Hallmark Christmas Movies

Grab a mug of hot chocolate—this year's Hallmark Christmas movies are upon us.

Michael Archambault
Dec 06, 2023
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Every year, Hallmark warms up the season with feel-good flicks for those who can’t wait to start hearing jingle bells, and this year is no different.

We’ve highlighted the best new holiday movies to hit Hallmark this year for Christmas. Now, let’s help you figure out how to watch the Hallmark Channel from your favorite devices.

Hallmark Christmas movies to watch

very happy white couple dressed in an unknown period costume

My Norwegian Holiday—Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel.

The Hallmark Channel has unveiled over 30 films for its Countdown to Christmas 2023 event, so there’s something interesting for everyone.

Grab your favorite holiday snuggie, pour out some eggnog, and check out these holly jolly films.

My Norwegian Holiday

This international Hallmark flick takes you to Norway as JJ, our writer's block-stricken protagonist, follows hunk Henrik across seas for the holidays. Here, she discovers lost family ties, inspiration for her dissertation, and (duh) romance.

A Not So Royal Christmas

With a bit of a Shakespearean twist, this film follows tabloid journalist Charlotte as she scores an exclusive interview with a mysterious Count. What Charlotte doesn't know is that the real Count fled years ago– begging the question, who the heck is she interviewing?

Christmas with a Kiss

Morgan's visit home for the holidays to help with the family's Christmas Carnival brings surprise romance as a cute photo journalist is tasked with curating Morgan's surprise reunion.

Magic in Mistletoe

When his book series only brings commercial success, Harrington becomes a bitter recluse. As he visits his hometown for his annual Christmas celebration of his books, Harrington meets April. Sent by a major publishing house that works with Harrington, April is tasked with improving Harrington's social media presence. Romantic tensions rise as they work closer together and (you guessed it) rediscover the spirit of the season. 

disturbingly happy family on christmas who is probably in front of a green screen

Jolly Good Christmas—Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel.

Jolly Good Christmas

Three couples in very different stages of life enjoy Christmas together. A young couple pregnant with their first child, engaged empty-nesters, and a couple with an unexpected family addition celebrate the holidays together as they navigate life's changes and each other's differences. 

Round and Round

Rachel is stuck in a time loop, and her only chance of getting out depends on the "nice boy" Grandma's trying to set her up with. Will she make it to tomorrow, let alone Christmas?

The Secret Gift of Christmas

When widow Patrick hires Bonnie as his personal shopper, the two could not be more different. But Bonnie is determined to get everything on his wish list, including reconnecting him with his daughter.

Sealed with a List

As the holiday season approaches, Carley is determined to knock out her list of unfulfilled resolutions. When coworker Wyatt joins her mission, Carley discovers romance as well as the self-confidence she needs to chase her dreams. 

Friends & Family Christmas

Artist Daniella decides to stay in New York for Christmas in order to spend the holidays with her art friends and avoid her helicopter parents. So when her parents set her up with entertainment lawyer (and ex-engaged) Amelia, the two pretend to date to appease Daniella's parents during the holidays. But Amelia and Daniella soon discover their fake connection is more real than they'd like to admit.

Checkin' It Twice

A hockey player falls for a real estate agent after he moves into her hometown and the real estate agent's hockey-loving family's backyard cottage.

Where Are You, Christmas?

Can Claire reverse her wish for a year without Christmas? Maybe the handsome town mechanic can help.

happy couple at christmas

Where Are You, Christmas?—Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel.

Under the Christmas Sky

Kat is an astrophysicist, and when her lifelong dream to go to space falls through after an accident, she volunteers at the local planetarium. Paired with strict fellow volunteer David, the two must plan the planetarium's Christmas event. Follow Kat as she learns more about herself, her career, and love.

Christmas by Design

When a fashion designer's skills win her a chance to create a new Christmas collection, inspiration for a new line also introduces opportunities for redesign in other areas of her life.

Mystic Christmas

If you like Julia Roberts' Mystic Pizza, you're gonna love Mystic Christmas. Follow Juniper as she travels to Connecticut during the holidays for work, meeting a cute pizza shop owner along the way.

Joy Eux Noel

After a romantic Christmas painting catches the attention of copy editor Lea, she jets to Paris with reporter Mark to learn more about the artist. Will Lea find love while she's in Paris?

When do Hallmark Christmas movies start?

Hallmark starts its Countdown to Christmas early in 2023, with a premiere date of October 20. That’s right, even before we’ve thrown our Halloween parties, Hallmark wants us to start roasting chestnuts and chopping down Christmas trees.

Of course, you can always DVR your favorites and watch them later if the start of the Hallmark Christmas season is a bit too soon for you.

How many new Hallmark Christmas movies will be available?

Hallmark knows that some of its most fervent viewers tune in during the holidays, so the service has announced that it will be introducing 31 new Christmas films this year.

If you plan on watching all 31 films, be sure to stock up on eggnog and popcorn. And, of course, for those of age, a dash of the good-stuff can add to the seasonal warmth.

How can I watch Hallmark Christmas movies?

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Image courtesy of Karolina Grabowska

If you pay for traditional cable or satellite television, or subscribe to a live tv streaming service, you can satisfy your holiday fix by tuning into the official Hallmark Channel.

As the channel number may change depending on your cable provider and region, we recommend using Hallmark’s Channel Locator tool to discover it.

If you don’t subscribe to a live television service, our top recommendation for watching the Hallmark Channel is Frndly TV. For $6.99/month, you gain access to the Hallmark Channel to watch all of your Holiday favorites.

Best of all, with Frndly TV, there is no contract, so you can always sign up just for the holiday season and then cancel your subscription once the new year reigns.

Amazon Video members can also add the Hallmark Movies Now channel to their subscription for an additional $5.99/month.

Download the Hallmark Checklist App

With so many movies hitting the Hallmark Channel for the holidays, you’ll need a bit of help scheduling your popcorn-munching, movie-snuggling time.

Luckily, Hallmark Channel has the Checklist app for iOS and Android.

You can download the app to your favorite mobile device and keep an eye on all upcoming holiday movies for the season.

Additionally, new widgets allow you to place the Hallmark holiday movie schedule right on your smartphone or tablet’s home screen with only a few clicks.

Now that you know what's coming up on the Hallmark Channel for the holidays, check these out next.
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