SimpliSafe vs. Vivint Home Security

SimpliSafe is the affordable underdog of systems, but can Vivint give you better home security?
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Are you a hardcore budgeter who wants to spend the least amount of money possible to give your home some basic security? Or would you rather spend more to get high-end devices put in by professionals?

If you’re deciding between SimpliSafe and Vivint, then that’s basically what it comes down to. SimpliSafe has cheap monitoring plans and affordable equipment, but be ready to roll up your sleeves and install it yourself. Whereas Vivint will cost you a pretty penny, but it’s professionally installed and has way better features. The choice is yours.

Vivint and SimpliSafe comparison
Monitoring price range$29.99–$44.99/mo.$14.99–$24.99/mo.
Installation typeProfessionalDIY
Installation fee$99None
Contract lengthNone, OR 42 or 60 mos.No contract
Contract cancellation fee100% of remaining contractNone
Smart home supportYes*Limited
Starter kit price$599$229
Mobile app controlYesYes**
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Data effective as of 12/11/20. Offers subject to change.
* Smart home functions not supported by all monitoring plans.
** Mobile app control not available with all monitoring plans.

What we like about Vivint

Vivint product lineup

Source: Vivint

Vivint is all about that tech. It designs its own home security devices, and they both look good and work well. With Vivint, you’ll get things like a touchscreen control panel and fancy cameras with some artificial intelligence features.

Vivint’s equipment outstrips SimpliSafe’s in basically every way, and it also offers better smart home support. Whether you want smart lights, locks, plug, or garage door openers, Vivint’s got you covered. SimpliSafe’s smart home options are a lot more limited. best value award badge for January 2021

What we like about SimpliSafe

If you want (or need) a security system but can’t afford Vivint’s fancy equipment, then SimpliSafe lets you secure your home without bankrupting your kids’ college funds.

SimpliSafe was one of the first affordable, DIY systems on the market, and it’s still one of the cheapest out there. Plus, you can get 24/7 professional monitoring for roughly the cost of a Netflix subscription.

Vivint vs. SimpliSafe pros comparison
Vivint pros:SimpliSafe pros:
High-end equipment Affordable equipment
Excellent camerasCheap monitoring
Professional installationDIY installation
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What we don’t like about Vivint

Vivint’s stuff is expensive, and you’ll have to sign on to a contract if you can’t afford to pay for all your equipment up front. If you happen to have a couple thousand dollars lying around, then great, but if not, be prepared for Vivint to lock you into a four- or five-year agreement.

You should also know that if you want full smart home support and video cameras, then you’ll need to sign on to a higher-priced Vivint monitoring plan. Just one more thing that raises the cost.

What we don’t like about SimpliSafe

If you love smart home devices, then SimpliSafe isn’t the system for you. It doesn’t have much smart home support outside of basic integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can get a smart lock through SimpliSafe, but smart lights and outlets aren’t an option. And SimpliSafe is pretty slow at adding its own smart home products to its lineup.

You also won’t find an outdoor video camera among SimpliSafe’s offerings, although you can put a protective skin on the indoor SimpliCam camera that makes it work for outdoor use. Still, we have to question how weatherproof that really makes it.

Vivint vs. SimpliSafe cons comparison
Vivint cons:SimpliSafe cons:
Expensive equipment and monitoringLimited smart home features
Contract sometimes necessaryNo true outdoor camera option
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Which one should you choose?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the highest quality system and money isn’t as much of a concern, then Vivint is an easy pick. But if you’re a little more strapped for cash and want just some basic security features, then SimpliSafe is your best bet.

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