Hallmark Christmas Movies

Grab a mug of hot chocolate—this year's Hallmark Christmas movies are upon us.

Michael Archambault
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November 28, 2022
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Every year, Hallmark warms up the season with feel-good flicks for those who can’t wait to start hearing jingle bells, and this year is no different.

We’ve highlighted the best new holiday movies to hit Hallmark this year for Christmas. Now, let’s help you figure out how to watch the Hallmark Channel from your favorite devices.

Hallmark Christmas movies to watch

Noel Next Door—Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel.

The Hallmark Channel has unveiled over 30 films for its Countdown to Christmas 2022 event, so there’s something interesting for everyone.

Grab your favorite holiday snuggie, pour out some eggnog, and check out these holly jolly films.

Noel Next Door

This one is for all the enemies-to-lovers fans out there, as an independent single mom quarrels with her grouchy neighbor who is souring her Christmas spirit.

We Wish You a Married Christmas

Married couple Becca and Robby are on the rocks as Christmas gets nearer, booking a Vermont getaway (encouraged by their marriage coach) to reconnect. Will it be a smooth trip? Or will it be their last Christmas together?

A Kismet Christmas

Sarah's visit home for the holidays brings some unexpected surprises like an old teenage crush and even ancient family legends.

A Cozy Christmas Inn

A real estate executive's Christmas is turned upside down as she discovers the Alaskan bed and breakfast she wants to buy is owned by her ex.

Jolly Good Christmas—Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel.

Jolly Good Christmas

American architect David meets English professional shopper Anji as David struggles to find a gift for his girlfriend just days before Christmas. After hiring Anji for help with his shopping, David and Anji are taken on a wild adventure throughout Jolly Old London to find the perfect gift.

Ghosts of Christmas Always

Can Peter rediscover his Christmas spirit after a visit from Katherine, the Ghost of Christmas Present?

A Magical Christmas Village

What would you do if your Christmas Village mirrored your own town and even granted magical wishes?

Lights, Camera, Christmas

Hallmark gets meta with this one. Follow costume designer Kerry as she works on a local rom-com movie shoot and even develops a crush on the film's leading man.

All Saints Christmas

Any While You Were Sleeping fans out there? When media photos mislead the public into believing Lisette is engaged to her former music producer, Lisette's family demands that he joins her on her trip home for Christmas.

In Merry Measure

Singer Darcy shares her pop star wisdom by coaching the high school choir while she visits home for Christmas. But it's not all snowflakes and hot chocolate, as her co-coach is her old nemesis, Adam.

The Royal Nanny

Can Claire resist falling for Prince Collin while on an undercover mission disguised as the royal nanny?

The Royal Nanny—Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel.

Christmas at the Golden Dragon

Romy and Rick must find a way to navigate life after their family's decades-owned Chinese restaurant closes down. And along the way, they discover just how important their restaurant has been for their family and the whole town. 

Inventing the Christmas Prince

Shelby's career as a rocket engineer might end as her daughter insists that the Christmas Prince may be more than just a character from a story.

Three Wise Men and a Baby

As the title suggests, three brothers must reconnect and overcome their differences as they must work together to care for a baby over the holidays.

When I Think of Christmas

Star-crossed lovers reconnect when Sara returns to her hometown to help her mother move and sparks reignite with her ex-boyfriend, Josh.

When do Hallmark Christmas movies start?

Hallmark starts its Countdown to Christmas early in 2022, with a premiere date of October 21. That’s right, even before we’ve thrown our Halloween parties, Hallmark wants us to start roasting chestnuts and chopping down Christmas trees.

Of course, you can always DVR your favorites and watch them later if the start of the Hallmark Christmas season is a bit too soon for you.

How many new Hallmark Christmas movies will be available?

Hallmark knows that some of its most fervent viewers tune in during the holidays, so the service has announced that it will be introducing 31 new Christmas films this year.

If you plan on watching all 31 films, be sure to stock up on eggnog and popcorn. And, of course, for those of age, a dash of the good-stuff can add to the seasonal warmth.

How can I watch Hallmark Christmas movies?

Image courtesy of Karolina Grabowska

If you pay for traditional cable or satellite television, or subscribe to a live tv streaming service, you can satisfy your holiday fix by tuning into the official Hallmark Channel.

As the channel number may change depending on your cable provider and region, we recommend using Hallmark’s Channel Locator tool to discover it.

If you don’t subscribe to a live television service, our top recommendation for watching the Hallmark Channel is Frndly TV. For $6.99/month, you gain access to the Hallmark Channel to watch all of your Holiday favorites.

Best of all, with Frndly TV, there is no contract, so you can always sign up just for the holiday season, then cancel your subscription once the new year reigns.

Amazon Video members can also add the Hallmark Movies Now channel to their subscription for an additional $5.99/month.

Download the Hallmark Checklist App

With so many movies hitting the Hallmark Channel for the holidays, you’ll need a bit of help scheduling your popcorn-munching, movie-snuggling time.

Luckily, Hallmark Channel has the Checklist app for iOS and Android.

You can download the app to your favorite mobile device and keep an eye on all upcoming holiday movies for the season.

Additionally, new widgets allow you to place the Hallmark holiday movie schedule right on your smartphone or tablet’s home screen with only a few clicks.

Now that you know what's coming up on the Hallmark Channel for the holidays, check these out next.

Learn how to watch the Hallmark Channel via your favorite services.

Check out other great places to stream great Christmas movies this season.

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