IPVanish vs. CyberGhost

An upstart challenger takes on a powerhouse VPN provider, but the final analysis might surprise you.
Monthly price: $10.00/mo.
Number of servers: 1,500+
Monthly price: $12.99/mo.
Number of servers: 6,300+

CyberGhost is a powerhouse in the VPN client market. It stands alone at the top of the “good” chain, at least in terms of the total number of servers available (6,300+). The VPN service is well-designed and reliable and has a fast connection speed—that’s why it’s rated 4.5 stars in our tests. That said, the upstart challenger IPVanish does have a chance in comparison—for starters, you can find a secure connection for as many devices as you want with one account. The pricing is a little more reasonable. And, the number of countries available for your VPN connection is quite high (at over 75). It’s not quite enough to win in an all-out battle, but it certainly comes close.

IPVanish vs. CyberGhost: Price

IPVanish is definitely cheaper by the month than CyberGhost.

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IPVanish costs $6.49 per month when you pay annually while CyberGhost offers a unique 18-month plan for $2.75 per month. Sure, these aren’t free VPN options, but the features are worth the price.

The first reason to seriously consider IPVanish compared to CyberGhost is the price. At only $10 per month with an unlimited number of connections, IPVanish deserves high marks. (We rated it at four stars for a reason.) The pricing falls closer to CyberGhost when you pay by the year, however. And, CyberGhost supports seven devices for the price, which is likely enough for the typical VPN user with a laptop, a phone, and a tablet or two.

IPVanish vs. CyberGhost price comparison
BrandPriceNumber of serversNumber of countriesDetails
IPVanish$10.00/mo.1,500+75+View Plans
CyberGhost$12.99/mo.6,300+90+View Plans

Data effective 7/9/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

The important distinction when it comes to pricing and value has to do with the number of VPN servers. It’s no contest, with CyberGhost having the highest number of servers available than any VPN service provider we’ve tested. It’s so high that you likely won’t ever have a problem finding a connection even if you travel frequently, often work on public Wi-Fi, or need access to streaming sites in other countries. IPVanish offers 1,500 VPN servers, which is better than average but not terribly high.

IPVanish vs. CyberGhost: Number of servers

CyberGhost has more servers than any VPN service we’ve found.

When you have access to so many servers (6,300+ for CyberGhost), it means you can always connect, but it is also a sign of the overall value. CyberGhost is a beast in the VPN market, and IPVanish has an uphill climb to take on this colossus. IPVanish has 1,500+ servers, which is high compared to lesser virtual private networks that have only a few hundred VPN servers available but can’t hold a candle to other bigger names like NordVPN.

IPVanish vs. CyberGhost: Number of countries

IPVanish is closer to the mark when it comes to countries.

Your VPN server location matters when it comes to online privacy and legality—meaning the more countries with servers, the better. With about 75 countries to choose from, IPVanish does have a chance against worthy competitors and is much higher than most. Still, CyberGhost dominates with just over 90 countries available for your VPN connection, helping you connect safely to the internet when you travel but more importantly giving you a workaround to access files and streaming anywhere.

IPVanish vs. CyberGhost: Number of devices

IPVanish has a serious advantage for device connections.

In July, IPVanish switched to unlimited access from every device you own when you register, which makes it incredibly compelling to power users. In fact, if you own more than seven devices, it is worth considering using IPVanish even compared to the powerhouse that is CyberGhost. The problem is that there is a low chance you will actually need to connect with more than seven gadgets.

IPVanish vs. CyberGhost: Which is better?

In the end, CyberGhost is a more powerful and capable virtual private network, but IPVanish does win in the battle of device connections for power users.

  • Pricing: IPVanish—Lower cost for monthly and annual plans.
  • Number of servers: CyberGhost—A clear winner for servers available.
  • Number of countries: CyberGhost—An obvious winner for country connections.
  • Number of devices: IPVanish—Unlimited devices for power users.

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