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Michael Archambault
Michael Archambault
Michael was born a geek, always interested in technology and how it affects the world around us. He has spent the last eight years writing about consumer and business tech for some of the world’s top brands and publications, including Samsung, Skyword, Digital Trends, Lifewire, and DPReview. Michael graduated from the New York Institute of Technology, earning a BFA in Communications and Media Production. When he’s not writing on Reviews.org, you’ll find Michael spinning a vinyl record, reading a good mystery novel, or hanging out with one of his cats (which has yet to turn him completely into an eccentric cat-man).
DIRECTV STREAM and Xfinity TV are two giants in the television space, but which service is better? Xfinity TV appears cheaper, but is all as it seems in TV land?
DIRECTV STREAM and YouTube TV both offer excellent services with upfront pricing and no contracts. Each service has its own differences, so which is best for you?
DIRECTV is a TV giant, but how well does it fair in the world of digital streaming? We check out DIRECTV STREAM and its digital streaming device to find out more.
What is Apple Arcade?
Apple Arcade allows subscribers to access over 180 games on their favorite Apple devices. We explore whether the monthly subscription cost is worth the money.
What is HDR?
When shopping for a new television, HDR is the new buzzword. But, what is HDR, and how does it improve your movie and TV watching experience? We’ll explain.
What is Dolby Atmos?
Dolby Atmos takes your movie-watching experiences to the next level with more immersive sound. Learn how it works and how to add it to your home theatre.
What’s on Apple TV+?
Apple TV+ features a broad collection of original programming and feature films with a little something for everyone to kick back and enjoy the service.
Is the Book Better Than the Movie?
Have you ever pondered the question, what’s better, the book or the movie? We take a look at some popular book adaptations to find out the answer for you!
What is Apple TV+?
Apple TV+ is Apple’s video-on-demand streaming service that lets you kick back and relax with original ad-free TV shows and feature-length films.
How do I AirPlay to Apple TV?
With only a few taps you can share photos, videos, music, and more to your Apple TV, so you can enjoy your favorite content on the big screen easily.
How do I get Apple TV+ on Roku?
Here is how you can enjoy Apple TV+ original content from your Roku device
Apple TV HD vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick
In a battle of Apple TV HD vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick, which device offers the superior 1080p Full HD movies, gaming, and sports watching experience?
How Much Does Apple TV Cost?
While Apple TV isn’t cheap, it could be the perfect solution for your Apple-centric home setup. We take a look at the cost of Apple TV and accessories.
Apple TV 4K Review
Apple TV 4K is the company's highest quality streaming box, but is the price worth it just to watch Netflix and play a few games? We explore to find out.
Beginner’s Guide to Roku
On the hunt for a new Roku device to watch your favorite content? Our beginner's guide compares all the latest options, so you can make an easy decision.
How to Calibrate Apple TV with Your iPhone
Learn how to color calibrate Apple TV using your iPhone to achieve the best picture, then sit back and enjoy your favorite movies and TV.

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