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Link Interactive and SimpliSafe both have easy installation, but Link Interactive has better equipment options.

Mindy Woodall
Managing Editor, Home Security & Smart Home
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Published on December 28, 2020
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Link Interactive and SimpliSafe both let you order your system online and set it up yourself. (DIY lovers for the win.) But that’s about where the similarities end.

SimpliSafe is super affordable and great for basics, like door and window sensors and even a smart lock. But Link Interactive has way more types of equipment so you can customize the heck out of your system. Plus, Link Interactive has way better smart home support, whereas SimpliSafe’s home automation is, uh, a bit lacking.

Link Interactive and SimpliSafe comparison
CompanyLink InteractiveSimpliSafe
Monitoring price range$30.99–$44.99/mo.$14.99–$24.99/mo.
Installation typeDIYDIY
Contract lengthNone OR 12–36 mos.None
Contract cancellation fee75% of remaining contractNone
Smart home supportZ-wave, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant*Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Starter kit priceVariable$199
Mobile app controlYes**Yes**
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Data effective 2/12/2020. Offers subject to change.
* Some smart home functions not supported by all monitoring plans.
** Mobile app control not available with all monitoring plans.

What we like about Link Interactive

Link Interactive touchscreen control panel

The Link Interactive name might not be as well-known as ADT, or SimpliSafe for that matter. But if you’re willing to look past the retro-style website, you’ll find an impressive array of equipment.

If you want a sensor for a very specific use, like for a gun safe or an outdoor pool cover or a stovetop burner, then Link Interactive probably has what you need. Plus, it offers, like, three different types of standard sensors like door and window sensors and leak sensors.

We also like Link Interactive’s contract flexibility. If you pay off all your equipment up front, then you don’t have to sign a contract. If you’d rather finance your equipment and pay it off over time, then you can choose from a 12-, 24-, or 36-month contract.

What we like about SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is better known than Link Interactive, which gives your yard sign a little more oomph. If potential burglars are scouting around your neighborhood, a yard sign is your best deterrent.

Other than brand recognition, SimpliSafe is great for the basics. It has both security sensors (like window sensors and motion detectors) and environmental sensors (like smoke detectors and flood sensors). And you can monitor your system from your smartphone if you opt for SimpliSafe’s higher-priced Interactive plan.

Simplisafe hub and sensors
Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe pros comparison
Link Interactive pros:SimpliSafe pros:
ProWide range of equipmentAffordable equipment and monitoring
ProFlexible contract optionsEasy setup
ProGood customer supportOnline ordering

What we don’t like about Link Interactive

Link Interactive might have a lot of different types of equipment, but variety aside, it’s all pretty standard stuff.

You won’t find unique features here like you would from Google Nest Secure, Abode, or even Scout Alarm. Link Interactive has the same equipment you’d get from other companies like Protect America.

That’s not to say the equipment is bad—it’s not. And it does have some cool features, like a built-in camera in the control panel and an indoor camera that can make outbound calls. But none of that is unique to Link Interactive.

What we don’t like about SimpliSafe

Simplisafe is (you’ll never guess) pretty simple. And that means it doesn’t have all the features we expect from the latest DIY security systems. SimpliSafe doesn’t have a self-monitoring option, and it doesn’t let you use the mobile app unless you sign up for a higher-priced plan. It’s also super limited as far as smart home devices go.

Some of this stuff (like not having a self-monitoring option) we expect from “traditional” security companies. (Think ADT.) But other new, affordable DIY alarm systems give us more for less.

Link Interactive vs. SimpliSafe cons comparison
Link Interactive cons:SimpliSafe cons:
ConNo standout tech featuresLimited smart home support
ConLesser-known brand nameNo mobile app control with base plan

Which one should you choose?

We recommend Link Interactive for bigger houses and anyone who wants decent smart home support. It costs more than SimpliSafe, but it has more equipment options you need for bigger properties.

SimpliSafe is great for renters or anyone who wants home security on a budget and doesn’t really care about home automation.

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