Link Interactive vs. Brinks

Link Interactive and Brinks have the same equipment, but Link Interactive has some extra features.
Best for Most
Big variety of equipment
Higher pricing
Best for Your Budget
Lower pricing
Requires 3-year contract

At first glance, Link Interactive and Brinks Home Security systems are so similar they could be twins. They offer the same basic equipment, and their monitoring prices are within five bucks of each other.

But Link Interactive has a few things going for it that leave Brinks in the dust. If you want a totally custom system with an indoor camera that will make your neighbors jealous, then Link Interactive is the way to go.

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In June 2019, Brinks filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Act.1 Right now, the company is still running, and everything is business as usual, but it might be something you want to consider as you look into the Brinks system.
Link Interactive vs. Brinks package comparison
CompanyMonitoring price rangeContractHome automation supportLearn more
Link Interactive$30.99–$44.99/mo.None OR 12, 24, 36 mos. YesGet a Quote
Brinks$29–$39/mo.36 mos. YesGet a Quote

Data effective 11/21/2019. Offers subject to change.

Brinks vs. Link Interactive pricing, contracts, and fees

Link Interactive and Brinks have almost the same pricing, but Brinks is a little cheaper for mobile app access.

Price is not going to decide this one for you. Link Interactive and Brinks have very similar pricing. Sure, Link’s is slightly more expensive, but if you choose Link Interactive’s highest-priced plan, then you’ll still be just five dollars away from Brinks’s most expensive option.

Link Interactive monitoring plans
Mobile app access
Camera supportLearn more
Standard$30.99/mo.NoNoGet a Quote
Gold$39.99/mo.YesNoGet a Quote
Elite$44.99/mo.YesYesGet a Quote

Data effective 11/21/2019. Offers subject to change.

Brinks does have one thing that you don’t get with Link Interactive: mobile app access on all of its plans—even the cheapest one. Link Interactive makes you pay for at least the Gold plan before you can get mobile control, whereas Brinks gives it to you with its most basic plan, the Home Complete.

Brinks monitoring plans
PlanPriceMobile app accessCamera supportLearn more
Home Complete$29/mo.YesNoGet a Quote
Home Complete with Video$39/mo.YesYesGet a Quote

Data effective 11/21/2019. Offers subject to change.

If you want the lowest price along with mobile access, then Brinks could save you $10 per month. But for the most part, there’s not a huge price difference between these two companies.


Both Brinks and Link Interactive do contracts, but Link gives you more flexible options.

First of all, you don’t have to sign a contract with Link Interactive. Not if you’re willing to shell out the cash for all of your equipment up front (rather than pay for it over time). And even if you do go for a contract, Link Interactive lets you choose between 12, 24, or 36 months, which is great if you know you’ll be moving in a year or two.

Brinks doesn’t care so much about options. You have to sign a contract, and it’s always for 36 months. That’s fine if you’re in your dream house and plan to hang out for a decade, but moving security systems can be a hassle—and Brinks locks you in for three years.


Both these systems have DIY installation, so break out your toolkit because you’ll be installing this stuff yourself.

Okay, it actually doesn’t require many tools. Plus you get to skip installation and activation fees. But there’s still one fee you might run into: cancellation.

Link Interactive vs. Brinks fees
BrandLink InteractiveBrinks
Cancellation fee75% of remaining contract100% of remaining contract
Learn moreGet a QuoteGet a Quote

Data effective 11/21/2019. Offers subject to change.

If you sign a contract with one of these companies and then break it off early, expect to pay a pretty big chunk of change to cancel, depending on how much time you have left in your contract.

Link Interactive has the more generous policy—it only makes you pay off 75% of your remaining contract, whereas Brinks wants the full 100%.

Pricing winner: Link Interactive

This one’s a bit of a toss-up, but overall we’ll give it to Link Interactive for having a lower cancellation fee and way more flexible contracts than Brinks.

Link Interactive vs. Brinks equipment

Link Interactive and Brinks both use the same equipment, but Link has a bigger variety of devices.

These brands use the same equipment. No really, it’s the exact same. Both Link Interactive and Brinks use equipment. Everything, from your cameras to your control panels, looks pretty much identical between the two companies. The installation process for both is also super similar.

Link Interactive security equipment

Link Interactive might use the same manufacturer as Brinks, but it does carry some devices Brinks doesn’t. Link Interactive stocks hard-to-find sensors like a gun tilt sensor and an outdoor entry sensor (for gates, pool covers, etc.).

That said, if all you want is a control panel and some basic door sensors and motion detectors, then it doesn’t really matter which company you choose.

Brinks security equipment

Brinks security equipment

Does that control panel look familiar? That’s because it’s the same model as Link Interactive’s. Brinks has a pretty decent array of sensors (although not as many as Link Interactive), but the control panel and basic everyday sensors are going to look exactly the same as Link’s.

Link Interactive vs. Brinks cameras

We’re back to most things being the same. Link Interactive and Brinks offer the same indoor and outdoor security cameras (both made by But Link Interactive does have one model Brinks does not: the Premium Indoor Camera.

Link Interactive cameras

Link Interactive has indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. The most impressive of the lot is the Premium Indoor Camera, which has some cool extra features we rarely see, like outbound calling.

If your kids are with the babysitter and they need to reach you, they can just press a button on this camera, and it’ll call your phone through the mobile app. It’s a nice little feature if you don’t have a landline (and who does anymore).

Brinks cameras

Brinks carries indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. It currently does not offer the Premium Indoor Camera, but the cameras it does have all record in 1080p (which is full high definition) and have all the features we look for, like night vision.

Equipment winner: Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers more types of sensors and one more camera than Brinks does. If you need a specific device, or you just want the fanciest indoor camera around, then Link Interactive has what you need.

Link Interactive vs. Brinks home automation

Link Interactive and Brinks both support tons of different smart home devices.

Both Link Interactive and Brinks have home automation support through Z-Wave.

Z-Wave is a super common connection type you need to install things like smart door locks and smart light bulbs. Both Link Interactive and Brinks let you add on all the smart devices you want, as long as they work with Z-Wave.

Link Interactive home automation integrations:

  • Z-Wave
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa

Brinks home automation integrations:

  • Z-Wave
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa

Home automation winner: Tie

Link Interactive and Brinks offer the exact same home automation integrations, and both let you add on Z-Wave smart devices.

Link Interactive vs. Brinks customer experience

Link Interactive gets high marks from customers, while Brinks has a surprisingly high number of complaints.

Link Interactive takes this one, hands down. Link gets excellent scores on Trustpilot2 and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.3

Brinks also has an A+ rating from the BBB,4 but it also has way more complaints than Link Interactive (almost 2,000 compared to 8). Plus it doesn’t score as well on Trustpilot.5

Customer experience winner: Link Interactive

Link Interactive gets better customer reviews than Brinks from pretty much everyone, and it has a reputation for good customer support. Brinks has some work to do on its customer experience.


Link Interactive and Brinks have similar systems and pricing, but we give Link the overall win.

Link Interactive and Brinks have similar pricing and almost the exact same equipment, but Link Interactive has a few things that make it stand above the fray, like more sensor options and a better camera.

Brinks is a good choice if you want a lower-priced plan that still gives you mobile app access, but, for the most part, we’re team Link Interactive.

Pricing winner: Link Interactive—Brinks has slightly cheaper monitoring plans than Link Interactive, but Link has more flexible contracts, and it charges a lower cancellation fee.

Equipment winner: Link Interactive—Link Interactive and Brinks use the exact same equipment manufacturer, but Link Interactive offers more types of devices so you can totally customize your system.

Home automation winner: Tie—Brinks and Link Interactive have the exact same home automation integrations. You can use either of them to turn your house into a smart home.

Customer experience winner: Link Interactive—Link Interactive gets consistently better customer reviews than Brinks, and it has fewer complaints with the BBB. This one’s an easy win.

Still not sure which system would work best for you? Check out our best home security systems review and compare all the top systems to find your favorite.


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