Sparklight (Formerly Cable One) TV Review 2021

Sparklight has a great list of local channels, but it’s pricier compared to other cable TV providers.
Overall Rating 2.75 out of 5

Cable One TV has started the new year with a new identity. Now named Sparklight, this cable TV provider has two channel lineups for your home TV.

One package has great basic cable channels, and the other has a solid mixture of popular channels. But both are a bit on the pricey side.

Sparklight is only available in 19 states, but it could be one of the only cable TV providers in your area. If this is you, then enjoy staying up-to-date on the news or watching sports, lifestyle, and entertainment shows.


  • Great channel lineups
  • No contract


  • Low number of channels
  • Pricier than the competition
  • Limited availability

How much does Sparklight (formerly Cable One) cost?

The price can be hard to justify if you have other affordable cable providers in your area.

If Sparklight is one of the only choices in your area, you’ll get to choose from two packages: the local channel lineup package or the popular channel lineup package.

But if we break it down, it’s about $2 per channel for the Economy package and about $1.20 per channel for the Standard package. This is probably the biggest dollar to channel ratio in the industry. Yikes.

But if you don’t like this cable provider, you can get your money back as long as you cancel within the first 30 days of your new service.

Sparklight TV plans
PlanPriceTV channel countDetails
Economy Cable$40Up to 20View Plan
Standard Cable$88Up to 100View Plan

Data effective 1/27/2020. Price and channel inclusion varies according to location.

Let us compare Sparklight’s monthly pricing and channel count to other providers that may be in your area (AT&T U-verse, Spectrum, or Cox.) Keep in mind: Sparklight’s 100-channel plan is $84 per month.

Other cable television providers plans
ServicePlanPriceTV channel countDetails
AT&T U-verse TVU-Family$39.99*180+View Plan
Spectrum TVSpectrum TV® Silver$74.99/mo for 12 mos.175+View Plan
Cox TVTV Starter$2575+View Plan
Data effective 08/19/19. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* /mo. for 12 mos plus taxes
For the first 12 months.

Does Sparklight have a contract?

Sparklight doesn’t require a contract! You have the freedom to stay and go as you please.

Does Sparklight have fees?

Sparklight has a monthly $15 per month DVR fee, so make sure to add that to your cost if you want one.

You’ll want a DVR if you need to record the Sunday morning football game while you’re at church. Or maybe you’ll need to record The Bachelor while you’re working the night shift. Either way, you’ll get 650 hours of DVR storage to record anything your heart desires.

According to Sparklight’s site, you won’t know the cost of your installation fee until they obtain your consumer report. And to get free installation, you may have to enroll in the “Sparklight Easy Pay” program, which is automated payments from your bank account.

Which channels does Sparklight have?

There’s a package full of local channels and a package with a mixture of everything.

If you’re one who wants to save money and only needs basic cable channels for news and some sports coverage, the Economy package is for you.

If you are willing to spend more for a complete channel lineup with local, kids, movies, and sports channels, then the Standard package is the better choice.

Sparklight’s Economy Cable package includes the following channels:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CW
  • FOX
  • HSN
  • PBS
  • C-SPAN
  • NBC
  • TBN
  • Unimas
  • Univision
  • Weather
  • And more

Sparklight’s Standard Cable package includes the following channels:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • Food Network
  • FOX
  • Hallmark Channel
  • HGTV
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • Univision
  • USA
  • And more

Scroll down for the good stuff, ya know, the sports channels.

Premium channels and add-ons

First thing’s first, if you love premium channels, get Sparklight’s Deluxe Pack. The Pack includes HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and STARZ. You’ll be able to switch back and forth between Succession and Warrior.

The Digital Value Pack gives you an extra 40 channels, which include CBS Sports Network, Disney Junior, ESPNU, FX Movie Channel, National Geographic, NFL Network, and the Olympic Channel.

But these add-ons can really make your monthly bill pricey, so make sure it’s worth it.

Sparklight premium channels
ChannelAdd-on monthly price
Deluxe Pack$40/mo.
Digital Value Pack$15/mo.
Español Tier$5/mo.

Data effective 1/27/2020.

Which Sparklight package is best for sports?

Let’s just say Sparklight’s $40 per month package is a little scarce in the sports channel lineup. . .

But if you’re a sports fan, hopefully you were already considering the $84 per month plan. You’ll be able to watch talk shows on ESPN and FS1, as well as watch Roger Federer take on Rafael Nadal in the Opens.

Sparklight’s Economy Cable package includes the following channels for some sports coverage:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • NBC

Sparklight’s Standard Cable package includes the following sports channels:

  • BC Sports Network
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • FS1
  • Fox Sports Southeast
  • Fox Sports South
  • Golf Channel
  • Outdoor Channel
  • SEC Network
  • SEC Network Overflow 1
  • Tennis Channel

If you’re a huge sports fanatic, then, of course, you need more sports channels. So, consider getting the Digital Value Pack. The $15 per month add-on includes the following:

  • CBS Sports Network
  • ESPN Classic
  • ESPNews
  • Fox College Sports Atlantic
  • Fox College Sports Central
  • Fox College Sports Pacific
  • FS2
  • NFL Network
  • Olympic Channel

Which devices are compatible with Sparklight?

If you’re staying in bed recovering from last night’s festivities, you’re going to want to stream Sparklight on your smartphone or tablet (if you don’t have a smart TV in your room). So download the TV app to start watching The Goldbergs.

Sparklight is compatible with the following streaming devices:

  • iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs
  • Android smartphones, tablets, and TVs
  • Windows smartphones, tablets, and TVs
  • Roku
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Nook

How much is Sparklight’s DVR?

Get Sparklight’s HD DVR for $15 per month, or pay nothing if you already have one.

For most other cable TV services, you have to pay an average of $10–$15 per month for a DVR. Well, Sparklight isn’t any different.

For $15 per month, we recommend going with Sparklight’s TiVo Premiere Q option. This set-top box can record four shows at once and record up to 650 hours. So, go ahead and record over 300 movies or 650 TV show episodes.

But don’t forget to make sure you ask for the Premiere Q, so you don’t end up with a DVR that doesn’t have this amazing, spacious storage for the same price.

Or you can save cash and use the DVR you already have at home. You’ll just have to rent a CableCARD for $2.95 per month.

Recap: Is Sparklight worth it?

Just set aside $100 per month, and Sparklight can provide you with the channels you need.

If AT&T U-verse, Spectrum, or Cox isn’t available in your area, Sparklight is a solid option.

Sparklight has an excellent channel lineup and a good number of channels to keep you entertained, but its price is a bit steep compared to other providers. So, budget accordingly.

It’s perfect for those who want to be informed about the world’s news and for those who want a wide range of channels for everyone in the family to enjoy.

If Sparklight isn’t available in your area or doesn’t have the channel lineup you need, check out our top cable TV providers for other options.

What do you think?

Do you have Sparklight? What’s your experience with it been? Or do you like a different provider better? Drop us a comment below!