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November 17, 2021
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Xfinity channel lineups start with 100 channels and go up to 260 or more. You’ll also get a ton of on-demand content, which includes past and current seasons of favorites like The Walking Dead or Man Vs. Food, as well as movies.

Xfinity doesn’t have the most channels we’ve come across, though. That honor belongs to AT&T U-verse, Frontier TV, Optimum, and Verizon Fios. However, a lot of companies tend to inflate their channel counts by including music channels, and what matters is which channels are actually included.

We think Xfinity offers most of our favorite channels like Xfinity does include streaming channels from Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube, as well as music from Pandora.

These shows pop up alongside your cable programs with the X1 DVR. That means you don’t have to switch back and forth between apps—you can see your options displayed right next to each other with prices clearly visible.

Xfinity TV + internet + mobile = big savings

If you're thinking about bundling Xfinity TV and internet, don't forget about Xfinity Mobile for extra savings! Just remember—You'll need Xfinity internet before you can grab its mobile service. Here's what our experts say about Xfinity internet and mobile:

  • Xfinity internet: "We’ve used Xfinity internet for 10+ years now, and despite its bad rap for customer service, we  think it’s a pretty good deal."
  • Xfinity Mobile: "Because of Xfinity Mobile's bundle-only model, plan structure, and rock-bottom prices, it really is like no other mobile carrier."

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Xfinity HD channels

You’ll add $10 to your monthly bill to get Xfinity HD channels. Most Xfinity TV packages aren’t advertised with the HD fee included, though some of the higher-tier plans do include it.

Does Xfinity have 4K?

Xfinity 4K channels aren’t guaranteed, and we’re still waiting for 4K to become the standard across all services. Most 4K content is on Netflix, which easily integrates into the Xfinity channel guide.

Local channels

You’ll have to input your address to find your local Xfinity channel lineup, but we didn’t see anything notable missing.

Premium channels

Xfinity prices its premium channels about the same as other providers, but it does include HBO and SHOWTIME in the price on higher-tier TV packages. Sometimes, it’s worth springing to get shows like Chernobyl and Euphoria.

Xfinity channel packages

Xfinity Limited Basic package: 10+ Channels

This is the bare minimum TV package you can get, and it’s not widely available as a standalone package, but rather a way of adding TV to your internet service. Instead, we’d recommend grabbing an indoor HD TV antenna if you want access to more channels, plus you won’t pay a recurring fee.

With this basic package you’ll get CNBC, C-SPAN, History Channel, NBC, FOX, and minor networks we’ve never heard of.

Xfinity Economy package: 100+ channels

Comcast’s first real TV package includes what most people watch, minus some major hitters for sports, kids, and lifestyle networks.

Channel lineup inclusions

At the basic package level, you’ll get notable channels like A&E, AMC, BET, CNBC, CNN, FOX News, FS1, and more. There’s a little something for everyone. But you may be missing a few favorites if you don’t upgrade to a higher package.

What’s missing

The Economy package doesn’t quite cover the following areas:

  • Sports networks: CBS Sports Network, ESPN, ESPN2, FS2, NFL Network
  • Kids networks: Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Nick Jr.
  • Popular networks: Cartoon Network, FX, Food Network, HGTV, MTV

Xfinity Popular TV package: 125+ channels

Xfinity’s Popular TV package offers more than 125 channels and has most if not all, of the channels that you'll want. The Popular TV plan comes with a 1-year contract for $50 per month which is a pretty good deal.

Notable inclusions

ESPN, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Food Network, HGTV, and PBS.

What’s missing

Sports networks like NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, and Fox Sports. You can probably catch some games on your local stations, but for sports buffs, you’ll want to upgrade.

Families might be missing a few of their favorite channels here, too, like Nick Junior and Disney Junior.

Xfinity Ultimate TV package: 185+ Channels

For a 1-year contract and only $10 more a month than the Popular TV pack, Xfinity’s Ultimate TV package adds all your sports networks missing from above, as well as more popular networks and programming for kids. So if you’re a sports fan or part of a big family, it’s definitely worth the look.

Notable inclusions

With the Preferred package, you’ll get most major sports networks, like Fox Sports, NFL Network, NBA TV, and NHL Network.

It also includes a fair amount of family-friendly viewing from networks like Disney Junior, Nat Geo Wild, Nick Jr., and IFC.

What’s missing

You won’t get the premium networks included like HBO, SHOWTIME, and Starz, but you can always add them on.

Xfinity Preferred Plus package: 230+

The Preferred Plus package seems to be only offered in certain regions, and when we compared the two different channel lineups, it didn’t actually add any channels in our area, nor was it available to buy. Check with your agent which channels make it the “Preferred Plus” package.

Xfinity Premier package: 260+ channels

Take everything you want from above and then add premium networks like HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and CINEMAX. You’ll also get all the niche subnetworks of those premium channels that are usually genre-specific.

The Premier package price is a little hefty.

But when you consider premium networks average $10-$15 per month, and it includes not only the main networks but more niche and regional channels too, the price feels worth it.

For movie buffs and fans of big hitters like Game of Thrones and Chernobyl ready to see what else HBO can pump out, Premier’s the way to go.

Xfinity sports packages and add-ons

If you have a lower-tier package and want to round out your channel lineup, consider the following add-ons:

  • NBA League Pass
  • Xfinity NFL Package
  • Xfinity Sports Entertainment Package
  • Xfinity Sports Package
  • Xfinity Latino Package
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