Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe Review

Link Interactive and SimpliSafe both have easy installation, but Link Interactive has better equipment options.
Best for Most
Wide range of sensors
Contract cancellation fee
Limited in home automation options

Link Interactive and SimpliSafe are both part of the DIY home security craze. You install both systems yourself, and both offer professional monitoring, so someone’s always keeping an eye on your system.

For the budget-conscious among you, SimpliSafe can save you some serious cash. But we have to give Link Interactive the overall win between the two for having better equipment options and better cameras.

Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe package comparison
CompanyMonitoring price rangeContractHome automation integrationsLearn more
Link Interactive$30.99–$44.99/mo.None, 12, 24, or 36 months YesGet a Quote
SimpliSafe$14.99–$24.99/mo.NoneLimitedSee System

Data effective 8/22/2019. Offers subject to change.

Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe pricing, contracts, and fees

SimpliSafe’s monitoring plans are cheaper and, unlike Link Interactive, do not have contracts.

We’ll just tell you now—this section goes to SimpliSafe.

Link Interactive has mid-range pricing compared to other big security companies like Frontpoint and Protect America, but SimpliSafe is the reigning budget king. (Or at least, one of the cheapest security systems out there.)

Link Interactive monitoring plans
PlanPriceMobile app accessCamera supportLearn more
Standard$30.99/mo.NoNoGet a Quote
Gold$39.99/mo.YesNoGet a Quote
Elite$44.99/mo.YesYesGet a Quote

Data effective 8/22/2019. Offers subject to change.

If you want to control your system with a mobile app or set up security cameras, be prepared to shell out some extra cash. Link Interactive’s base plan doesn’t cover either of those things. (That’s not that weird—ADT’s doesn’t either. But that doesn’t mean we like it.)

SimpliSafe monitoring plans
PlanPriceMobile app accessCamera supportLearn more
Standard$14.99/mo.NoNoSee System
Interactive$24.99/mo.YesYesSee System

Data effective 8/22/2019. Offers subject to change.

SimpliSafe’s plans are cheaper overall, but just like with Link Interactive, you do have to sign on to the higher-priced one to get mobile app access.

Even so, SimpliSafe’s mobile-ready plan costs $15 less per month than Link Interactive’s. That adds up to a difference of $180 per year. That’s the price of an HBO Now subscription.


We like that neither Link Interactive nor SimpliSafe requires you to sign a contract. SimpliSafe doesn’t do contracts at all. You couldn’t get one if you wanted one (and who would).

Link Interactive does have contracts, but you don’t have to sign one if you pay for all your equipment up front. If you can’t (or don’t want to) do that, then Link Interactive gives you options. You can sign on for 12, 24, or 36 months.

Megaphone icon
36 months is the standard length of a home security contract, so Link Interactive’s shorter options are a pretty big perk if you do decide to go the contract route.

If you opt for the contract, you can pay off your equipment over time instead of all at once, which is nice considering it can be a big immediate expense.


SimpliSafe flat out doesn’t have fees. You pay for your monitoring service month to month and, other than that, you’re done.

Link Interactive has only one fee, but it can be a big one. If you sign a contract and then decide to cancel it early, you’ll have to pay 75% of your remaining contract. That can easily add up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Pricing winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe has lower monitoring prices and no contracts, which means no contract cancellation fees. Link Interactive does offer contracts, but you don’t have to sign one if you pay for all your equipment up front.

Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe equipment

Link Interactive offers a better control panel and more types of sensors than SimpliSafe

Link Interactive and SimpliSafe both have solid equipment that’s easy to set up. But Link Interactive offers an impressively diverse range of devices, plus a touchscreen control panel. SimpliSafe’s equipment is a bit simpler. (Shocking, we know.)

Link Interactive security equipment

Link Interactive uses third-party equipment from It’s the same stuff you see from a bunch of other security companies like ADT and Brinks.

That said, Link Interactive offers some standout sensors other companies don’t usually have, such as outdoor entry sensors (for gates, pool covers, or anything else in your yard you want to keep closed) and stove burner sensors.

SimpliSafe security equipment

SimpliSafe system and equipment

Source: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe security keeps it simple, which is very on-brand. You can still get a bunch of different types of devices, including things like motion sensors, glass-break detectors, and carbon monoxide sensors.

But you won’t see fancy extras like a touchscreen control panel from the likes of SimpliSafe. It uses a simple keypad to control your system.

Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe cameras

Link Interactive offers both indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras, including the Premium Indoor Camera.

The Premium Indoor Camera has a bunch of lovable features like 1080p recording and an outbound calling function (neither of which you get with SimpliSafe’s indoor camera).

Link Interactive camera models

  • V522IR Fixed Camera with IR
  • ADC V722W Outdoor IP Night Vision Camera
  • Skybell Doorbell Camera
  • V622 Premium Indoor Camera
Link Interactive Premium Indoor Camera

SimpliSafe currently offers only two camera models: its indoor SimpliCam camera and its doorbell camera. Both are pretty affordable and have HD recording. But while the video doorbell is pretty good, the SimpliCam’s not the best option we’ve seen.

SimpliSafe camera models

  • Video Doorbell Pro
  • SimpliCam

Equipment winner: Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers a huge range of equipment and a sensor for just about everything. SimpliSafe has a pretty good selection of equipment, but you won’t see higher-end devices like touchscreen control panels.

Link Interactive also offers more camera models than SimpliSafe, and its Premium Indoor Camera has better features than SimpliSafe’s sole indoor option.

Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe home automation and mobile control

Link Interactive works with Z-Wave, which gives you better home automation options than SimpliSafe’s system.

Another win for Link Interactive: it offers way more home automation options than you’ll get with SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but that’s about it. Link Interactive works with Z-Wave, which means you can add on any smart home device that’s Z-Wave compatible (and there are a lot of those).

Link Interactive home automation integrations

  • Z-Wave
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home

Link Interactive also sells some smart home devices directly through its website, including smart locks and smart light bulbs.

SimpliSafe? Not so much.

SimpliSafe home automation integrations

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Nest thermostat

Home automation winner: Link Interactive

SimpliSafe doesn’t have much to speak of when it comes to smart home devices. You can’t add on third-party Z-Wave devices or put in smart locks and lights and have everything work together.

Since Link Interactive works with Z-Wave, your home automation options are practically unlimited.

Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe installation

Both these systems are easy to install.

SimpliSafe and Link Interactive are both easy to order and install. You can order your system online and, once it arrives, it’s as simple as setting up your control panel (or keypad) and sticking your sensors where you want them to go.

Link Interactive’s ordering process is a little more confusing because of contract details and multiple equipment options, whereas SimpliSafe gives you preset packages to choose from.

But if you want an ultra-customized system for your house, then Link’s endless options are a good thing.

Installation winner: Tie

Both systems are easy to put up. It just depends on whether you want total control over which devices you choose (in which case, go with Link Interactive) or clear-cut packages to choose from (SimpliSafe).

Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe customer experience

Both these companies have good customer support and positive reviews.

SimpliSafe and Link Interactive both have solid customer support. We’ve had positive experiences with both companies, and both of them have A+ BBB grades1, 2 and good scores on Trustpilot.3, 4 SimpliSafe also displays a 4.7-star rating on Google Customer Reviews.5

Customer experience winner: Tie

This one’s a draw. Both of these companies have pretty good customer service records.


Link Interactive offers some things SimpliSafe can’t match, but SimpliSafe is a good budget option.

Link Interactive and SimpliSafe both offer self-installed security systems you can control from your phone (as long as you choose the right monitoring plan).

Link Interactive wins our overall recommendation for its equipment options, cameras, and home automation features. But SimpliSafe is a good choice if you want a budget-friendly system that’s easy to order.

Pricing winner: SimpliSafe—SimpliSafe has cheaper monitoring plans than Link Interactive, and it doesn’t do contracts.

Equipment winner: Link Interactive—Link Interactive has just about every sensor under the sun. Plus it gives you way more options for both cameras and regular security equipment than what you’d get from SimpliSafe.

Home automation winner: Link Interactive—Link Interactive works with Z-Wave, which means you can add on basically whatever smart device you want. SimpliSafe doesn’t give you many smart home options.

Installation winner: Tie—Both these systems are a cinch to install, although SimpliSafe’s is less confusing to order.

Customer experience winner: Tie—Both these companies get good reviews from customers (and we’ve had good experiences with both).

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