Xfinity TV Availability

Xfinity is available in 40+ states and serves 166+ million people. However. it’s always expanding, so check your zip code to find out if it’s in your area.

Xfinity’s the nation’s largest cable TV and internet service provider, but it also offers phone and home security packages. You can save money by bundling Xfinity’s services, and all your home services will be connected.

A map showing where Xfinity internet is available across most of the US

Xfinity TV is available in most states, or at least, in parts of most states. The cable delivery infrastructure is mostly based around major metropolitan areas,

The only TV providers that cover the entire US are DISH and DIRECTV, which are satellite services. But if you don’t want satellite TV service, Xfinity is your best bet.

Largely based in the eastern and southern states, Xfinity manages to cover a decent part of the West. Xfinity’s TV service has popular channels and enough on-demand titles for you to host different binge-watching parties for all your old favorites or upcoming hits.

Xfinity Internet service availability

Xfinity TV and internet service go hand in hand. Bundling these services gives your DVR more storage, updates, and access to online streaming services like Netflix directly from your X1 remote.

Most Xfinity Internet service is cable-based, so it’s available in over 40 states where you’ll find Xfinity TV service.

Xfinity fiber internet is also rolling out coast-to-coast, but you’ll have to call Xfinity or check your zip code to find out if it’s available in your area.

Xfinity internet service
Monthly priceDownload speedsLearn more
$34.99$94.99*501200 MbpsView Plans
Data effective 10/04/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* For the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.

Prices for Xfinity Internet range from $44.99 to $299.95, excluding taxes and fees. Once again, it depends on what’s available in your area.

We recommend buying your own modem/router combo if you plan on being with Xfinity for more than a year. Most modem and gateways will work with other services if you decide to switch.

Xfinity Internet service is fast enough to handle 4K streaming speeds, ranging from 15 Mbps up to 2,000 Mbps, or 2 gig speeds (available in select unspecified areas, and you’ll need to meet Xfinity’s requirements).

The most common speed offered is 100 Mbps, and the 1 gig plan (technically a 940 Mbps download speed due to Ethernet limitations) is available in almost all areas now.

However, Xfinity’s upload speeds fall behind its competitors for all plans except the Gigabit Pro plan. The cable internet plans range from 5 to 35 Mbps upload speeds. That’s a bummer if you upload large files like photo albums or HD videos.

It’s not that Xfinity doesn’t want to give you fast upload speeds. . . it’s that the legacy equipment it uses can’t quite handle the speed unless Xfinity replaces the existing network, which would be expensive and time-consuming.

Xfinity has a 1 TB (or 1,000 GB) data limit on all but the 2 gig speed plans—which are unlimited.

If you go over that data cap, you’ll have to pay $50 for each 50 GB of data in the month. Most people won’t even get close to that cap, but for movie buffs and sitcom hoarders, those HD video files can add up.

Xfinity bundle availability

Xfinity uses cable for both its TV and internet services in most areas, meaning anywhere you can get TV, there’s a good chance you can get internet too.

We recommend bundling the two together to save money and get access to the Xfinity Stream app, and unlock the X1 Cloud DVR’s full potential. It consistently updates and stores your DVR recordings and other data for recommendations.

Also, you can use the X1’s voice remote to answer calls and set your alarm, among many other commands.

Xfinity doesn’t use fiber TV just yet but has rolled out fiber internet to almost all areas it covers.

Xfinity TV, internet, phone, and home security bundles
ProviderAvailable channelsDownload speedsData capLearn more
Xfinity Bundles2201001000 Mbps11.2 TBView Plans

Customer service

Xfinity isn’t famous for good customer service, although the company continues to strive and improve that reputation. (And to be fair, the TV industry as a whole doesn’t have great customer service.)

There are multiple ways to contact Xfinity customer service, though, which helps if you’re like us and avoid phone calls at all costs. And you can schedule a callback if you’ don’t have time to wait for an agent.

The television industry as a whole doesn’t do well with customers, and Xfinity is usually toward the bottom of the list.

In our personal experience, Xfinity services mostly work as they should, and outages are typically fixed within a few hours. Since most customer problems arise from billing confusion, we recommend you always read over your initial charges and monthly bill, and clear up any details with an agent.

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