitor the exterior of your home. That way, if your home is broken into at night, there is a chance the Blink XT camera will capture an image of the intruder that you can take to the police if you need to.

No recurring monthly fees

Blink charges no data fees to store your footage in the Cloud, but it only lets you store up to two hours of footage. Depending on how much activity takes place in your home, you may be content with this amount. But be aware that Arlo offers seven days of free Cloud storage, and the Nest Cam offers three free hours. We like that Blink offers free Cloud storage, but we wish it offered options to get more than the two hours.

Fixed view angle

Another missing feature from Blink cameras is remote PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) capabilities. Customers have come to expect digital zoom with their security cameras, so we think Blink missed the mark by not including it.

Weatherproofing on Blink XT

Blink XT is weatherproof, so it can be used outside. Other security cameras like Piper, Canary, and Nest Cam cannot be used outside because of their restricted operating temperatures and because they are not weatherproof.

Hub required

Unlike Canary, Piper, and Nest Cam, Blink security cameras require a hub to be connected to your router. Blink isn’t unique in this requirement, though—other systems like NETGEAR’s Arlo also require a hub.

Equipment comparison

Blink offers camera kits in various configurations with slight discounts when you buy more than one camera. All of the packages come with a two-year battery life and no data storage fees. Check out the table below for specifics on each package.

ProductBlink Add-On CameraBlink 1 Camera KitBlink 2 Camera KitBlink 3 Camera KitBlink 5 Camera KitBlink XT 1 Camera SystemBlink XT Add-On Camera
View productView on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on AmazonView on Amazon
Blink Indoor Camera1 included1 included2 included3 included5 included1 included1 included
Sync Module
Camera Mount1 included1 included2 included3 included5 included1 included1 included
View product
Blink Indoor Camera
Sync Module
Camera Mount
Blink Add-On Camera Blink 1 Camera Kit Blink 2 Camera Kit Blink 3 Camera Kit Blink 5 Camera Kit Blink XT 1 Camera System Blink XT Add-On Camera
View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon
1 included 1 included 2 included 3 included 5 included 1 included 1 included
1 included 1 included 2 included 3 included 5 included 1 included 1 included

Blink and Blink XT Tech specs

ProductBlinkBlink XT
Product image
View productView on AmazonView on Amazon
Video resolution1280 x 7201280 x 720
Video formatH.264H.264
Color imaging
Night visionWhite LEDInfrared
Field of view110°110°
Operating temperature32° to 95° F-4° to 113° F
Battery life2 years standard use, up to 5 years2 years standard use, up to 5 years
Motion detectionUp to 20 feet awayUp to 20 feet away
Built-in microphoneOne-way audio accessOne-way audio access
Dimensions2.8 in x 1.2 in x 2.8 in2.8 in x 1.2 in x 2.8 in
Warranty1 year1 year
Product image
View product
Video resolution
Video format
Color imaging
Night vision
Field of view
Operating temperature
Battery life
Motion detection
Built-in microphone
Blink Blink XT
View on Amazon View on Amazon
1280 x 720 1280 x 720
H.264 H.264
White LED Infrared
110° 110°
32° to 95° F -4° to 113° F
2 years standard use, up to 5 years 2 years standard use, up to 5 years
Up to 20 feet away Up to 20 feet away
One-way audio access One-way audio access
2.8 in x 1.2 in x 2.8 in 2.8 in x 1.2 in x 2.8 in
1 year 1 year

Blink is off to a good start

We don’t think Blink cameras are the best security cameras out there, but they are a good option to consider if you’re looking for a basic, affordable security camera. We’re impressed with Blink’s free data storage, wireless design, and small size. However, other security cameras have had a few more years of experience, so they have the features that we’ve come to expect from a security camera. Blink is still in its infancy, so we’re looking forward to more features being added over time. In the future, we’d like to see PTZ capabilities as well as more data and streaming options.

If you’ve used Blink cameras, we’d love to hear about your experience. Tell us about your experiences with Blink cameras in the comment section below.

  • James Chu

    Blink home security camera review:
    Blink home security camera work good for a year, and then it falling apart. The camera lack of reliability, not worth the price of $100 each.

  • James Chu

    Blink security camera system is good for one year, and then it falling apart, the camera malfunction, will not take picture and can not communicate with syn module any more, it is not worth to pay $100 each for one year life time.

  • Rose Jones

    My Blink outdoor cam has been installed for two months. It would be a great little device if it worked but it is very capricious about sending notifications and sometimes it doesn’t record motion at all. These factors make it useless as a security device. I will replace it with another Nest cam.

  • Glenn Romano

    Terrible product. Only works with a 2.4G wifi system. Great if that’s what you had 10 years ago. We upgraded to 5G years ago. Why didn’t blink

    • Matthew Conn

      That is because of the range.

  • Matthew Conn

    Wish it had an online viewing website, rather than having to use smart phones only.