TCL REVVL 5G Smartphone Review

An impressive display, decent battery, and good camera make this a great budget pick.

TCL REVVL 5G Smartphone
3.8 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Price: $199.99
  • pro
    Good display, camera, and sound quality
  • con
    Limited to T-Mobile’s network
Easton Smith
May 03, 2022
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T-Mobile has been making big moves in recent years. It bought up Sprint and then quickly expanded its 5G network to become a major competitor to AT&T and Verizon. It has also introduced its own line of affordable and powerful smartphones.

The TCL REVVL 5G and REVVL V+ 5G are the latest T-Mobile-exclusive devices. While the REVVL 5G isn’t a top-tier phone on par with the latest iPhone or Galaxy phones, it offers an awesome mix of performance, simplicity, and affordability.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about the REVVL 5G, from its battery life and display quality to its camera and hardware specs. But, if you’re already set to take the plunge, then check out this amazing deal on a totally free REVVL V+ 5G from Metro by T-Mobile.

What we like
pro Great price
pro Beautiful and large display
pro Good camera, battery life, and hardware
What we don't like
con Limited to T-Mobile’s network

Overview of the TCL REVVL 5G

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This machine has a solid heft and a good feel in hand. The only issue that some users might note is the phone’s slick back, which could lead to some nasty phone-in-toilet moments—all the more reason to get a durable, grippy case.

The phone has a bright magenta power button that lights up when you get notifications. The back is equipped with a fingerprint sensor (that actually works) and three cameras (which we’ll talk about more later).

The TCL REVVL 5G has all of the other bells and whistles you’d expect, like volume buttons on the side, a couple of microphones, and a SIM tray. Plus, it has one feature that we really love to see (and which has been all too absent in recent flagship devices): a 3.5 mm audio jack! You can go ahead and rock out on your favorite headset without some adapter-dongle-doohickey.

Here’s our favorite deal on the TCL REVVL 5G Smartphone

The hottest new version of this phone is the TCL REVVL V+ 5G, and that’s the device we’re highlighting here. You can actually get it for free from T-Mobile when you sign up for a new unlimited data line or when you trade-in an eligible phone. Take a look at the deal right here.

Best deal on TCL REVVL V+ 5G

It doesn't get much better than free. But it’s still worth checking out the prices on other devices to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. We update our list of the best phone deals every month!

What’s new in the REVVL V+ 5G?

The new and more affordable version of the REVVL 5G Smartphone has a few new features, but it’s fundamentally the same machine. The biggest differences are that it runs on Android 11 (instead of 10), has a different processor, a slightly larger screen and battery, and a somewhat worse camera.

TCL REVVL 5G display

What’s the point of having a brand new smartphone if your display isn’t crystal clear for streaming, gaming, scrolling, and taking photos? Let’s talk about the TCL REVVL’s screen quality.

This puppy’s equipped with a 6.5 inch, full HD display that can compete with some top-tier devices from Apple and Samsung.

Thanks to TCL’s NXTVISION technology, the color and brightness on this display are spot on for clear, natural-looking images that don’t look oversaturated or underlit. It’s perfect for complex, multi-layered images and games.

The biggest complaint that some users have about this phone’s display is how reflective it can be. The glossy screen can catch the light in a weird way to mar your view.

Moving from an Apple device to TCL or another Android device?

We’ve written a guide to help you move your contacts, settings, and other content from one operating system to the other.

TCL REVVL 5G battery life

The TCL REVVL 5G Smartphone is equipped with a 4,500 milliamp battery for 10 hours of continuous use at full charge. It can use a USB-C connection for 18 watt fast charging but sadly does not have wireless charging technology.

You’ll get a sleek-looking braided charge cable in the box. We always love when a product comes with free components like this.

What’s the TCL REVVL V+ 5G battery like?

One of the big differences between the standard REVVL 5G and the new V+ is a battery upgrade. The newer model has a larger, non-removable Li-Po, 5,000 mAh battery.

Sadly, the battery is non-removable, so if you need to replace it, you’ll have to take it in to someone (or do some high-stakes fiddling around on your own).

TCL REVVL 5G sound quality

Sound quality may not be the first feature you need in a new phone, but it’s really nice to have crisp, clear, and loud sound for when you’re showing your friends a TikTok video you saw or just jamming out as you walk down the street.

The REVVL 5G has pretty darn good front facing speakers. In our testing, they peaked at over 80 dB and were relatively clear. How loud is 80 dB, you ask? It’s about as loud as a lawnmower, street traffic in a busy area, or a window AC unit.

TCL REVVL 5G camera

Let’s talk a bit more about those three cameras on the back of the REVVL 5G:

  • One 48 MP wide lens
  • One 8 MP ultra-wide lens
  • One 5 MP macro lens

What does that mean, exactly? In short, it means you can take all kinds of photos in all kinds of conditions. You can get nice long landscape shots with minimal graininess, or you can take close up indoor shots that perfectly capture color and shadow.

The phone also has a 16 MP selfie camera for all of your social media, video conferencing, and live streaming needs.

The main complaint we see about the phone’s camera is that it sometimes performs poorly in low-light settings. So you might want to have your friend with an iPhone take your glamor shots at the bar.

TCL REVVL 5G hardware specs

If you’re considering the TCL REVVL 5G then you’re already on (or going to be on) T-Mobile's network. That means you’ll be on the network with the best 5G coverage and performance in the USA. And the TCL REVVL 5G is, as the name would suggest, equipped to connect you to that 5G network.

But there’s more going on under the hood of this phone than just 5G technology. It also houses an octa-core chip set with 6 GB of RAM. That means it can easily run the Android 10 operating system and all kinds of apps, from games to streaming services to social media platforms.

In general, using the phone is simple and seamless. You shouldn’t experience any issues with crashes or lags.

Recap: Is the TCL REVVL 5G Smartphone good?

  • Display: A sharp, 6.5 inch FHD screen will make your photos pop and your videos shine.
  • Battery life: The phone’s 4,500 milliamp battery will get you about 10 hours of life on a full charge. The downside is that there’s no wireless charging and the battery is not easily removable.
  • Camera: The REVVL 5G’s three back-facing lenses and one front-facing lens will give you plenty of versatility in your photos. While it’s not quite on par with the latest iPhone, the camera is definitely good for a $400 device.
  • Hardware: 6 GB of RAM and a decent processor power this phone, making it easy to run Android 10 with a ton of apps simultaneously.

That wraps up our review of the TCL REVVL 5G Smartphone. So, should you revel in the phone’s many glories? Or is there another device out there with your name on it? Maybe a quick recap will help you decide.

If you’re ready to commit to this cheap and powerful 5G smartphone, then you can buy it online. You might as well pick up an affordable unlimited data plan from T-Mobile or Metro while you’re at it!

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